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Brisnet.com American Produce Records now online

American Produce Records started more than 40 years ago with reams of paper, and now it expands into the only area big enough to hold all its information: the Internet.

Brisnet.com American Produce Records is available online as APR Online and updated daily at Brisnet.com/apr. The annual subscription for $275 includes unlimited access to more than a century of data, including more than 3 million foals and nearly 1 million dams with all information updated daily and accessible on tablet, mobile, desktop, and laptop devices -- unlike other subscription products available through an iOS application only.

"We designed APR Online to give horse racing professionals and pedigree handicappers access to real-time information when and how they want it," Brisnet.com Director of Marketing Ed DeRosa said. "Whether you're planning a mating or playing the races, this will be an invaluable tool for all types of racing and breeding enthusiasts."

To celebrate the launch of APR Online, Brisnet.com is offering its members free access through January 31. This no-strings-attached trial requires only a free Brisnet.com membership. Log-on today to view lifetime race records, public auction prices (on all foals sold since 1986), lifetime best BRIS Speed Rating, enhanced pedigree information on all two- and three-year-olds, and so much more like European Produce Records back to 1960.

"Our company began publishing the American Produce Records in 1971, which revolutionized researching a pedigree of a thoroughbred for owners and breeders. For more than 40 years, this product has been a valuable resource that has been the foundation for computerizing pedigree information for our industry," Brisnet.com Vice President Happy Broadbent said. "Making this available online and for tablet and mobile devices real time and up-to-date is an extension of that pioneering vision."

"This is a tremendous resource, surpassing anything previously made available to the student of North American racing history and the professional who needs up-to-date form and breeding data," international pedigree expert Tony Morris said. "As I belong to both categories, I'm absolutely thrilled about the new APR."

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