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Prime Power Stats
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5 Free ALL-Ways Data files in June!

Whether you are an experienced ALL-Ways handicapper or trying ALL-Ways for the first time, you can download five ALL-Ways data files in June absolutely free. This is the largest, most comprehensive data file available from BRIS. And, besides using the data files for ALL-Ways, you can also use them to run Capsheet software and to print BRIS Ultimate Past Performance Generator reports as well.

Powerful, Proven Software
Since Frandsen Publishing introduced ALL-Ways in 1995, ALL-Ways has become one of the most respected and one of the most widely used handicapping software programs in North America. Phillips Racing Newsletter awarded ALL-Ways a 9 1/2 rating, the highest rating they have ever awarded any handicapping product. Here are just two of the main reasons for the great success of ALL-Ways:

1. ALL-Ways knows exactly what is winning for every type of race run at virtually every track in North America.
ALL-Ways manages 71 comprehensive handicapping factors covering each horse's suitability to the distance, suitability to the surface, current form, class level and ability to handle the probable pace and speed demands of the race. ALL-Ways determines the relative strength and the profitability of each handicapping factor for each specific type of race you handicap at each specific track you handicap including simulcast races. ALL-Ways handicaps each race using the optimum set of factors, the set of factors that work best in combination with each other. And, many of these factors are not in the hands of the general public, giving you an important edge at the betting window.

2. ALL-Ways gives you powerful tools to play the exotics.
ALL-Ways not only isolates the contenders and identifies the most likely winner, but ALL-Ways also looks specifically for the place and show horses as well. The Dangerous Non-Contender Report spots high odds horses that cause exotic payoffs to skyrocket. And, the Track Payoff Analysis Report shows you exactly which kinds of races are producing the highest win, Exacta and Trifecta payoffs.

Free ALL-Ways Newsletters
If you have not already done so, you will want to read the past issues of ALL-Ways Newsletters. They are full of powerful handicapping and wagering tips. The extensive article on Race Pace Shapes in ALL-Ways Newsletter #3 has been widely acclaimed as one of the most powerful and practical approaches to pace handicapping ever published. You can access all the back issues of the newsletters on the ALL-Ways page in the Free Software section of the BRIS Web site. Here are some of the other topics covered in these newsletters:

  • Evaluating First Time Starters
  • The Magic ROI Formula (Quirin Race Shapes)
  • Key Races
  • Two Horse Win Betting
  • Spotting High Priced Horses
  • Betting the Daily Double
  • When to Pass or Play
  • Quirin Speed Points
  • The Best Way to Play the Pick 3
  • Brohamer Pace Ratings

Getting Started with ALL-Ways
If you are new to ALL-Ways, you can download the software from the ALL-Ways page in the Free Software section of the BRIS Web site. Simply download the ALL-Ways 8.02 Full Installation software and follow the installation instructions. We suggest you then read the short paper on "How ALL-Ways Works" and that you do the simple practice handicapping session in the "Quick Start Manual". Both of these documents are installed when you install the software. The "Quick Start Manual" also explains all 71 Key Handicapping Factors.

So, if you are new to ALL-Ways, here is your opportunity to give the software a try on a no-risk/no-cost basis. Why not try ALL-Ways during the month of June with 5 free files, compliments of BRIS and Frandsen Publishing.

How to Download Your Free ALL-Ways Data files
From the BRIS Home Page, choose Selections, Programs and PP's and then select Software Data files and then select ALL-Ways/Capsheet Data files.

Table of Contents

Belmont Day
Prime Power Stats
Contest Winner
Racing Calendar
At Your Service

Follow the Leader!

Do you ever get a little overwhelmed handicapping the Derby? It seems everyone has a different formula for picking the Derby winner. Often these formulas conflict and contradict each other. Many of these same rules would have actually eliminated this year's winner Fusaichi Pegasus. At BRISnet we subscribe to one rule - winning.

Applying our rule to the Derby, you could come to only one conclusion - BRISnet products work. Our Prime Power rating, found in our Ultimate PP's, Super Stats, MultiCaps and ALL-Ways, overwhelmingly pinpointed Fusaichi Pegasus as the winner. It gets better. By following the Wizard's wagering strategies, you would have hit a $66 exacta, a $435 trifecta and had your 3rd Derby winner in the last 4 years. The Wizard wasn't the only one to peg the Derby Winner; so did Insider Picks & Power Plays, the Scratch Sheet Handicapper's Edge. Finally, if you downloaded A.J.'s Finish Line to watch the 2000 Guineas on Derby Day, you were treated to a huge exacta.

With the Belmont only a week away, focus on what's important - winning. Follow the Leader BRISnet.com.

Hit the Bullseye in the Belmont
Want a winner for the Belmont? Stick with BRISnet Selection Sheets & Handicapping Software.

BRISnet selection sheets meet the needs of all horseplayers. If information is your game, WINNER'S CHOICE is for you. Packed with stats in a one-page format, WINNER'S CHOICE is perfect for information junkies. Looking to key in on the winner? Look no further than INSIDER PICKS & POWER PLAYS. Filled with powerful handicapping angles, including 3 Star Best Bets, INSIDER PICKS & POWER PLAYS will help you quickly identify the winner. For simple, accurate selections download the SCRATCH SHEET.

Imagine handicapping while you sleep. Your dreams are now a reality with BRISnet FREE Handicapping Software. Fully programmable to interact with your personal handicapping preferences, our handicapping software gives you the control you need with the speed you desire. Download any one of our 8 handicapping packages from the FREE software page at www.brisnet.com.

Triple Crown Handicapper
People often ask me what separates the Wizard from other noted handicappers and I always say the same thing - wagering strategy. To win the war at the track you need to be skillful at handicapping and wagering. The beauty of the Wizard is his common sense approach to handicapping coupled with his decisive wagering strategy. As evidenced in the Derby, the Wizard's detailed advice accurately pinpointed the winning exacta and trifecta for a minimal investment.

What separates you from hitting the exacta and trifecta in the Belmont? Only $8 for the Wizard's detailed analysis & wagering strategies for the Belmont. Available Thursday, June 8.

Have you had your Triple Crown News yet? For the latest in Belmont coverage visit TRIPLE CROWN NEWS & NOTES at www.brisnet.com. Updated daily, TRIPLE CROWN NEWS & NOTES is the only site that offers breaking new items, workout information, updated pedigree information, handicapping articles, and quick access to BRIS handicapping reports.


Anytime you are away from your computer, BRIS can still accommodate your handicapping needs. Call 1-800-354-9206 for our fax or overnight mail service.

Table of Contents

Belmont Day
Prime Power Stats
Contest Winner
Racing Calendar
At Your Service

Prime Power

Wouldn't it be great if you had access to a reliable number, one number per horse, which identified a high percentage of winners? How about a number that worked at every track in the country, every day? It should come as no surprise that the leader in handicapping information, brisnet.com, has such a rating. It's called PRIME POWER, and it's a feature of the Super Stats, ALL-Ways data files, MultiCaps data files, and now part of the $1 Premium PP's!

So, just how good is Prime Power? Take a gander at these results: based on a lengthy study of more than 50,000 races, Prime Power hits 31% top winners! That's sounds great, but when the study is broken down further, the results get even more interesting:

Top Prime Power horses by three full points (3.0+) or better score 35% of the time!
Top Prime Power horses by six full points (6.0+) or better score 40% of the time!
Top Prime Power horses by ten full points (10.0+) or better score 45% of the time!

In the 2000 Kentucky Derby, Fusaichi Pegasus was 11 full points better on Prime Power than the next horse in the 19-horse field. Here was a situation proven to hit at least 45% of the time, and Fusaichi Pegasus was better than 2-1. Wow!!!

If the results of this study don't get you excited, you may need a reality check. Nowhere else will find any rating that even comes close to this! Prime Power pinpoints key horses that win a high percentage of the time. We're talking big percentages here - much higher than the success rate of favorites.

Prime Power Defined
Just what is Prime Power? It tooks years to develop, but it was worth the effort. Prime Power combines many factors into one potent figure. BRIS Speed, Class, Pace, form, weight, distance and more are all combined by a sophisticated computer algorithm into an incredible rating. Employing dozens of qualitative handicapping factors, Prime Power accurately measures the demonstrated quality of each horse's most recent starts and consolidates them into one composite rating. As with all BRIS performance figures, such as Class, Pace or Speed, the higher the number the better.

Using Prime Power
One number per horse makes it remarkably easy to analyze the contenders in any race. The beauty of Prime Power is that identifying "key" horses is as easy as downloading our PP's. Simply refer to the Prime Power rankings in each race and see which horses have a significant advantage. Then, take advantage of these "key" Prime Power advantage horses in any of the following exotic wagers available:

  • Exacta
  • Quinella
  • Daily Double
  • Trifecta
  • Superfecta
  • Twin Trifecta
  • Pick-3
  • Pick-6
Opportunities abound when you know you have a Prime Power advantage horse with a 30-45% chance of winning! Life as a handicapper just got easier. Start using Prime Power today and put the percentages in your favor.

Keep an eye out at brisnet.com and right here in the Handicapping Times for more details about Prime Power. You'll be glad you did!

Table of Contents

Belmont Day
Prime Power Stats
Contest Winner
Racing Calendar
At Your Service

Contest Winner

The $10,000 Grand Prize Winner

Gordon Anderson

"The Premium PP's are useful to me because they provide the standard information you find in the Racing Form (record at the track, at the distance, etc.) along with the Pace Ratings that help to expose abilities of a horse that may not be apparent from just looking at the running lines and speed figures. Thanks again."
Gordon Anderson, Texas

Brisnet.com would like to thank each and every one of our customers who participated in the April brisnet.com Online Handicapping Challenge I. Coming this fall - Online Challenge II. Watch for details at brisnet.com and in future newsletters. It will be another opportunity to qualify and compete at the national handicapping contest in Las Vegas for a grand prize of $100,000!

Table of Contents

Belmont Day
Prime Power Stats
Contest Winner
Racing Calendar
At Your Service

June 2000 Racing Calendar


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