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January, 2009                                   VOL. 23, NO. 1


>> New & Improved Neurax Pro v.4.0
>> Introducing So. California's Best Morning Clocker - National Turf
>> Good Luck, Brisnet Members!
>> January Racing Calendar

For the first time in many years, Brisnet.com is offering a new and enhanced version of one of our most popular packages, the high-end Neurax Pro handicapping software.

Version 4 of Neurax Pro introduces entirely new technology - coined RaceAnalyzer™ - that analyses the race as a whole and delivers human readable handicapping advice to experienced horseplayers.

Information given by RaceAnalyzer™ is intended to be incorporated with the neural network technology used to generate the predicted finish order for each race. Now the software uses two approaches to handicap each race - Neural Networks plus RaceAnalyzer™.

Human beings will always be smarter than machines, or at least we hope so. Since RaceAnalyzer™ delivers handicapping advice in English, it requires the subtle interpretation skills of an experienced handicapper to be used effectively. The Neural Networks have been professionally trained to work alone. RaceAnalyzer™ simply supplies additional information that serious handicappers can use to make better wagering decisions.

Neural Networks perform analysis on the horse level - each horse and its past performance is analyzed and ranked; then a predicted finish order is generated (along with expected win probabilities, etc.). The RaceAnalyzer™ does not look at individual horses - it looks at the entire race!

Using advanced statistical analysis techniques RaceAnalyzer™ searches for "statistical abnormalities" that separate some horses from others - patterns of distributions for a given race that show some horses as "separate from the herd." When RaceAnalyzer™ finds that some horses in the field stand out statistically from their peers, it alerts the handicapper to these findings. This extra information requires insight and judgment on the part of the user, and therefore, is recommended for moderate to serious handicappers. Recreational players, who are new to the game, may simply use or ignore the extra information that RaceAnalyzer™ provides, at their discretion. The Neural Networks can be used alone by handicappers of any level.

The RaceAnalyzer™ feature trusts human judgment, and, in fact, requires human judgment. You may think of RaceAnalyzer™ as "an expert handicapper in a box" that gives general advice rather than an explicit predicted finish order (which the Neural Networks provide). We recommend that you use the predicted finish order generated by the Neural Networks in this product as before but modify your betting strategies (with your own expert human judgment) using the additional information that RaceAnalyzer™ provides.

One simple way to use RaceAnalyzer™ is to place bets only when both RaceAnalyzer™ and the Neural Network agree on a predicted winner: specifically, when RaceAnalyzer™ finds only one exceptional horse (one single alert) and that horse matches the predicted winner reported by the neural network; checking the "Bet RA=NN Only" checkbox in the Profit/Loss Analysis assumes this method.

You may find that other strategies also work well. For example, our studies show that betting only when RaceAnalyzer™ finds at most two alerts and those match the two topmost finishers (win and place) predicted by the neural network is noteworthy. Experienced players are urged to experiment to find their own methods.

All Weather Support

Version 4 also has filtering support for Synthetic track surfaces. You may now train new Neural Networks on Synthetic surfaces at your local racetrack. You may also perform profit and loss analyses using Synthetic surface as a filtering criteria. And for you expert users, Synthetic surface filtering has been added to NN Map criteria where individually trained custom Neural Networks may be specified for handicapping individual races that match certain criteria. Consequently, you can use one neural network to handicap races run on Synthetic surfaces while using another to handicap races run on actual dirt or turf.

Special Offer

Now is the time to try this new and improved version of Neurax Pro. First, visit the "Free Software" link at Brisnet.com to download and install the software on your computer. Then, take advantage of 3 free data files in the month of January. Choose any tracks and dates you wish for Neurax Pro files during the month of January.

Happy New Year, and may all your days at the racetrack be profitable and enjoyable ones!

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Brisnet.com, the Internet's largest horseracing information service, is proud to announce a new deal with National Turf, a highly regarded handicapping service, in which expert clocker Andy Harrington will provide his Southern California workout report year round. Harrington's morning clocker analysis will be an invaluable asset for handicappers during the Santa Anita winter meet.

Harrington has long been a respected member of the Southern California racing scene. His workout database began in September 1998, when he started filing his morning reports for the National Turf service. Since then, Harrington's analysis, which grades the circuit's runners and offers commentary about a horse's potential, has gained a reputation among serious horseplayers as being the best of its kind. It is particularly helpful when handicapping two-year-olds, maidens, shippers, foreign horses, or runners returning off a layoff.

Handicapping one of those huge Pick-6 carryovers in California? Don't be without this invaluable resource.

Brisnet.com is excited to add another indispensible product to its vast inventory of elite handicapping products. After careful review, we feel this is the best and most comprehensive, daily Southern California workout report we have ever offered to our clientele.

Find the Southern California National Turf workout report under "Selections, Programs, and PPs" at Brisnet.com.

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Bloodstock Research wishes good luck to our many members competing in the 10th annual DRF/NTRA National Handicapping Championship in Las Vegas. The prestigious event is held Jan. 23-24, 2009 at Red Rocks Casino and features a purse exceeding $1 million. To date, all 9 Handicappers of the Year are members of Brisnet.com.

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January Racing Calendar

[Click Here] - Updated on the 1st of every month

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