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April, 2007                                 VOL. 21, NO. 3


>>World Series Winner uses BRIS for the First Time!
>>Meet Packages for ALL-Ways Files
3 FREE MultiCAPS Data Files in April
Dates Set for NHC Satellites/Qualifiers at Brisnet.com
Wager on the Dime Superfecta at Brisnet.com
>>April Racing Calendar

Five years ago Geoff Dutton visited a casino/racebook while on a vacation to Rhode Island. By hitting an exacta that paid for part of his trip, he was hooked.

A few weeks ago Geoff quit his job as an EMT to go back to school. In the process he planned to participate in a few handicapping tournaments over the course of the next year. His first one would be the biggest tournament in the country, the Coast Casinos Horse Player World Series.

"I was making my own pace figures. I picked up the Ultimate PPs at the Brisnet booth and saw they already had pace ratings," explained Dutton. "This saved me hours of time during the tournament. It was unbelievable how much help it was. Everything I look for was right there in the Ultimates."

"I used this information to eliminate the pretenders from each race," he continued. "It was like I stumbled upon something that I had been missing for all these years. I can see why so many of the tournament winners use the Brisnet information."

This was the first time Geoff had ever used Brisnet information (Ultimate PPs). It was also the first time he had ever played in a handicapping tournament. By beating over 700 players including some of the best handicappers in the country over the course of a three day period, Geoff took down the grand prize of $357,500 as the World Series Champion!

Geoff Dutton joins Stanley Bavlish as the second user of Brisnet.com Ultimate PPs to take down a major handicapping tournament in 2007. Long time member Bavlish won the 8th annual National Handicapping Championship (NHC) in January, claiming the $400,000 grand prize and title of Handicapper of the Year.

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Meet Packages for ALL-Ways files

Brisnet.com and Fransden Publishing have teamed up to offer meet packages for several popular upcoming meets. At prices well below Gold discounted rates, the meet packages allow you to download ALL-Ways files for every day of the meet(s):

  • Keeneland (April 6 - 27): $84 for spring meet
  • Hollywood Park (April 25 - July 16): $352 for entire meet
  • Pimlico (April 19 - June 9): $173 for entire meet
  • Woodbine (March 31 - Dec. 9): $935 for entire year
  • Calder (April 25 - Oct. 14): $627 for entire meet
  • Churchill Downs (April 28 - July 8): $291 for spring/summer meet

Visit the link on the ALL-Ways data files page to take advantage of these discounted packages at significant savings. Remember with ALL-Ways data files you can print Ultimate PPs through Custom PP Generator at no extra charge.

HR Clocker Reports Plans

Discounted meet package plans are also available for Handicapper's Report daily clocker offerings. This includes the upcoming Keeneland, Churchill, Belmont and Hollywood Park meetings.

For a full overview of the pricing, visit us online at www.brisnet.com/hrreports.

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Want to handicap more tracks more efficiently? Want to pinpoint live longshots and improve your overall win percentage? It's time to try MultiCAPS handicapping software!

Easy to use, even for computer novices, MultiCAPS is a sophisticated program with an emphasis on pace handicapping.

The software package is a free download exclusively from Brisnet.com. There has never been a better time to take this program for a test drive. Racing's #1 information website has 3 FREE MultiCAPS data files as the April giveaway.


What is great about MultiCAPS for Windows is that it saves the horseplayer time and makes handicapping quick and easy. A click of the mouse brings up 8 different windows with precisely calculated ratings for over 25 valuable handicapping factors. Another click brings up workout reports, breeding information, full paceline reports, and jockey/trainer statistics.

The MultiCAPS data files are easy to download and simple to import. With a high-speed connection one can download the MultiCAPS file, import it into the program and print the entire card in under two minutes! Software handicapping doesn't get any easier than that.

The program was written for both novice and experienced handicappers, making it sophisticated and effective, yet at the same time, extremely easy-to-use. That's the beauty and the power of MultiCAPS handicapping software.


Graphed comparisons of Pace, Ability, Projected Time, Feet Per Second Calculations and Total Pace Ratings allow the handicapper to easily compare the components that make up these factors. MultiCAPS ranks the horses by the factors chosen by the end user. It's "visual handicapping," a unique characteristic of this popular software package.

A popular feature of the program is the 'Total Factors' ratings which combines many value-added factors into one number. Best of all, these factors can be chosen by the user based on their own handicapping style.


Did we mention it's easy to use? Each MultiCAPS handicapping window offers the ability to remove a horse from consideration with a simple click of the mouse. Compare factors, compare ratings, judge if a horse can run to par, and if one determines the horse has no chance to hit the board, click on the pretender (which will remove the horse), and the contenders loom boldly on the screen. It's as simple as it sounds.

PPs at NO Extra Charge

Don't forget that MultiCAPS data files can also be used to print BRIS Past Performances at no additional cost through Custom PP Generator software. So, what are you waiting for? Download MultiCAPS software today! Click the FREE SOFTWARE link at Brisnet.com and install it today. Then, take advantage of three free datafiles of your choice in April! Try it for your favorite track and see if MultiCAPS can make your life as a handicapper much easier and more profitable. It's a $15 value.

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The 9th annual Brisnet.com Online Handicapping Challenge returns in August, so mark your calendar. Just like last year there will be three separate contests with opportunities to get into the Brisnet.com Finals on October 20. In that event a very limited number of members will get to compete for 3 spots to the 2008 National Handicapping Championship in Las Vegas, which is anticipated to have a $1 million purse!

Here's how it works. It's similar to the current online satellites for the $1 Million World Series. There will be three satellites for the DRF/NTRA National Handicapping Championship: August 25 (Travers Day), September 22, and October 13. In each of these three free online tournaments, the top finishers will win prizes and move on to the finals held on October 20.

Sign up FREE beginning in April! Visit www.brisnet.com/challenge for contest details, rules, and free registration. Registration required regardless if you have participated in past Brisnet.com contest events.

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Bet the dime superfecta through TwinSpires.com on Keeneland, Oaklawn, Santa Anita/Hollywood Park, River Downs/Thistledown, Sam Houston, Beulah, Hawthorne, Turf Paradise and Lone Star Park.

On the wagering menu at TwinSpires.com, under "Amount", select "Other." On the pop-up screen, you can enter amounts from 10 cents through 90 cents or whole dollar amounts. Or, simply select the superfecta as your wager type and the wagering amount populates with the proper dime increments. A 10-cents superfecta box with four horses costs only $2.40. A five-horse box costs a total of $12, a six-horse box costs $36. Key one horse over five horses for only $6.

The smaller total cost of the bet is less likely to result in the winning player being required to pay income tax at the time the ticket is cashed. IRS regulations require that withholding taxes be deducted from winning wagers above a certain size. The fractional nature of the 10-cents Superfecta means that players are less likely to reach that threshold level.

To help tackle this popular wager, the Wizard offers a daily superfecta play. Searching for the best wagering opportunity each day (Wed. - Sun.), the Wizard identifies the best race and provides his race analysis and expert wagering strategies. Majority of the best opportunities come from Kentucky and Southern California. In one week alone during March, the Wizard nailed dime superfecta payoffs at Santa Anita returning $456.68, $168.29, and $188.56!

The Wizard's Superfecta Play hit at a 40% clip with a huge, flat bet profit during the April 2005 Keeneland meet. Check out this innovative sheet for only $5.

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April Racing Calendar

[Click Here] - Updated on the 1st of every month

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