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Custom Card
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Custom Card - A Dream Come True!

Have you ever heard the saying "play to your strength?" For example, if you consistently cash tickets for grass races you would play to your strength if you only bet Turf Races. Unfortunately, you can't control the number of turf races a track runs or can you? What if you could play race secretary? Carding races that only play to your strengths - a full card of turf races, 10 maiden races, all stakes races. Since you have full control, you also determine the post times, purses and race conditions. Heck, while you are at it, go ahead and name the track since you own it. Is it a dream? No, it's Custom Card!

What is Custom Card? A revolutionary new product designed to put you in control. For the first time ever horseplayers can build a race card according to their exact specifications. Want to download a race card featuring only stakes races Saturday on the turf at a distance of a mile to a mile & quarter with post times between 3 P.M. to 6 P.M. and with purses greater than $100,000? You can get that specific with Custom Card. With Custom Card you set the parameters and get exactly what you want. Wow, what a concept! Paying only for the races you want, not the races you don't need. That's a pretty catchy idea!

Let's take a closer look at the different race search criteria for Custom Card! You can search by an individual track or all tracks running that day.

Track - Look for races at your home track or search all tracks. A great feature for simulcast players who handicap multiple tracks.

Date - Choose a date and Custom Card searches for races on that day.

Post Time - Enter a range of times and Custom Card searches within that time frame. Look at one track or every track running.

Distance - You can search for races between 2 furlongs to 3 miles and adjust accordingly to your specs.

Surface - Offers three options: All, Dirt or Turf. Play what pays for you!

Field Size - Select a minimum and/or maximum field size you're interested in playing.

Race Type - What type of races do you like to bet? Maidens, Allowance, Stakes. Choose from over 10 different race types and let Custom Card find the races for you.

Purse Value - Look for races according to their purse size. You can even search by claiming price.

Wager Type - Find all the races with your favorite exotic wagers. Six different settings!

Age & Sex - Zero in on a group of horses. Perfect for players who follow the Triple Crown Trail.

Interface Screen

Once you have defined a series of search criteria, Custom Card will find all the races that match your definitions.

Currently available with our FREE Ultimate PPs in February, eventually Custom Card will be available for additional products. We will keep you posted when the new products become available.

The great news is during the current FREE Ultimate PPs promotion you can test out Custom Card RISK FREE through February 28. See for yourself the future of handicapping information at www.brisnet.com/customcard

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Custom Card
FREE Ultimate PP's
National Championship
Track Stats 2001
At Your Service

FREE Ultimate Past Performances
Are YOU Taking Advantage?

The Ultimate Past Performances is an innovative handicapping tool that once you use them, you will never go back to traditional PPs . Now that Oaklawn Park, Fair Grounds, Gulfstream and Santa Anita are in full swing, you need to be armed with racing's best weapon! Many handicappers wouldn't even consider going to the races without them in their possession. Check out the features of the Ultimate PPs and how they can give you the edge at the races:

  • DETAILED TRAINER STATS - don't guess anymore how this trainer will do in certain situations. Whether it's 1st race off a claim or a first time starter, you will know this trainer's history of success or failure, including win%, in-the-money% and return on investment (ROI).
  • PRIME POWER - one potent number combining Class, Pace, Speed and more. Narrow down the race to the top contenders with absolutely no work on your part! Start using Prime Power today.
  • PACE RATINGS - everyone has access to speed figures, but BRIS Early and Late Pace Ratings let you know how the race may set up.
  • PACE & SPEED PARS - know which horses are capable of winning at this level!
  • PEDIGREE RATINGS - whether it's a maiden event, a route race or a sloppy track, the new BRIS Pedigree Ratings are a must for determining the untapped potential of a given runner.
  • JOCKEY STATS - include jockey/trainer combos, running style data, and more!
  • TRACK BIAS & RACE SUMMARY - offers a concise and condensed look at the whole race, ranking the horses in seven unique categories, including PRIME POWER. Detailed Track Bias Stats are provided for both the meet and the most recent week. Know how the track has been playing and use it to your advantage.
The nation's best handicappers shop at www.brisnet.com for their handicapping information. What better proof than the results at the first two National Handicapping Championships in Las Vegas, where Brisnet.com subscribers have gone home with over $200,000 in prize money!

You only need one source of racing information. Brisnet.com offers everything a handicapper needs, including FREE live odds, FREE entries & results, and much more. And for one more month, Brisnet.com is offering its best report, the Ultimate Past Performances (PDF), absolutely FREE and unlimited. Go where the nation's Best shop for their handicapping tools.

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Custom Card
FREE Ultimate PP's
National Championship
Track Stats 2001
At Your Service

The 2nd National Handicapping Championship

Brisnet.com members took home over $60,000 in the 2nd National Handicapping Championship, held in Las Vegas January 12 - 13, 2001. Sean Nolan led the crew by finishing as the runner-up for NTRA Handicapper of the Year, earning $30,000.

Sean, who lives in Alexandria, Virginia, qualified for the National Championship at Delaware Park and has been a Brisnet.com member since 1999.

Terry Severson of Minneapolis, MN was in the lead late on the final day of the Championship and held on for a fourth place finish.

"I mainly use the Ultimate PPs for the pace figures," explained Terry Severson, also a member of the 2nd place team from Canterbury Park. "It gives you a fairly accurate way to break down the race. Then I eliminate any horses that aren't contenders. With the contenders I look for horses that offer the best value. The pace figures help me spot vulnerable favorites. If the horse I like doesn't offer value, I look for the next logical contender."

Robert Ferguson, 7th overall, has been a Brisnet.com customer since 1998. He qualified by capturing the $10,000 Keeneland Challenge in August.

"Whenever I play the Thoroughbreds, I download the Ultimate PPs from Brisnet.com," stated Robert, also a harness player. "I use the BRIS Pace Ratings based on how I envision the race setting up. Then, I refer to the Speed Ratings as well as my personal checklist to see if a horse qualifies based on the criteria I am looking for. This method has made me competitive in every tournament I've played."

Leo Feldman, Frank Okasaki and Bob Ordakowski were three members of the Maryland Jockey Club which led from the start and captured the first place team prize of $20,000 cash!

"It is very important to manage your time when you are competing in tournaments" explained Frank Okasaki, member of Maryland Jockey Club team. "That is why the comments in the Ultimate PPs are especially helpful. If the Ultimates have a horse with 5 or 6 positive comments, I always take that horse very seriously. Of course I also look at the pace information and the BRIS ratings."

Frank was not only on the winning Maryland Jockey Club team, he finished 16th overall in the individual standings among the 204 contestants.

Fellow team member Bob Ordakowski also utilizes the Ultimate PPs. "Ultimates are extremely helpful when playing in handicapping tournaments. Without the Ultimates it would take hours to figure out all the jockey/trainer stats plus the track bias information. The trainers and jockeys are something I key in on when picking horses. Usually I look for ones with win percentages of 15% or higher. I had a great time at the tournament and look forward to playing next year."

The Brisnet.com team, which consisted of Gordon Anderson, Steve Davidowitz, Jim Hamon and Oscar Hebert, had a very strong showing. They just missed being in the money, finishing fourth among the more than 50 teams competing.

Steve Walker, the Brisnet member who earned the title of NTRA Handicapper of the Year last January, recovered from a poor start to capture the $3,000 daily prize awarded to the best handicapper on day two.

With another successful run in the 2nd National Handicapping Championship, Brisnet.com members have won over $200,000 in the short two-year existence of this championship event.

Table of Contents

Custom Card
FREE Ultimate PP's
National Championship
Track Stats 2001
At Your Service

Track Stat 2001
Order 3 or more, Get Sire Stats FREE

* Now Includes Track Specific Trainer Data & More Categories *

Yes, that special offer is back in the new millennium! Order 3 or more TRACK STATS 2001 guides and receive Sire Stats 2001 FREE! Best of all, the new editions of TRACK STATS 2001 are bigger and better than ever! We've changed and added the following new trainer categories in this year's edition and added track specific data:

  • Two Year Olds
  • Sprint to Route
  • Route to Sprint
  • Dirt to Turf
  • Turf to Dirt
  • 2nd Start off Layoff
  • Blinkers On

Now, TRACK STATS 2001 is truly the ultimate trainer guide. We've broken down each trainer into his or her record at each track on the circuit! For example, New York players you will not only know how a particular trainer does with first time starters at Saratoga but also in the dead of the winter at Aqueduct. California players, you will know how a trainer does on the stretchout (sprint to route) at Del Mar, Hollywood and Santa Anita, as well as at all racetracks combined. The scenarios are endless but the result is the same - you will be "in the know" about every trainer for each track!

Choose from 12 editions, including Florida (covering all 4 tracks including Gulfstream Park), So. California, New York, Kentucky, Louisiana/Arkansas (get it now for OP and FG) and more.

There has never been an easier-to-use or more comprehensive trainer guide published for Thoroughbred racing. And if you order 3 or more books for the circuits you play, we will send you SIRE STATS 2001, a $35 value, absolutely FREE! Call us toll free, or order online through the bookstore at http://www.brisnet.com/cgi-bin/static.cgi?page=tsorder

Table of Contents

Custom Card
FREE Ultimate PP's
National Championship
Track Stats 2001
At Your Service

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