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I downloaded the same file twice, will I get charged twice or I need to download a file again do I get charged again?

Document Number: 10042

No. Our system charges you once based on the type of file, the track, and the date of the file (not the date that the download occurred).

For example, yesterday you downloaded the Ultimate PPs for today at a certain track and did not get the morning line odds and program numbers, you can download it again today and not be double-charged.

However, if this is done in seperate billing periods (i.e. First done on the last day of the month and repeated on the first day of the following month) it will not be considered a duplication by the system. In these situations you will need to call or email and request a credit.

This rule only applies to datafiles, results, and PDF past performances. Our pedigree reports get updated on a regular basis, therefore they are handled differently. These (including start-by-start) reports will credit a duplicate report only within 24 hours.

Note: This "free duplicate" policy only applies to files that you the registered member download from the standard BRISnet pages. Archived files that you download from the Datafile Archive are billed as a separate service.

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