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  December 2001 VOL. 14, NO. 12

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Prime Power Search Reports
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Prime Power Search Reports

Try 3 Days FREE in December!

Earlier this year, Brisnet.com made it easier than ever for members to utilize the potent Prime Power Rating. Knowing that Prime Power identifies strong "key" runners due to the very high win percentage, players wanted an easy way to scan all races and quickly pinpoint horses with a Prime Power advantage. So, Brisnet answered that demand with the introduction of the Prime Power Search Reports.

Now, if one wants to see all the runners in the country with a Prime Power advantage of 5 points or higher, with just a few clicks of the mouse, the results are seconds away.

Just what is...Prime Power?
Prime Power is the result of years of analysis at Bloodstock Research. Prime Power combines many factors into one potent figure, and runners with a significant advantage win up to 55% of the time! BRIS Speed, Class, Pace, form, weight, distance and other factors are combined by a sophisticated computer algorithm into one rating per horse.

Based on a lengthy study of more than 50,000 races, the top Prime Power runner won 31% of the time! The results become more impressive when any dirt runner is at a significant advantage based on Prime Power:

Top Prime Power horses by three full points (3.0+) or better won 39% of the time!
Top Prime Power horses by six full points (6.0+) or better won 46% of the time!
Top Prime Power horses by ten full points (10.0+) or better won 55% of the time!

How would you like to easily identify bogus favorites?
Consider the results of our study: dirt favorites that were not ranked first on Prime Power (false favorites) won only 27% of the time and returned -0.51 for every $2 wagered. However, favorites on top on Prime Power won 38% with a -0.26 ROI.

Accessing Prime Power
Prime Power is accessible in several Brisnet.com handicapping products, including the Ultimate PDF PPs, Quick Play PDF PPs, Premium Plus PDF PPs, Super Stats, and software data files -- DRF, MultiCaps and ALL-Ways.

However, the easiest way to search across the country for Prime Power horses is with the super interactive tool designed around the Prime Power Rating! POWER SEARCH REPORTS at Brisnet.com is the answer and you can try 3 days FREE in December, an $18 value!

Prime Power Search Reports
Members have been crying for this unique functionality. With Power Search Reports you can set the minimum Prime Power advantage between the top horse and the runners ranked below that horse on Prime Power. For example, let's say you wish to see all Prime Power horses with a 10 point or greater advantage over the second-ranked horse. The Power Search Reports utility allows you to do this. The result is a short report detailing what runners meet that criteria, and it also provides relevant race information such as racetype, post time, etc.

Alternatively, you can search for contentious races. Simply choose the top Prime Power horse with a maximum three-point advantage between the top horse and the sixth ranked horse. The search will come back with races that are determined to be contentious based on closely ranked Prime Power runners. However, this is just one suggestion, the search parameters are your choice!

The cost for this powerful application is only $6.00 per race date. However, because we believe in this new tool and know you will love it, we want you to try it for any three race dates in December absolutely FREE! Pick any three race dates during December and run the Power Search Report to your heart's content. Check it out free! One day at the races with the Power Search Reports in your hands and you will see what Prime Power advantage horses can do for your bottom line.

The real "power" to this number is playing the percentages to your best advantage. For example, you may be playing the Pick-3 and key on a top Prime Power runner which, in the past, you would have dismissed. Or, you may be wagering on the Trifecta and now will think twice before excluding a horse with a proven 55-percent chance of winning. The situations like this are endless.

To access the new Power Search Reports, click on "Selections, Programs, & PPs" from the Brisnet.com homepage. Put the percentages in your favor beginning today!

Horseplayers have been raving about this unique rating because of its uncanny ability to identify strong "key" plays as well as eliminate false favorites.

"The Prime Power Rating hit seven of 11 races. Selecting a Prime Power horse is what got me over the hump. I wagered $500 to win on him and he paid $10.80! Also, I hit four of five races in the preliminary rounds, and I couldn't have done it without the BRIS info in the Ultimate PPs." A. Burnett, Tampa Bay Contest Winner

"Thank you for the win on Monarchos [using Prime Power]" K. Breithaupt

"The Prime Power numbers are the best. I use that number alone to eliminate half the field. The majority of winners come from the higher Prime Power numbers and many offer good value. Keep up the good work." C. Moore

"The new Power Search Reports may be the best value on the net. I am amazed at the new and different computer-generated methods your site keeps creating." R. Little

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Prime Power Search Reports
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American Produce Records Sale
Custom Card; Play Your Strengths
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Table of Contents

Prime Power Search Reports
Join TwinSpires.com Today
American Produce Records Sale
Custom Card; Play Your Strengths
At Your Service

American Produce Records Sale!

The 2001 edition of the American Produce Records on CD-Rom is now on sale for only $200.00 (regularly priced at $325). An invaluable tool, you can search the CD by dam's name or foal name and find the dam's produce record, her foals' race record, complete Dosage information, sales information since 1986 and much more. The 2001 edition includes statistics through December 31, 2001. It makes a great Holiday gift for yourself or a loved one! Order today by calling 1-800-354-9206, ext.250.

Table of Contents

Prime Power Search Reports
Join TwinSpires.com Today
American Produce Records Sale
Custom Card; Play Your Strengths
At Your Service

Custom Card lets you Play to your Strengths

By Tim McCarthy and Rich Nilsen

Every handicapper has a particular handicapping forte. It may be turf routes or claiming sprints, but most players excel at one or more aspects of this game.

Good record keeping will let you know what types of races you tend to make money on, and more importantly when you tend to lose money. Long-term profits are reaped by betting on the races that meet certain criteria uncovered by tracking your wagers through documentation.

Until recently, finding the betting scenarios that fit best with your handicapping abilities was such a cumbersome and expensive process, that having the discipline to stick with the plan proved difficult, if not impossible.

The solution is CUSTOM CARD, an innovative tool that allows you to set specific criteria for the types of races you want to handicap at the tracks you want to play. The user-friendly search engine finds the types of races you dictate, including the types of wagers you like to play, and produces a past performance report for just those races. In essence, you create your own race card.

Accessing CUSTOM CARD*
Visit any of the Past Performances products under "Selections, Programs, & PPs" at Brisnet.com. Click on the Custom Card button near the top of the Past Performances page. This will take you to the Custom Card interface. Please take the time to read the User's Manual before running any searches. Then, create your own customized Past Performance file using the eight easy steps below! It's really that simple.

Custom Card in 8 Easy Steps!
1) Choose a report type (e.g. Ultimate PPs)
2) Select a race date
3) Choose track(s)
4) Select your settings: post time, distance, surface, field size, race type, purse values, age/sex, and wager types
5) Click "Search for Races"
6) From the pulldown list of races found, choose "Add Selected Race," of if you want them all, choose "Add All Races from Search"
7) Click "Create Card"
8) Click on the file name to view the report, or right-click and save to your hard drive for later viewing

Keep in mind that information for all tracks is not available at the same time (usually 36 hours prior), so if you are handicapping a specific race type for multiple tracks, an opportunity could be missed if you download the reports too early. It's a good idea to access the main product page (e.g. Ultimate PPs) to make sure all the information you need is available if you want to get an early start.

A few tips: a single track or "All" tracks can be chosen, or by holding the control key down on your keyboard, multiple tracks can be selected. A "*" next to a track name indicates program numbers and morning line odds are included.

If time restraints limit when you can wager, the "Post Time" filtering option is useful. Choose the desired time frame for races to be run and only those races set to go off during that time will be generated.

For most races, the number of contestants has a direct correlation to the value of a wager, so if you want to eliminate contests with compact fields you can do so with CUSTOM CARD. Input the minimum and maximum numbers and the program will find all those races within the field size range.

Once all the desired settings are selected, click on the "Search for Races" button and the process will begin. When the data is collected, a new page appears with a listing of all races found based on the chosen parameters. From the pulldown menu, highlight a specific race; the full conditions for the selected event is displayed, along with all available wagering opportunities. You can then add the selected race to the file or with one simple click you can "Add All Races" that were found based on your selected criteria.

Now you can generate the reports, handicap the races and make some money. After choosing whether you want the races to be displayed in post time order or be organized by track, click on "Create Card." From here you will be taken to a screen where you can either view the file or download it to your PC for saving.

After viewing the file, click on the Print button and soon you will have your own race card in your hands, customized specifically to meet your wagering strengths and designed to capitalize on your handicapping forte. Life is good!

CUSTOM CARD provides a missing piece to the handicapping puzzle and is an instrumental addition to the arsenal for the spot player. With just a few clicks of the mouse, for example, the handicapper who only shows profits from starter allowance events at minor tracks can download information on all the races that day which meet those conditions available.

CUSTOM CARD's simple functionality makes it a program that every handicapper can use, and should use. You know your strengths and have the information; it's up to you to exhibit the discipline to bet only those races you have selected. Play to your strengths and begin incorporating CUSTOM CARD into your handicapping process today.

Click here to choose the Past Performance report of your choice, and begin using Custom Card today.

[*NOTE: You need a Brisnet.com membership and a computer with internet access to use Custom Card]

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Prime Power Search Reports
Join TwinSpires.com Today
American Produce Records Sale
Custom Card; Play Your Strengths
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