February 2004 VOL. 17, NO. 02

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NEW & ENHANCED Custom PP Generator

Allows You to Keep Your Own Notes!

How would you like to download and print Brisnet Past Performances that included your own personal notes on the horses running that day? If a horse had a bad trip last out and you noted this, that reminder would appear in the horse's running lines today. If there were a track bias at play, and you noted how it affected the races on a given race day, this note would appear in the Past Performances for any horse that ran on that card. If a horse was a half sibling to a graded stakes winner on the grass, your 'Horse Note' reminder would appear anytime that horse starts.

This may sound like something that horseplayers could only wish for, but the future is now with enhanced Custom PP Generator software. After months of work, our programmers have released the new and improved version of our popular FREE Past Performances generator software. There has never been a program with all these custom features available to handicappers.

What does this mean to you? Past Performances exactly like you want them and which are completely unique to you. The information you need, where you want it. Now it's a reality with Custom PP Generator with Notes.

Getting Started

Like all Brisnet.com handicapping software programs, Custom PP Generator is FREE to download. The software can generate Past Performances from all the Brisnet.com data files. The good news is that the same files you use to run your handicapping software programs can also be used to create past performances at no extra cost (see table).

Custom PP - Report Grid
Data file TypeCondensedPremiumQuick PlaysUltimate PPs*
DRF SingleYY
A-Odds SilverYY
Common GroundYY
Neurax ProYYYY

*all three versions

New NOTES Feature

There are four different ways to add your own personal notes to PP Generator:

Start Notes - notes specific to an individual horse's start. This will appear just below the Past Performances running line for the start in question.

Race Notes - notes specific to the entire race. This note will appear in the running lines of every horse exiting that race. Great for denoting races with slow or fast paces.

Horse Notes - for an individual runner. Ideal for making notes regarding a runner's pedigree or such things as his strengths or weaknesses, e.g. 'best up to 6 1/2 furlongs.'

Distance/Surface Notes - notes regarding any distance or surface at a specific track for any given race date. Perfect for noting any daily track biases.

Adding Notes

Custom PP Generator makes it extremely quick and easy to add notes for a race card that you have downloaded. Simply load the file into the software and choose 'Add Notes from Current Card' under the Notes menu.

Tip: If you're watching the races live at home or at the track and have access to your PC (or laptop), you can easily make notes right after the race is run. This way, your view of the race is fresh in your mind and you can make the best possible notes.

The other option in the software is to add notes 'manually.' This allows you to make notes regarding any start, race, horse, or distance/surface, regardless of whether or not you downloaded the file for that day.

Limitless Possibilities

The Notes feature in Custom PP Generator is as good as you make it. What you get out of it is what you put into it. The big advantage to the Notes is that all future PP output will be unique to you. No other handicapper in the country will be handicapping with the same Past Performances as you!

Download FREE Custom PP Generator

To start using this exciting new feature today, just click on FREE Software at Brisnet.com. The software includes a FREE sample file so you can play around with the settings. Enjoy!

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3 FREE Insider Picks
Vegas Recap!
BRIS Member wins Pick-6!
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    ENHANCED Custom PP
    3 FREE Insider Picks
    Vegas Recap!
    BRIS Member wins Pick-6!
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    Brisnet Members Clean up Again in Vegas!

    Iowa resident and Brisnet.com member, Kent Meyer claimed the $240,000 Daily Racing Form/NTRA National Handicapping Championship contested January 23 & 24, 2004. The winner strung together two amazing days of handicapping to earn the title of 2004 Handicapper of the Year. In second place after day one, Meyer surged to victory late in the afternoon on the final day to claim the crown. For his efforts, Meyer won the grand prize of $100,000, a trip to the Eclipse Awards, plus $2,000 for finishing second on day one.

    Making his second straight National Handicapping Championship appearance, Meyer qualified for this year's contest at the Bettor Racing OTB in Sioux Falls, S.D. Prior to the start of last year's tourney he took advantage of being in Las Vegas to elope. He still managed to finish 32nd in NHC IV.

    "I had so much fun last year, I really just wanted to qualify again," Meyer said, who normally only plays in one or two tournaments a year. "I think last year's experience helped me a lot. I'd never been in anything like this before, and I was much more comfortable this time. It's nerve-wracking to hear the hooting and hollering around the room. It got to me last year, but I didn't pay much attention to it this year."

    "I usually look at a race and see if I think I can beat the favorite, and you're always looking for prices in tournaments," Meyer said. "My horses weren't finishing second. When my horses were up there they were all winning, and that's probably why I won the tournament. I knew going in this is a really tough tournament to win, but if you had a couple big days you could do it."

    The success of Brisnet.com members did not end there. First-time qualifiers Randy Franklin, Ralph Buston and Larry Kaplan each placed in the top ten in the two-day event. Arizona native Randy Franklin won $15,000 for finishing in third place and Buston and Kaplan each respectively earned $2,000 for their seventh and tenth place finishes. Kaplan's good fortune did not end there. The telecommunications executive from Illinois won another $3,000 for having the top bankroll on day two and $1,250 as a member of the third place Arlington Park team. His total take for the championship was $6,250. Also, enjoying success on day two was noted tournament player and Brisnet member Ross Gallo. Gallo's third place finish on day two was worth $1,000.

    In the team play competition, Brisnet.com members Dave Durkin and John Vitale each earned $6,250 as part of the winning Colonial Downs team. Judith Gonsoulin shared in Larry Kaplan's success by getting a $1,250 check as a member of the third place Arlington Park team.

    Three Brisnet.com members shared prize winnings in the Match Play contest (head-to-head competition): Juan Lopez, John Ray and Ron Hopkins. All three winners won $1,000.

    Brisnet.com is now home to all five Handicappers of the Year. For the 2004 tournament members captured $143,000 of the $240,000 in prize money. In total, Brisnet.com members have won well over a half million dollars in the popular contest.

    Brisnet.com congratulates all this year's winners and wishes them continued success in the future.
    Kent Meyer$102,000
    Randy Franklin $15,000
    Larry Kaplan $6,250
    Dave Durkin $6,250
    John Vitale $6,250
    Ralph Buston $2,000
    Judith Gonsoulin $1,250
    Ross Gallo $1,000
    Juan Lopez $1,000
    John Ray $1,000
    Ron Hopkins $1,000

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    ENHANCED Custom PP
    3 FREE Insider Picks
    Vegas Recap!
    BRIS Member wins Pick-6!
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    BRIS Member wins $760,861 Pick-6!

    Brisnet.com member Ron Cooper of Kentucky has done it again. After nailing two Pick-6s worth over $150,000 this past year, Cooper crushed the Santa Anita Pick-6 on Jan. 3. The payoff returned $760,861 - now that's a Happy New Year! †

    "My successes wouldn't have been possible without the Bloodstock data," explained Cooper.† "In my research I tested all the ratings I could find (DRF speed ratings, Beyer numbers, etc.), and Bloodstock's data, especially the Class Ratings, were the strongest predictor I found."

    Congratulations Ron!

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    ENHANCED Custom PP
    3 FREE Insider Picks
    Vegas Recap!
    BRIS Member wins Pick-6!
    At Your Service

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