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Player Profile

 Dennis A Sudul
2003 Autotote Handicapping Contest
 Occupation: DIRECTOR of PAYROLL 
 Other Accomplishments:
1) I believe I've been WINNING PROFESSIONAL TOURNAMENTS LONGER than anyone in handicapping history. My first championship was back in 1984, when I captured the World Cup Tournament at MGM in Reno, against 491 contestants. It was the weekend of the first Breeders Cup, and in the days when all entrants had only ONE entry. My first place prize was $60,000, which coupled with the additional daily prizes I won, totaled over $70K. I began playing in tournaments in 1982, and from the outset, placed very well in NY & Nevada tourneys.
2) In July 2003, I repeated as the champion in the Autotote tournament, winning $10K and my third to trip back to the Handicapping Championship in Las Vegas.
3) Winner of the 2002 Summer 'Autotote of Connecticut' tourney. Won $10,000 and another trip to the NTRA Handicapping Championship.
4) I WON the Mohegan Sun tourney in 2000 to get to the Finals that year.
5) In the last 21 years, I've had at least 24 "TOP 10" finishes, and won well over $200,000 in tournament money.  
 Started Playing: Back in Summer of '65, as a 16yr old, I was working as a 'bus boy' in the cafeteria on the backstretch of Pocono Downs, and I'd have my older friends make a bet for me. 
 Handicapping Mentor(s): As a college student, I picked up a book by Larry Voegle on Thoroughbred handicapping. It definitely gave me a sound basis with which to use in my formidable years. As luck would have it, he became more enamored of ME, when I met him in 1985 in Vegas. He had proudly read in a magazine that I partically attributed my first professional handicapping tournament win to his book. It seems he too was doing the tournament cycle with no real luck. After our meeting, he wrote a few very nice articles about my sucesses for the Calif/Nevada area. 
 Handicapping Style: Old timer Ray Taulbot wrote 'Pace Makes The Race', and I still firmly believe that true statement, has never faulted. The proper emphasis should be 1) racing luck, 2) pace, 3) speed, and 4) class. 

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