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Obvious ways to enchance printing are to increase printer memory and/or RAM memory. Listed below are some common software changes that will help to optimize printing speed.
  • 1) Lower the DPI (dots per inch) .. By setting the DPI to a lower resolution, you increase printing speed and do not sacrifice quality. If you can't change the DPI setting, try lowering the 'print quality' setting from high quality to either medium or low quality. Additionally, set any 'dithering' options to coarse.
  • 2) Turn off Print Manager .. Change the printer options in Windows 3.1 or 3.11 by selecting the MAIN window. Click on Control Panel and then on Printers. Turn off the "Use Print Manager" options by NOT chacking the box.
  • 3) Use a Post Script (PS) Printer Driver .. If compatible with your printer, choose a postscript printer driver. These drivers significantly increase printing speed over PCL drivers. Contact your printer manufacturer for the most up-to-date postscript driver. Many companies have their own web site or bulletin board which freely provide these drivers.

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