Kodiak KowboyRecent & Upcoming Races for this Sire's Progeny
Monday February 27, 2017
Kodiak Kwik
Owner: Rafael S Barraza
Trainer: Barraza Rafael S
Jockey: Coddington Natasha
Turf Paradise - Race 2 STARTER ALLOWANCE. 6 Furlongs Dirt. Purse $8,600. (PLUS UP TO 10% Plus 10%) FOR FILLIES AND MARES FOUR YEARS OLD AND UPWARD WHICH HAVE STARTED FOR A CLAIMING PRICE OF $8,500 OR LESS OR WHICH HAVE NEVER WON FOUR RACES. Weight, 124 lbs. Non-winners Of A Race Since December 27, 2016 Allowed 2 lbs. (01:27 PM) (6)  
Sunday February 26, 2017
Delusional K K
Owner: Waccamaw Stable Llc
Trainer: Lovell Michelle
Jockey: Hernandez Colby J
Fair Grounds - Race 8 ALLOWANCE OPTIONAL CLAIMING. 6 Furlongs Dirt. Purse $45,000. FOR ACCREDITED LA BRED FILLIES AND MARES FOUR YEARS OLD AND UPWARD WHICH HAVE NEVER WON TWO RACES OTHER THAN MAIDEN, CLAIMING, OR STARTER OR WHICH HAVE NEVER WON THREE RACES OR CLAIMING PRICE $20,000. Weight, 123 lbs. Non-winners Of Two Races Since December 26 Allowed 2 lbs. A race since then Allowed 4 lbs. Claiming Price $20,000 (Races Where Entered For $15,000 Or Less Not Considered In Allowances) (Horses Entered For The Allowance Condition Will Be Preferred). (04:34 PM) (11)  
Saturday February 25, 2017
Zodiac Kowboy
Owner: Stephen A Glessner And Donna Tullner
Trainer: Keller Christopher M
Jockey: Mcgowan M C
Charles Town - Race 8 MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT. 7 Furlongs Dirt. Purse $23,000. FOR ACCREDITED WEST VIRGINIA-BRED MAIDENS, FOUR YEARS OLD AND UPWARD. Weight, 123 lbs. (10:19 PM) (9)  
Friday February 24, 2017
One Sock Mauk
Owner: Mauk One Racing & Ingrid Mason
Trainer: Mason Ingrid
Jockey: Osorio Didiel A
Oaklawn Park - Race 7 STARTER OPTIONAL CLAIMING. 6 Furlongs Dirt. Purse $38,000. FOR THREE YEAR OLDS WHICH HAVE STARTED FOR A CLAIMING PRICE OF $50,000 OR LESS OR CLAIMING PRICE $50,000. Weight, 121 lbs. Non-winners of a race since January 24 Allowed 3 lbs. A race since December 24, 2016 Allowed 5 lbs. Claiming Price $50,000. (04:14 PM) (9)  
Monday February 20, 2017
Shotgun Kowboy
Owner: C R Trout
Trainer: Trout C R
Jockey: Birzer A E
Oaklawn Park - Race 8 ALLOWANCE OPTIONAL CLAIMING. 1 1/16 Mile Dirt. Purse $76,000. FOR FOUR YEAR OLDS AND UPWARD WHICH HAVE NOT WON $20,000 TWICE OTHER THAN MAIDEN, CLAIMING, STARTER, OR RESTRICTED SINCE JULY 20, 2016 OR CLAIMING PRICE $80,000. Weight, 122 lbs. Non-winners Of $20,000 Other Than Maiden Or Claiming Since November 20, 2016Allowed 4 lbs. Such A Race Since April 20, 2016 Allowed 7 lbs. Claiming Price $80,000. (04:38 PM) (10)  
Saturday February 18, 2017
Howdy Kingkowboy
Owner: Turner Shiew
Trainer: Pearson Molly J
Jockey: Stevens S A
Turf Paradise - Race 7 STAKES. 1 1/16 Mile Dirt. Purse $50,000. Turf Paradise Derby. FOR THREE YEAR OLDS. $200 to enter, and $450 to start. Starters to pass the entry box by the usual time of closing. By preference of total earnings. Weight: Fillies, 117 lbs. Colts & Geldings, 122 lbs. (03:55 PM) (9)  

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