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How do I download & install ALL-Ways

Document Number: 10050

Current ALL-Ways Version 7.0/7.1 users may upgrade to Version 8.0 by downloading installation file (Alw16v80.exe). Your ALL-Ways race database, history files and other configuration files will not be disturbed by installing either the upgrade or full installation. However, it is recommended that prior to any upgrade that the user backup and store the database files and history files as a safety precaution.

Please read the "Important Notices About Version 8.0" before running the software. This document is available from the BRIS Web site. It is also installed in your computer when you install the software and can be accessed in the ALL-Ways Program Group.

Full Installation Instruction:
Step 1: Download the full installation file (Alw16v80.exe) to your computer.

Step 2. Leave the internet and close any programs that might be running in the background (including the ALL-Ways program). Navigate to the Alw16v80.exe file and execute it by double-clicking on the filename. If you do not remember where you downloaded the file, use either your Windows File Manager (if using Win 3.1), Windows Explorer, the FIND option from your START button, or the MY COMPUTER icon on your Windows 95/98 desktop to locate the file. Double-clicking Alw16v80.exe will prepare the computer for the installaion process. When this is finished you will have a window containing an ALL-Ways 8.0 Install icon. Double- Clicking this will install/upgrade your computer to ALL-Ways version 8.0.

Follow the prompts to complete the installation of the ALL-Ways program. If this is a first time or "fresh" installation, be sure to answer YES when asked if you want ALL-Ways to automatically install the Race History files.

After the installation has completed you should have a program group with icons. To start ALL- Ways using Windows 95/98, click the START button in the lower-left corner of the desktop, choose PROGRAMS, select ALL-WAYS HANDICAPPING SOFTWARE and then click on ALL-WAYS STANDARD VERSION 8.0.

You are now ready to begin handicapping! Be sure to download and read carefully the ALL- Ways online manual and/or order the manual from BRIS at 800-354-9206, ext. 223. Also, a Version 8.0 User Manual Supplement, along with other documentation, will be loaded into your computer when Version 8.0 is installed. You can access these documents in the ALL-Ways program group.

Recommended Link:  ALL-Ways Download Page

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