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Vol. 15 No. 5 (July 2002): 2002 July Sale

Cover story by Anne Peters
Shiftin' and Driftin' by Anne Peters
A new order in commerical sire lines

First Time's a Charm by Alan Porter
Kentucky sales preview freshman sires

Mr. Greeley and Pivotal Flex by Anne Peters
Workaholic sires lead the way into summer

Sibling Inbreeding Brighten Sky by Alan Porter
Wildenstein filly rides rough shod over classic rivals

Call It From the Mountaintops by Matt O'Neil
Swiss Yodeler leaps to the top of juvenile rankings

Brother Superior by Alan Porter
Our Emblem surpasses G1-winning brother

Considering Castration by Tom Thornbury
The unkindest cut may produce a champion

Swiss Blitz by Ann Ferland
California freshman sire is a star at Holywood

The Artificial Insemination Debate by Joan Rogers
A lawyer takes a look a the legal aspects of AI

Artifical Reproduction Technologies by Michael Bowling
A genetics consultant look at ART

Nicking and Sets by Edwin Anthony
The answer to nicks may be in common ancestors

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