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It was a great finish to a great contest. Mark Weatherton of North Little Rock, Arkansas was actually one win behind Michael Berry heading into the Challenge finale, a stakes at Turf Paradise. Mark nailed the winner, and since he had a high win mutual of \$75 during the four weeks, he won the tiebreaker and the \$10,000 grand prize. Both of them along with Paul Capozzi and Bradley Uffelman head to Las Vegas in January to represent BRIS and compete for \$200,000 in prizes.

All four of the finalists were using BRIS Past Performances in their handicapping, and one of the four also utilized the Scratch Sheet and Wizard's Analysis. Mark, a college professor of Audiology, credits one of the unique BRIS PP features as a key to his success. "During the Challenge I used the BRIS PP's and loved the pace data, which I am too lazy to compute. The Pace Ratings are essential in helping me evaluate just how a race will setup."

Interestingly, Mark took up handicapping only a few years ago. "One day on my way to a flea market I chanced to pass Oaklawn Park with a flashing simulcast sign and \$1.00 parking, stopped in and fell in love with handicapping. After a couple of years, I started entering local tournaments, which I have a win and a place so far..."

The story of our Grand Prize winner was recently written up in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: "Weatherton recently took on the world in the Bloodstock Research Information Services handicapping challenge.... BRIS offered trips to Las Vegas for the four top finishers, all of whom qualified for the national championship, which is sponsored by Daily Racing Form and sanctioned by the National Thoroughbred Racing Association. But the \$10,000 cash prize only went to the winner.

"You know, I was telling people that the money was real nice," Weatherton told Gazette writer Jeff Krupsaw, also a BRIS subscriber, "but the one thing it did for me, particularly because I haven't been doing it very long, is that it validated the time and effort I've spend doing this type of thing [handicapping]."

Well, hard work paid off for this college professor, who leads a group of four outstanding handicappers to Vegas to compete in the world's toughest handicapping contest January 7 and 8, 2000. We wish them the best of luck, and also thank each and every one of our customers who participated in our inaugural challenge. Thank you!

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\$10K From Pace Ratings!
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In December BRIS is offering a special on one of our best weapons at the racetrack. SUPER STATS makes it simple to separate the contenders from the pretenders! Check out some of the valuable features that make up Super Stats:

  • BRIS Pars for Early Speed, Final Speed, and Late Pace
  • 3 or More Trainer Stats for EVERY Horse
  • Pedigree Stats for Maiden, Mud and Turf
  • Jockey Stats for Current Year and Run-Style Information
  • Track Bias Stats for Meet and Week
  • Choice of 3 or 10 Past Performance Lines
  • Prime Power Rating!

With Super Stats, one can quickly see if a horse shows improving or declining form, as the BRIS Speed Ratings are plotted on a graph for easy analysis. Then, users can compare the runner's Pace and Speed Ratings to the Pars for this Class level to determine if the horse is placed at a competitive level.

Super Stats users can consult the trainer and jockey statistics to determine if this is a high or low percentage wager. Up to 9 trainer stats (relevant to this horse) are provided for each runner. No more looking up each trainer in a book! The work is already done, and the stats are right there for every starter.

And the value doesn't end there. Super Stats includes a Race Summary and Track Bias report at the end of each race. Find out how the track is playing, and how the horses stack up against one another in five unique performance categories.

If you haven't already tried Super Stats, this is the perfect time with our special offer of 5 FREE files in December. Don't delay -- take advantage of the FREE offer this month. Give yourself the advantage of value-added information exclusively from Bloodstock Research.

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\$10K From Pace Ratings!
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\$10K From Pace Ratings!
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By Richard Nilsen

You've arrived at the feature race, and you're down \$80 for the day. Mentally, you are frustrated from having lost two photo finishes, having wagered on a "too good to be true" favorite who may still be out on the track, and having played every race on the card. You've narrowed the feature race down to two solid horses, but the lack of both conviction and decision has become an unbearable burden.

Horse A is the favorite at 2-to-1, and Horse B is an enticing bet at 5-to-1. In a moment of indecision, you glance at the PP's again in hopes of finally separating the two selections. Noticing the company line from five races back, you see that Horse A defeated Horse B by five widening lengths. You quickly shift your eyes to the closest monitor to see that there's only five minutes to post, meanwhile, failing to notice that Horse B holds superior BRIS Pace Ratings and is the lone speed today. The rushed decision is finalized. Your remaining \$10 is played as \$5 to win on Horse A and a \$5 exacta straight Horse A over Horse B.

You return to your seat with zero minutes to post, grasping the tickets in your hands. Horse B breaks to a clean lead as Horse A gets shuffled back into fifth. Your second selection, Horse B, continues on an uncontested lead and takes the field to the top of the stretch. Meanwhile, behind a wall of horses with no where to run sits Horse A. You realize that your worst nightmare is coming true, as Horse B opens an insurmountable lead past the eighth pole. The favorite finally gets clear and closes with a tremendous rush. The rally falls a length short of Horse B, who scores at odds of 5-to-1.

You wanted to stay for the next race, but you're tapped out. As you're leaving, you see from the monitors that Horse B returned \$13.40 and the reversed exacta returned \$34.00. Then you recall what your good friend, a disciple of proper money management, would have done in this scenario. He would have used the \$10 as follows: play a \$6 exacta with the longest-priced horse on top, and a \$4 exacta the opposite way. Such a bet would have returned \$102.00, which also would have put you in the black.

This scenario is repeated numerous times a day at every betting facility in the country. The bettor encounters a race in which he or she does not know what to do. This is the root of many handicappers' problems. When a betting situation occurs, they either do not know what to do, or they let recent failures dictate their wager. The result is usually devastating.

Do you know what you would do in a particular situation? Having a betting plan places you far head of the general public. Many handicappers do not think that they have a problem with betting scenarios, but they will end up betting similar situations totally different. The betting available may also dictate the wager. What normally would be a WIN and EXACTA BOX bet becomes a TRIFECTA KEY. The win and exacta are forgotten. The top selection wins but the other plays fail to complete the trifecta.

Does any of this sound familiar? How often has it occurred to you that the way you bet caused you to lose the race? Every handicapper has made this mistake. Some just continue to make it everyday.

For players who feel a change is required, let's go through the steps required to become a better BETTOR:

STEP ONE: Determine Your Level of Risk - what kind of bettor are you? Are you a \$2 win bettor, a \$50 win bettor, a \$30 exotic player, or a combination?

STEP TWO: Build a Bankroll - The answer to Step One determines the side of your bankroll. The amount you wager on a daily basis, for example, \$100 should ideally be 5% of your bankroll, which in this example would be \$2,000.

STEP THREE: Discipline - Do not spread your \$100 across 10 races. Spot playing does not have to mean one bet per week. Spot playing can be \$100 bet on your two or three best races of the day.

STEP FOUR: Conviction - If you have to spread your bets too thin, a common occurrence for many at the track, then the bet is not worth making. Conviction results in a wager with the prospect of a profitable return.

STEP FIVE: Strategy - You need to predetermine the type of bets you will make depending on the scenario. That's the theme of this article. Nothing needs to be written in stone, but guidelines do need to be decided upon.

If you have a solid selection in the second race, are you going to play the daily double and for how much? How much will you wager on your second race selection? If there are two horses you figure can run second to your top selection, how will you play the exacta? Of course, there are hundreds of scenarios, depending on your selections and the types of wagers offered. Make a conscious decision to predetermine the type of bets you will make. Be consistent and good luck!

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\$10K From Pace Ratings!
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