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I am having difficulty getting ALL-Ways to work, do you have some easy step-by-step guides?

Document Number: 10051

We understand that if you are new to Handicapping Software, getting started with ALL-Ways can be a little confusing just using the ALL-Ways documentation.

ALL-Ways is a sophisticated program, with several features and modules designed to make it flexible for users with different needs. Many of our customers have remarked that while getting started was a little challenging, once they learned the steps invloved, it is not difficult to use.

The best course of action to getting started is to order the printed manual from the BRISnet software department or print your electronic copy of the manual (under Start, Programs, ALL-Ways Software). Scan through the manual or read it depending on how much time you have. This will get you familiar with the different modules and what they do.

Then download BRISnet's Quick Start Guide for ALL-Ways. Like many documents on the Web this is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Print this document and follow along in the ALL-Ways program. This document takes you through downloading datafiles, unzipping the datafile, updating races and pars, and then translting the datafile.

All that is left is to go into the Handicapping module, enter a track code, choose a race to handicap, apply any surface change or scratches, choose a handicapping profile that you want to use (refer to the manual), select the report or reports that you want to print or view, and click Go.

Recommended Link:  ALL-Ways Quick Start Guide from BRISnet (PDF)

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