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Player Profile

 T. J. (Tony) Taylor
2000 Hoosier Park Handicapping Contest
 Occupation: Freight Broker 
 Other Accomplishments:
1) 1st place - 2000 Hoosier Park (at the Indianapolis Sports Spectrum) - qualified for DRF/NTRA Nationals.
2) 1st place - 2001 Hoosier Park - Qualified for DRF/NTRA Nationals.
3) 2nd place - 2005 Hoosier Park - Qualified for 4th trip to DRF/NTRA Nationals.
4) 5th place - Keeneland (December) - qualified for DRF/NTRA Nationals.
5) 2nd place - Churchill Downs 2005 (August)
6) 3rd place - Arlington Park 2005 (September)
7) 6th place - Keeneland 2002 (August).
8) 6th place - Bris On-line (September 2005) And several other top ten and top twenty finishes in Bris On-line contest.
9) Put 3 entries in the top 10 (3rd, 4th and 6th) at a Keeneland spring contest (a non- DRF/NTRA qualifier).
10) Several other top 10 and top 20 finishes over the last few years in various other contest.
11) Has won over $25,000 in contest money.  
 Started Playing: Watched Spectacular Bid win the 1979 Kentucky Derby. I was only 13 at the time, but it intrigued me enough to begin following race results and reading articles in the newspaper. I began reading some books from the library and learning the game. I made the 2 and a half hour drive to Churchill Downs the weekend after I turned 18 to make the first bet. (It was a loser) 
 Handicapping Mentor(s): Hard to say. I have read several books and countless articles. I listened to many different people, testing their theories and many of my own, to develop my own style of handicapping.  
 Handicapping Style: VALUE. I use speed, class, and pace. As well as the most under rated factor in my opinion, distance. And I find it hard to discount changes in equipment, medication, or trainer and other intangible factors. Everything I use, I use in a effort to establish a point of value for my contenders. The decision to bet or not to bet is then solely based on the odds board. And although I still make an occasional small exotic bet, I started concentrating on nothing but wins bets a couple years ago (I don't even back them up with a place bet). I realized out how hard it was to pick the winner and couldn't figure out why I was trying to figure out who was going to finish second or try to pick several winners in a row. That change and the switch to BRIS have made my betting results and handicapping consistency prosper. Nothing thrills me more than a $50 or $75 winner. 

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