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I get an error that says 'Internal Server Error', what do I do?

Document Number: 10159

This is caused by some unexpected condition. Most of the time it is something that we need to reconfigure at our end, or something that we are working on.

Other things to consider, that could cause this include:

1) If what you are requesting requires you to type something in like a horse's name, or select something like a date, be sure that you are following all of the available instuctions or hints on the page. It could be that something is missing from your request or that you have typed in a special character like % or * which might not be allowed for that request.

2) It could be that you are following links, bookmarks or cached pages that are out-of-date. Be sure to start at the brisnet home page ( when you are visiting BRISnet, instead of bookmarking or otherwise saving internal pages.

In any case, please notify technical support at brisnet via the E-mail link or the toll-free telephone number at the bottom of you page, if you repeatedly get this error.

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