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2007 Coast Casino Horseplayer World Series
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Five years ago Geoff Dutton went on a vacation to Rhode Island and visited a casino/racebook while there. By hitting an exacta that paid for part of his trip, he was hooked.

A few weeks ago Geoff quit his job as an EMT to go back to school. In the process he planned to participate in a few handicapping tournaments over the course of the next year. His first one would be the biggest tournament in the country, the Coast Casinos Horse Player World Series.

"I was making my own pace figures. I picked up the Ultimate PPs at the Brisnet booth and saw they already had pace ratings. This saved me hours of time during the tournament. It was unbelievable how much help it was. Everything I look for was right there in the Ultimates.

"I used this information to eliminate the pretenders from each race," explained Geoff. "It was like I stumbled upon something that I had been missing for all these years. I can see why so many of the tournament winners use the Brisnet information."

This was the first time Geoff had ever used Brisnet information (Ultimate PPs). It was also the first time he had ever played in a handicapping tournament. By beating over 700 players including some of the best handicappers in the country over the course of a three day period, Geoff took down the grand prize of $357,500 as the World Series Champion!

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