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Special Note for tracks that report $1 payoffs

ALL-Ways versions 6.0 and higher will automatically process the Exotics Results Datafiles just like the Flash Results files. There is one caveat, however. The Exotic Results Datafile does not indicate the base amount of the wager, so ALL-Ways must assume the payoffs are based on $2 wagers. This works fine for win, place, show and Daily Double payoffs at all tracks in North America. However, there are a few tracks that report Exacta, Trifecta and Pick 3 payoffs based on $1 wagers, such as all major California tracks. To obtain accurate Exacta, Trifecta and Pick 3 wagering analyses, it is necessary to manually double the payoffs using the Results Update Module in ALL-Ways so the payoffs are based on $2 wagers.

Version 8.0 of ALL-Ways, to be released in December 1999, includes a new feature allowing you to tell ALL-Ways if the track reports $1 payoffs. Then ALL-Ways will handle this $1 payoff issue automatically. You will also be able to process the Archived Exotic Results Datafiles a second time in Version 8.0 and ALL-Ways will automatically and retroactively make the $1 to $2 adjustment for you.

Note that the $1 payoff issue does not have any impact on running the Top 3 Analysis, the Impact Value Analysis or the win, place, show and Daily Double figures in the Database Run Analysis Report. It also has no impact on creating Handicapping Profiles either manually or automatically using the Multiple Regression Analysis functions. One acceptable strategy for tracks that report $1 Exacta, Trifecta and Pick 3 wager payoffs would be to go ahead and process the archived ALL-Ways Datafiles and corresponding Exotic Results Datafiles and use the new ALL-Ways Database to create Handicapping Profiles. Then, after you obtain ALL-Ways Version 8.0, let ALL-Ways go ahead and automatically make the $1 to $2 adjustment.

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