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Player Profile

 Jack Silbernagel
  FL $10,000 Handicapping Invitational
 Occupation: President Telecom Company 
 Other Accomplishments:I won the 1st qualifier for the World Series of Horse Racing at Orlando Jai Alai & Racebook. I have chosen PICK 6 winners at all major California and New York racetracks. I have picked the Derby winner in the futures pool each of the last 5 years starting with pool 1. 
 Started Playing: I observed a couple of gentlemen going over the racing form when I was 15. I guess I started actually handicapping when I was 18. This is when I started understanding speed times and figures along with the variant in order to come up with a value for each horse participating in a race. 
 Handicapping Mentor(s): Sam and Jimmy from the old billiard (pool hall) gave me the pertinent information to follow, besides the figures, trainer and jockey information. Then of all things, breeding information was shown to me last. 
 Handicapping Style: I love Class. Obviously you want speed that will compliment the pace. It all comes down to the breeding. I love first timers or horses with few races as their upside is huge, along with the odds. Great breeding winds up being the class of the race. 

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