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April, 2008                                 VOL. 22, NO. 3


>> Easy to Use Software that Works!
>> Powerful All Weather Surface Handicapping Tools
>> February/March Racing Calendar

Want to handicap more tracks more efficiently? Want to pinpoint live longshots and improve your overall win percentage? It's time to try MultiCAPS handicapping software. April is the perfect time to give this easy-to-use program a test drive. It may just be the handicapping tool that can improve your game now and going forward in 2008!

MultiCAPS software is free exclusively from Brisnet.com. BRIS is giving away 3 FREE MultiCAPS data files as the April special. So try it for your favorite track and see if MultiCAPS can make your life as a handicapper much easier and more profitable. It's a $15 value.


The software has survived the test of time as an effective handicapping aid. Easy to use, even for computer novices, MultiCAPS is a sophisticated program with an emphasis on pace handicapping.

What is great about MultiCAPS for Windows is that it saves the horseplayer time and makes handicapping quick and efficient. A click of the mouse brings up 8 different windows with precisely calculated ratings for over 25 valuable handicapping factors. Another click brings up workout reports, breeding information, full paceline reports, and jockey/trainer statistics. A wealth of information is at your fingertips!

"I just wanted to thank you all at Brisnet and the programmer of MultiCAPS. Today (Sunday, July 14 at Hollywood Park) I scored a huge payout, hitting the trifecta and the late double for just under five grand...for simplicity and effectiveness I don't feel you can beat the MultiCAPS program." - K. Arias

The MultiCAPS data files are easy to download and simple to import. With a high-speed connection one can download the MultiCAPS file, import it into the program and print the entire card in under two minutes! Software handicapping doesn't get any easier than that.

The program was written for both novice and experienced handicappers, making it sophisticated and effective, yet at the same time, extremely easy-to-use. That's the beauty and the power of MultiCAPS handicapping software.


Graphed comparisons of Pace, Ability, Projected Time, Feet Per Second Calculations and Total Pace Ratings allow the handicapper to easily compare the components that make up these factors. MultiCAPS ranks the horses by the factors chosen by the end user. It's "visual handicapping," a unique characteristic of this popular software package.

Programmed settings generate a "Horses to Watch" list, offering value plays that can increase your ROI. MultiCAPS combines the BRIS Prime Power Rating, Race Ratings and Average Class Ratings with pace-based handicapping factors to identify the top contenders in each race.

Another popular feature of the MultiCAPS program is the 'Total Factors' ratings which combines many value-added factors into one number. Best of all, these factors can be chosen by the user based on their own handicapping style, e.g. class handicapping.

Both overlays and underlays are easily identified with the Fair Odds line automatically generated by MultiCAPS. The program generates an odds line based on the dominant factors faring well at the track in question. By comparing this odds line with the morning line, one can shy away from the underlays and hammer high value betting situations. Kentucky Derby gate-to-wire winner War Emblem ($43.00) was a perfect example of a pace overlay pinpointed by the MultiCAPS default settings.


Did we mention it's easy to use? Each MultiCAPS handicapping window offers the ability to remove a horse from consideration with a simple click of the mouse. Compare factors, compare ratings, judge if a horse can run to par, and if one determines the horse has no chance to hit the board, click on the pretender (which will remove the horse), and the contenders loom boldly on the screen. It's as simple as it sounds.

PPs at NO Extra Charge

Don't forget that MultiCAPS data files can also be used to print BRIS Past Performances at no additional cost through Custom PP Generator software. So, what are you waiting for? Download MultiCAPS software today! Click the FREE SOFTWARE link at Brisnet.com and install it today. Then, take advantage of three free datafiles of your choice in April!

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Handicapping races run on the new all weather surface ("synthetic") tracks has become more complex and, at times, even confusing. Some handicappers complain about the difficulty and stop playing those tracks. Other handicappers continue to play the tracks, but without adjusting their handicapping methods, thus finding it difficult to achieve profitable play. But, some handicappers recognize that this added complexity "opens the door" to a rare opportunity for potential financial gain. This last group of players is typically investigative and analytical and they recognize that, if they can "crack the code" of all weather surface racing, they will have a monstrous "edge" over other horseplayers who play these races using past "real dirt" considerations. The question then is how to go about "cracking the code"? And, the answer is ... ALL-Ways Handicapping Software with its strong analysis capabilities and powerful handicapping factors for all weather surface races.

ALL-Ways Impact Value Analysis: This analysis determines the power (Impact Value) and flat bet win profitability of 87 key handicapping factors covering each horse's suitability to the distance and surface, current form, class level and ability to handle the probable pace and speed demands of the race. Jockey, trainer and pedigree factors are also included. The example below shows the dramatic shift from early pace to late pace for sprint races at Keeneland.

Horse's ranked first for BRIS Early Pace won 1.89 times their fair share of "real" dirt sprint races yielding a $2 flat bet payoff of $2.32. However, for all weather surface races, the Impact Value drops dramatically to only 1.09 and the profit disappears with a 44 cent loss. Conversely, the Hall Final Fraction Rating goes from only a 1.06 Impact Value and 55 cent loss for "real" dirt races to a 1.74 Impact Value and a 53 cent profit for all weather surface races. However, it would be way too much of a generalization to say that every all weather surface track favors closers, because there are significant differences based on the specific synthetic surface used and the specific distance of the race. Again, a single Impact Value Analysis Report covers 87 key handicapping factors and does so on a track specific and race type specific basis, including specific distances.

ALL-Ways Gap Analysis: This analysis shows the win percentage, in-the-money percentage and win return-on-investment percentage for each handicapping factor based on the size ("Gap") of the horse's advantage for the factor. Here is an example of the win ROI for Hall Pace Line Speed for past all weather surface sprints at Woodbine.

About ALL-Ways Powerful All Weather Surface Handicapping Information: ALL-Ways software includes the all weather surface handicapping information you would expect including extensive track bias statistics, each horse's all weather surface performance statistics and all weather surface ("AWS") speed figures including AWS BRIS Speed 2/3, Best AWS BRIS Speed and Best AWS BRIS Speed at Today's Track. And, there is a whole lot more all weather surface handicapping help in ALL-Ways. Read on!

Hall Pace and Speed Figures: In addition to BRIS pace and speed figures, ALL-Ways includes the powerful Hall figures as well. They make use of the concept of "conservation of energy" to adjust each horse's past performance races to estimate how the horse's performance would have been at today's specific distance, specific surface and specific track. This "normalization" approach has proven to be extremely powerful for the new all weather surface tracks.

ALL-Ways Automatic Pace Line Selection: ALL-Ways automatically selects pace line races for evaluating each horse's pace and speed figures with special considerations given to past all weather surface races.

BRIS and Hall Compound Pace and Speed Figures: These ratings are: Combined Rating (Early Pace plus Final Fraction), Total Rating (Early Pace plus Speed) and Late Rating (Final Fraction plus Speed). The Gap analyses for these Compound Ratings, at virtually every all weather surface track in North America, frequently point to solid profitable return-on-investment plays.

Race Track and Race Type Specific Handicapping Profiles: ALL-Ways automatically creates custom handicapping profiles specifically for each individual race on the race card. Testing shows these profiles have been particularly effective for profitably handicapping all weather surface races.

Search Handicapping Report: This special handicapping report is particularly powerful for playing all weather surface races. It includes extensive track bias information, it identifies horses with strong Gap advantage(s), it identifies good Key-Horse candidates, it uses the Compound Ratings discussed above to identify the best early running and the best late running horses (particularly powerful for multi-horse wagers) and it shows the selections made by ALL-Ways Handicapping Profiles. It also identifies horses qualifying for your own personal handicapping angles (Custom Search Definitions).

Take Action: ALL-Ways software is free. You can call BRIS at 1 800 354 9206 and have the software and User Manual, pre-printed in a 3-ring binder, mailed to you for a nominal S&H charge. You can also download ALL-Ways software and the ALL-Ways User Manual from the BRIS Web site. You can also learn more about ALL-Ways software by visiting the ALL-Ways Free Software Page on the BRIS Web site. This includes more information about how ALL-Ways works and about how best to get started with ALL-Ways to get on your way towards "cracking the code" of all weather surface handicapping. You just might become an expert at it!

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