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April, 2006                                 VOL. 20, NO. 4


>>3 FREE MultiCAPS Data Files in April!
>>Handicapping with Produce Records by Rich Nilsen
>>The Dime Superfecta

>>April Racing Calendar

Easy to Use Software that Works. 3 FREE MultiCAPS Data Files in April

Want to handicap more tracks more efficiently? Want to pinpoint live longshots and improve your overall win percentage? It's time to try MultiCAPS handicapping software!

MultiCAPS has survived the test of time as an effective handicapping tool. Easy to use, even for computer novices, MultiCAPS is a sophisticated program with an emphasis on pace handicapping.

The software is free exclusively from, and there has never been a better time to take this program for a test drive. Racing's #1 information website has 3 FREE MultiCAPS data files as the April giveaway. So try it for your favorite track and see if MultiCAPS can make your life as a handicapper much easier and more profitable. It's a $15 value.


What is great about MultiCAPS for Windows is that it saves the horseplayer time and makes handicapping quick and easy. A click of the mouse brings up 8 different windows with precisely calculated ratings for over 25 valuable handicapping factors. Another click brings up workout reports, breeding information, full paceline reports, and jockey/trainer statistics. A wealth of information is at your fingertips! 

"I just wanted to thank you all at Brisnet and the programmer of MultiCAPS. Today (Sunday, July 14 at Hollywood Park) I scored a huge payout, hitting the trifecta and the late double for just under five grand...for simplicity and effectiveness I don't feel you can beat the MultiCAPS program."

K. Arias

The MultiCAPS data files are easy to download and simple to import. With a high-speed connection one can download the MultiCAPS file, import it into the program and print the entire card in under two minutes! Software handicapping doesn't get any easier than that.

The program was written for both novice and experienced handicappers, making it sophisticated and effective, yet at the same time, extremely easy-to-use. That's the beauty and the power of MultiCAPS handicapping software.

MultiCAPS Visual Handicapping

Graphed comparisons of Pace, Ability, Projected Time, Feet Per Second Calculations and Total Pace Ratings allow the handicapper to easily compare the components that make up these factors. MultiCAPS ranks the horses by the factors chosen by the end user. It's "visual handicapping," a unique characteristic of this popular software package.

Programmed settings generate a "Horses to Watch" list, offering value plays that can increase your ROI. MultiCAPS combines the BRIS Prime Power Rating, Race Ratings and Average Class Ratings with pace-based handicapping factors to identify the top contenders in each race.

Another popular feature of the program is the 'Total Factors' ratings which combines many value-added factors into one number. Best of all, these factors can be chosen by the user based on their own handicapping style.

Both overlays and underlays are easily identified with the Fair Odds line automatically generated by MultiCAPS. The program generates an odds line based on the dominant factors faring well at the track in question. By comparing this odds line with the morning line, one can shy away from the underlays and hammer high value betting situations. Kentucky Derby gate-to-wire winner War Emblem ($43.00) was a perfect example of pace overlay pinpointed by the MultiCAPS default settings.


Did we mention it's easy to use? Each MultiCAPS handicapping window offers the ability to remove a horse from consideration with a simple click of the mouse. Compare factors, compare ratings, judge if a horse can run to par, and if one determines the horse has no chance to hit the board, click on the pretender (which will remove the horse), and the contenders loom boldly on the screen. It's as simple as it sounds.

PPs at NO Extra Charge

Don't forget that MultiCAPS data files can also be used to print BRIS Past Performances at no additional cost through Custom PP Generator software. So, what are you waiting for? Download MultiCAPS software today! Click the FREE SOFTWARE link at and install it today. Then, take advantage of three free data files of your choice in April!

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By Rich Nilsen

When it comes to turf races, maiden events or races with horses stretching out in distance, knowledge of the dams' produce records can be the difference between nailing a boxcar payoff or ripping up losing tickets. Most handicappers are familiar with sires and their offspring's common traits, but with only one foal per year, dams represent a different challenge. This is where possessing information over the majority of the wagering public represents a true edge.

The American Produce Records (APRs) is the encyclopedia of Thoroughbred mares dating back to the middle 20th century. Included are over 50 years of race records for all registered foals. It is the only product of its kind and the ultimate source of broodmare records.

Want to know what a particular horse is bred to accomplish? Simply type the dam's name or the foal's name into your PC and interpret the results.

Here's a synopsis of the type of progeny information you'll uncover for each and every dam:

  • Offspring records separated by Turf, Dirt Routes, Dirt Sprints, 2yo

  • 2yo Debut Winners indicated (*)

  • First time on the Turf Winners indicated (*)

  • Best BRIS Speed Ratings (since 1990) for each category per runner.

  • Average Winning Distance (AWD) for every winner.

  • Number of Route winners per Route starters (included in the Maiden Stats line for every 2yo and 3yo).

  • Dosage index and profile; and Center of Distribution.

Let's look at the example of a young, up-and-coming Kentucky Derby prospect, Strong Contender.

We see that he is the second foal of his dam, Kopenhagen, who is by stamina influence Dynaformer. Her first foal was a Salt Lake gelding named Snuff. He raced 16 times with three wins and earnings of $113,331. The breakdown of his career record shows that Snuff won three of 10 starts in dirt routes with eight in-the-money finishes and a career best BRIS Speed Rating of 93. All three of his career wins came in routes, so clearly this half brother to Strong Contender was much better going long. This is even more impressive when you consider that Snuff is by Salt Lake who has a low AWD (average winning distance) from his offspring of 6.3 furlongs, according to Sire Stats 2006. Snuff was also two for two on wet tracks, which bodes well for Strong Contender if he must face an off track.

Dosage lovers will also note that Strong Contender has a low Dosage Index of 1.33 and an even lower Center of Distribution of 0.14. Both numbers indicate strong sources of stamina in the bloodlines. [For a more in-depth article on using these numbers, read Tim Holland's article in the Library at]

Strong Contender made his first start of the year at Gulfstream, February 22 and had little trouble stretching out to one mile. Inexperience may be a major obstacle en route to the first Saturday in May, but distance will not be an issue with this son of Maria's Mon.

I personally use the APRs every day in my handicapping, so I can't emphasize enough the edge this information provides. For me it's very difficult handicapping most maiden and turf races without applying the American Produce Records. By adding the APRs into your handicapping, you'll hold a significant edge over the wagering public that fails to go the extra mile.

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The Dime Superfecta

Bet the dime superfecta through on Keeneland, Oaklawn, Santa Anita/Hollywood Park, River Downs/Thistledown, Sam Houston, Beulah, Hawthorne, Turf Paradise and Lone Star Park.

There are many advantages to the dime superfecta wager, as it gives the player a better chance to hit a winning ticket. It allows you to add in additional horses in any of the four positions that would be beyond the comfort level of the medium sized bettor. The 10-cents superfecta wager is especially potent for the bettor that structures his or her wager with "key" horses on top. In addition, the smaller total cost of the bet is less likely to result in the winning player being required to pay income tax at the time the ticket is cashed. IRS regulations force the requirement that witholding taxes be deducted from winning wagers above a certain size. The fractional nature of the 10 cent Superfecta means that players are less likely to reach that threshold level.

How to Wager Online

On the wagering menu at, under "Amount", select "Other." On the pop-up screen, you can enter amounts from 10 cents through 90 cents or whole dollar amounts. Or, simply select the superfecta as your wager and the wagering amount populates with the proper dime increments. A 10-cent superfecta box with four horses costs only $2.40. A five-horse box costs a total of $12; a six-horse box costs $36.

Expert Dime Analysis

To help tackle this new, popular wager, the Wizard offers a daily superfecta play. Searching for the best wagering opportunity (every Wed. - Sun.), the Wizard identifies the best race and provides his race analysis and expert wagering strategies. The Wizard's Superfecta Play hit at a 40% clip with a huge, flat bet profit during the April 2005 Keeneland meet. Get his expert wagering analysis each day for only $5.

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April Racing Calendar

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