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Silver and Gold Club Discount Plans

By choosing to join the Silver or Gold plan, you authorize Bloodstock Research Information Services (BRIS) to charge your account a MINIMUM of $30 or $100 per month (even if you access no files) based on your selected plan (Silver or Gold Club). You will be billed accordingly if your monthly usage exceeds $30 (Silver) or $100 (Gold).

1) Why should I join the Silver or Gold Club?
As a discounted Club member, you enjoy the benefits of the discounted price lists (See Products & Prices on BRIS home page). Non-club members may pay higher prices for selected reports.
2) When does the Discount Plan begin?
The Silver or Gold plan begins the day BRIS receives your enrollment form. Your initial month's minimum will be pro-rated (to the end of the month) based on the day of the month that your enrollment was received by BRIS. After initial enrollment, your discount plan will run from the first to the last day of the month.
3)What if I want to cancel?
The plan must be cancelled before the 1st of the month. BRIS must have cancellation notice in hand, no later than 5:00 p.m. on the last day of the month. After the first of the month, you are responsible for the monthly minimum. PHONE REQUESTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
4)What if I want to switch to the Gold Club?
Your Silver Club plan may be switched to the Gold Club at any time. Plan ahead, because you will be responsible for the higher monthly minimum.

I understand that this plan is subject to all other terms and conditions of my BRIS user account and that no part of any information received from BRIS may be reproduced, resold, published, transmitted, disseminated, distributed, or commercially exploited by me in its existing or any altered form or by any means, including, without limitation, electronically or mechanically, without the prior written consent of BRIS. I also agree to notify BRIS promptly if, for any reason, the credit card I am using to pay my account is no longer valid. BRIS reserves the right to change prices and plans without prior notice. Discount plan subscriptions are not refundable in part or whole for any reason.

NOTE: Please keep a copy of the above terms and conditions for future reference.

CUSTOMER AUTHORIZATION - Please choose one of the following:

Switch my membership plan to the GOLD Club (Monthly Minimum: $100)
Switch my membership plan to the SILVER Club (Monthly Minimum: $30)
Switch my membership plan to the Regular plan (No Minimum)

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