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All-Ways Custom Card
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Specialization …. A Good Reason to Give
ALL-Ways Custom Card a Try



Even if you are not an ALL-Ways handicapper, you will want to try the special ALL-Ways version of Custom Card. Read on and you will see why!


When you play the horses, you are not playing against “the house” as you would in a casino. Instead, you must do a better job of handicapping and wagering than your competitors, specifically the other horseplayers playing the same races. One way to accomplish this superior play is to specialize in playing certain kinds of races and/or certain race situations. There is simply no better way to accomplish this specialization than to use the special ALL-Ways version of Custom Card.


The Special ALL-Ways Version of Custom Card


The standard version of BRIS Custom Card is incredibly powerful by itself. You can specify any combination of race criteria including distance, surface, field size, race type (Maiden, Allowance, Claiming, etc.), state bred options, first timer options, purse value, age/sex restrictions and wager types. Custom Card then searches all races running at every track in North America, or at the track(s) you specify, finds the races that that meet your specifications and creates a data file made up of only those races.


The special ALL-Ways version of Custom Card adds two additional selection criteria. One is the range of ALL-Ways Race Ratings, which lets you “zero in” on the class of the races. Now, here is the big one! The special ALL-Ways version of Custom Card actually lets you specify the likely amount of early pace pressure in the race. For example, you can create a race card made up of just races that will likely have a lot of early pace pressure, possibly setting the race up for high priced closers and/or you could set up a race card made up of races likely to have lone front runners loose on the lead.


Become Expert at the Exacta Wager


The free ALL-Ways Newsletters can be accessed through the Library Page on the BRIS Web site. Newsletter #49 (April 2008) includes an extensive article titled �Become Expert at Something�. Newsletter #50 (July 2008) includes an extensive article with ideas for playing the Exacta. Taken together, these two newsletters provide a convincing case for specializing on successfully playing the Exacta. One great way to approach the Exacta is to focus on race types and race situations that yield the best Exacta payoffs. Here are two such criteria to use with the ALL-Ways version of Custom Card: 1) �Fast� early paced races designated by ALL-Ways as �EEE� or �EE�. These races often set up for high priced closers; 2) �Honest� pace races designated by ALL-Ways as �E-EP� or �EP-EP�. These races often set up for an Exacta combination of the best early running horse and the best late running horse in the field. Other helpful Custom Card race selection criteria for playing the Exacta include field sizes of nine and more horses, sprint races longer than 6 furlongs, route races greater than one mile and virtually all Turf races.


Using the ALL-Ways Custom Card Data File


If you are an ALL-Ways handicapper You know that you will be building a database of these “Exacta specific” races and you can use the Impact Value Analysis and the Gap Analysis in ALL-Ways to find the keys to playing these races. And, at handicapping time, you can use the Handicapping Profiles automatically created by ALL-Ways as well as your own personal angles (ALL-Ways Custom Search Definitions), both targeted precisely at the specialized races in your ALL-Ways Custom Card.


If you are not an ALL-Ways handicapper: You can still use the ALL-Ways Custom Card data file with the free BRIS Past Performance Generator software to print the BRIS Ultimate Past Performances with Comments at no additional charge. And, you can use the analysis capabilities in the free ALL-Ways software to build and analyze your database of specialized races.


If you are a Twin Spires Customer: Imagine sitting at your computer, on-line with Twin Spires, and that you are specializing on playing the Exacta. Then imagine you are playing races selected by ALL-Ways Custom Card that offer the best Exacta payoffs and that you are using ALL-Ways software, widely regarded as “the best in the business”, to help you analyze and handicap these specialized races and to help you structure your Exacta wagers as well. It just doesn’t get any better!

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