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2012 American Produce Records on CD-ROM (1960-2011)
Now featuring All-Weather Race Records!
More than 50 years of North American Racing & Breeding Data with Public Auction Prices & more, is now available on one CD-ROM Disc!
As the pioneer of on-line information service to the Thoroughbred industry, Bloodstock Research has embarked on the cutting edge of technology to produce the American Produce Records on CD-ROM.

The minimum system requirements for the 2012 APR CD-ROM are as follows:
Operating System:Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7
Software:Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or later
Processor:1GHz or higher
Hard drive disk free space:1.5GB or higher
Memory:1GB RAM or higher
Drives:CD-ROM or DVD drive
Video:Super VGA, 800x600 resolution or higher

APR Features

  • Trace the pedigree of any registered foal from 1960 through 2011 (51 years)
  • Look up the race record of any runner from 1960 through 2011 (51 years)
  • Check recent public auction prices for all foals sold from 1986 through 2011 (25 years)
  • Access maiden and turf pedigree statistics on all two and three-year-olds of 2012.
  • Average winning distance for each runner;
  • Lifetime best BRIS Speed Ratings for each category, e.g. Turf Starts;
  • Route winners from Route starters (in Maiden Stats line for 2yo and 3yo).

Endorsed by Dan Illman and Toby Callet at the 2007 DRF Horseplayers Expo!


APR Sample


To enhance the information contained on the CD-ROM, expanded race records are included. Users can instantly determine a horse's lifetime record, as well as the horse's 2 year-old record, turf record, dirt sprint record, dirt route record, and muddy/sloppy record. The expanded race records will cover Thoroughbreds since 1982. Handicappers will now be able to determine the turf, 2 year-old, sprint, route, and off track ability of runners foaled since 1982. By analyzing a family of runners, one will be able to ascertain whether or not today's first time starter will be able to handle an offtrack or turf course.

Dosage Information

Every thoroughbred since 1960 will have Dosage information, which includes the horse's Dosage Index (DI), Dosage Profile (DP), and Center of Distribution (CD). This data will not only help owners and breeders, but will allow handicappers to determine the stamina potential of any current runner.

Maiden Statistics On All Two & Three-Year-Olds

Sire information includes: Sire Production Index (SPI), number of starters, percentage of two-year-old winners and percentage of first-time winners, percentage of winners in the mud and number of starts, percentage of winners on the turf and number of starts, and Average Winning Distance (AWD) in furlongs for the sire's runners.

Dam information includes: Dam's race record (ur=unraced in this example), Dam Production Index (DPI), number of two-year-old starters and winners, percentage of winners in the mud and number of starts, number of turf starters and winners, number of route starters and winners, and Average Winning Distance (AWD) in furlongs for the dam's runners.

What the pros say...

"I never begin a mating without first consulting my APR," says George Waggoner breeder of    YES IT'S TRUE, "and when it comes to researching potential broodmare purchases in November, I'd be lost without this invaluable tool. It's the ONLY source of it's kind available anywhere! Thanks to the visionaries at BRIS, our Industry has the most easy-to-use tools."

"What a great improvement over looking through the books for the mares we need stats on!... Thanks again for a product that is a terrific addition to assist breeders..." - Barbara Hebard, Harmony Farm

"Never before has a breeder or handicapper had this much breeding information at his fingertips; it can be retrieved with the quickness of a Breeders' Cup sprinter." - Dave Surico, Illinois Racing News

"Bloodstock Research's American Produce Records on CD-ROM is a God-send." - Ellen Parker, Pedlines Newsletter

"Time was when the American Produce Records, in a dozen loose-leaf volumes, each of around a thousand pages, occupied about 4ft of shelf space in my study. I was able to dump the lot three years ago, when their publisher went 'new tech'. All the valuable data they contained, plus a whole lot more besides, are contained on one little sliver of a silver disc." - Tony Morris, Racing Post December 19th, 1995

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