Line Of DavidRecent & Upcoming Races for this Sire's Progeny
Sunday September 24, 2023
Austin's Ace
Owner: Ndn Running Stable
Trainer: Tsosie Terrill
Jockey: Kellenberger Kody
Sweetwater Downs - Race 7 CLAIMING. 6 1/2 Furlongs Dirt. Purse $8,100. FOR THREE YEAR OLDS AND UPWARD. Three Year Olds, 124 lbs.; Older, 126 lbs. Claiming Price $5,000. (03:30 PM) (8)  
Saturday September 23, 2023
Davidic Line
Owner: Nbs Stable
Trainer: Arnett Jon G
Jockey: De La Cruz Walter
Prairie Meadows - Race 10 CLAIMING. 1 Mile Dirt. Purse $18,900. FOR THREE YEAR OLD AND UPWARD. Three Year Olds, 122 lbs.; Older, 126 lbs. Non-winners Of A Race At A Mile Or Over Since June 23, 2023 Allowed 2 lbs. Such A Race Since March 23, 2023 Allowed 4 lbs. Claiming Price $10,000, if for $7,500, allowed 2 lbs. (Races Where Entered For $5,000 Or Less Not Considered In Allowances) (Multiple Winners Preferred). (09:52 PM) (9)  
Tuesday September 19, 2023
Check Out Line
Owner: Valls Thoroughbreds Llc
Trainer: Calderon Ivan
Jockey: Diaz Angel I
Thistledown - Race 5 CLAIMING. 6 Furlongs Dirt. Purse $17,400. FOR REGISTERED OHIO FOALS FILLIES AND MARES THREE YEARS OLD AND UPWARD WHICH HAVE NOT WON TWO RACES SINCE SEPTEMBER 19, 2022. Three Year Olds, 119 lbs.; Older, 123 lbs. Non-winners Of A Race Since August 19 Allowed 2 lbs. A Race Since July 19 Allowed 4 lbs. Claiming Price $7,500. (02:50 PM) (6)  

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