June 2002 VOL. 15, NO. 6

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5 FREE MultiCAPS Datafiles
Belmont Stakes, June 8th, 2002
Belmont Tips
2002 Spring Challenge Recap
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5 FREE MultiCAPS Datafiles

Looking for an easy to use, versatile handicapping program? MultiCAPS is the answer! If you haven't tried this powerful yet simple handicapping package, here's the perfect opportunity. Brisnet.com is giving away 5 FREE data files in June, a $25 value!

About MultiCAPS for Windows
This popular program saves you time and makes handicapping a breeze. A click of your mouse brings up 8 different windows with precisely calculated ratings for over 25 valuable handicapping factors. Another click and you see workout reports, breeding information, full paceline reports, and jockey/trainer statistics.

Datafiles are easy to download, and the software automatically unzips them for you. The program was written for both the novice and the experienced race handicapper, making it sophisticated yet easy to use.

"I've tried many programs over the years and MultiCAPS is the most effective and easiest to use. Consider me a MultiCAPS user for life!" K. Mulligan

Visual Handicapping
Graphed comparisons of Pace, Ability, Projected Time, Feet Per Second Calculations and total Pace Ratings allow you to easily compare the components that make up these factors, and MultiCAPS ranks the horses by the factors you choose. Consider it "visual handicapping," a unique feature of this software.

Programmed settings generate a "Horses to Watch" list, offering value plays that can increase your ROI. MultiCAPS combines the BRIS Prime Power Rating, Race Ratings and Average Class Ratings with pace-based handicapping factors to identify the top contenders in each race. These "Horses to Watch" should be seriously considered in all your wagers.

Finding Value
Overlays and underlays are easily identified with the Fair Odds line generated by the program. This powerful feature generates an odds line based on the dominant factors faring well at the track you play for every race on the card. By comparing this odds line with the morning line, you can shy away from the underlays and hammer high value betting situations.

In the recent Kentucky Derby, the default settings in MultiCAPS identified War Emblem as value at 9-2 or better. He went off 20-1 and crushed the field! Use the Fair Odds line for your handicapping decisions, and your R.O.I will soar.

Other Features
Each MultiCAPS handicapping window allows you to remove a horse from consideration with a simple click of the mouse. Compare factors, compare ratings, judge if a horse can run to par, and if you determine the horse has no chance to hit the board, just click on the pretender (which will remove the horse), and the contenders loom boldly on your screen.

Download the Exotic Result files from Brisnet.com and you can compute models that will identify which handicapping factors proved to be successful for that race. Model results are displayed on the screen for the race you are handicapping, so you can see which factors to rely on.

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Table of Contents

5 FREE MultiCAPS Datafiles
Belmont Stakes, June 8th, 2002
Belmont Tips
2002 Spring Challenge Recap
At Your Service

Belmont Stakes, Saturday June 8th

Join us Thursday, June 6 when Brisnet reports go online for the third leg of racing's Triple Crown, the 134th running of the Belmont Stakes! As always Brisnet.com will be there with you, providing the value-added information you need to get a leg up on the competition.

With the Belmont Stakes only days away, it's time to focus on your handicapping needs - superior information! Here's a brief look at our elite lineup of great handicapping aids:

FREE Handicapper's Edge
Start your day by reading the Internet's #1 Racing newsletter, the Handicapper's Edge. Updated daily, the FREE Handicapper's Edge offers breaking news items, workout information, updated pedigree information, handicapping articles and more. The Edge's Track Bandit will provide in-depth analysis of the Belmont, Friday, June 7. For year-round coverage of racing, visit the Edge every day!

The Ultimate Past Performances
Every year, it's the same questions concerning the Belmont: Who has the pedigree to run 12 furlongs? What runners have the most effective running style for the Belmont surface? Which horses can run to the Pace and Speed Pars? Only BRIS Ultimate PPs contain the answers to all these questions and much, much more. In addition to past performance lines, Ultimates contain stats for the Jockey, Trainer, Sire & Dam, and more! PPs and all handicapping reports will be available Thursday, June 6.

Software Analysis
Imagine handicapping while you sleep. Your dreams are now a reality with our FREE Handicapping Software. Fully programmable to interact with your personal handicapping preferences, our handicapping software gives you the control you need with the speed you desire. Both ALL-Ways and MultiCAPS identified upset Derby winner War Emblem as a top contender! Download any one of our elite handicapping packages from the FREE software page at www.brisnet.com.

Nobody Beats the Wizard
People often wonder what separates the Wizard from other noted handicappers and Well, it's wagering strategy. To win the war at the races you need to be skillful at both handicapping and wagering. The beauty of the Wizard is his common sense approach to handicapping coupled with his decisive wagering strategy. As evidenced in past Triple Crown events, the Wizard offers expert, detailed advice for a minimal investment.

What separates you from hitting the exacta and trifecta in the Belmont? The Wizard's detailed Belmont Stakes analysis & wagering strategies, available Thursday, June 6 for only $8.00.

Or, for only $6 get the Wizard's Pick of the Day from Belmont Park on June 1, or his full-card coverage of Belmont. This is the Wizard's home track and nobody covers this meet more closely than this professional handicapper.

Brisnet.com Selection Sheets
Brisnet.com selection sheets meet the needs of all horseplayers. If information is your game, WINNER'S CHOICE is for you. Packed with stats in a one-page format, this PDF report is perfect for information junkies.

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Check out the "Selections, Programs and PPs" page today.

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* NY residents excluded from wagering online. See site for details.

Table of Contents

5 FREE MultiCAPS Datafiles
Belmont Stakes, June 8th, 2002
Belmont Tips
2002 Spring Challenge Recap
At Your Service

Handicapping Tips for the Belmont Stakes
By Richard Nilsen

"It's not just stamina that wins the Belmont. You have to have a fit horse who has speed...A horse with speed doesn't have to be on the lead. You can use speed anywhere in a race. I used to take horses coming off sprints, run them long and take back with them... I love speed, and that's why I loved Conquistador Cielo coming into the Belmont off the Met Mile."

That's what Woody Stephens, the greatest Belmont Stakes trainer of all time, had to say about the race he won an amazing five consecutive years. In one short quote, he summed up what it takes to capture the race known as the Test of Champions - speed, stamina and current fitness.

Tactical speed is vital in the Belmont S., so BRIS Pace Ratings and running style information are highly recommended to determine the likely pace scenario. Plodders or Sustained Closers (S) do not fare well in this race. Begin by narrowing down the contenders based on their ability to stay within striking distance of the leaders throughout the race. You would have to go back a long ways to find a winner who was not first, second or third at the top of the stretch in the Belmont. The race is usually over by the time the field straightens out for home.

As you would in your regular handicapping, demand a runner who owns competitive BRIS Speed and Class Ratings. Surprisingly, value can often be found each year in the Belmont Stakes among horses with good figs and proven ability against Grade 1 competition.

Look for a horse who enters off a good performance. Both the Preakness Stakes and the Peter Pan have been key preps for the Belmont.

Unless he's trained by D. Wayne Lukas, play against any Kentucky Derby starter who did not start between May 4 and June 1. Why? Only one horse, Commendable in 2000, has ever won the Belmont without a start since the Derby. Many have tried and failed. It seems every year a highly regarded horse tries the Derby-to-Belmont route, and every year they lose at fairly short odds. Recent history has a long list that includes names such as Strodes Creek and Aptitude. Last year, both Invisible Ink (runner-up in the Derby) and Balto Star attempted this misguided feat and both failed miserably.

As for pedigree, handicappers are advised to look for stamina, preferably on both sides of the horse's family tree. The AWD, which is the average winning distance of the sire's progeny in furlongs, is a good indication of stamina and can be found in numerous BRIS Reports, e.g. Ultimate PPs. The higher the AWD, the more stamina the sire passes on to his offspring. AWDs are provided for both the sire and the broodmare sire of each runner.

Of course, don't miss a single daily issue of your favorite racing publication, the FREE Handicapper's Edge newsletter. You'll get all the latest workout information, trainer quotes, contender profiles and more. If there is one daily publication you should read, especially during the Triple Crown, this is it! Best of luck.

Table of Contents

5 FREE MultiCAPS Datafiles
Belmont Stakes, June 8th, 2002
Belmont Tips
2002 Spring Challenge Recap
At Your Service

Conclusion to Spring Challenge is a Shocker!

All of us at Brisnet.com want to thank everyone who competed in the $25,000 Brisnet.com Online Handicapping Challenge this spring. Every year we conduct the Challenge we never cease to be amazed by skill and dedication you put into your craft. Your participation has helped make the Challenge, the best online handicapping tournament on the Internet.

One of the crazy things about the Challenge is just when you think you've seen it all, something shocks you. In the three-year history of the Challenge, no one had ever finished on top in the overall standings for most wins and high ROI until now. Former CPA Jerold Shocker pulled off the unprecedented feat by finishing with a flourish on the final weekend with 7 wins and $73.40 in ROI. His amazing achievement earned him a check for $5,000 and a spot on the Brisnet.com team heading to Las Vegas for the $200,000 Daily Racing Form National Handicapping Championship.

"My father was a very good handicapper," said Mr. Shocker. "He used to take me to the track as a kid. When I sold my business 9 years ago, I started playing the horses again. I focus on jockey, trainers and the horse's record at the track and the distance. For the contest I used Quick Plays and the Scratch Sheet. I even downloaded the Wizard's picks the final week. I have played in the Challenge before but this is the first time I have been able to play all 4 weeks. It really paid off!"

Yes, it did. To the tune of $5,000 dollars and trip to Las Vegas!

Not to be overshadowed by Mr. Shocker's strong performance was fellow grand prize winner Richard Stilwell. Remarkably Mr. Stilwell finished second overall for most wins and high ROI. A veteran Challenge player, Richard Stilwell turned on the afterburners the final 2 weeks of the Challenge to earn a spot on the Brisnet.com team heading to Las Vegas. He won the $5,000 grand prize and the trip by more than doubling his bankroll in the final two weeks of the contest.

"I just really picked up the pace on the final two weeks," said Mr. Stilwell. "The cards were really tough but I felt good about my picks. I look for separation with the Prime Power Number. If the horse is high on Prime Power, Early Pace and Late Pace they almost always come in the money. I use that to narrow it down to a couple of contenders and then use the post position information in the Ultimates to make a final decision. There is so much information in the Ultimates. With the Track Bias and Race information (available in Ultimate PPs) you can pick any track and make a logical decision. One last thing, I want to thank all the wives for putting up with us guys."

In the "It's Not Over, Until It's Over" category, weekly Challenge winners Bob Schucker and Marlene McGehee both shook off poor starts to claim $2,500 in prize money. After the first two weeks of the Challenge, Mr. Schucker's win total stood at one and his bankroll at $17. Undeterred by the slow start, he came out swinging in week 3 and became the first Brisnet.com member in Challenge history to sweep both halves of the weekly prize money. A lifelong horseplayer, Mr. Schucker's mother taught him how to handicap at the age of five at Caliente racetrack in Tijuana, Mexico.

"I started out lousy," said Mr. Shucker, "I only had one win after the first week. The second week I blanked, but I had 5 seconds so I knew I was starting to come around. I am always looking for prices, so the six wins was a suprise. It was pretty cool. I use your Quick Play PPs. The comments about the trainers and horses are great. When I handicap I look at track bias and class. I try not to get to overloaded with information."

Texas native Marlene McGehee duplicated the rare of feat of week 3 winner Bob Schucker by capturing the top spots for most wins and high ROI in week 4 of the Challenge. After missing the third week of the Challenge to attend her husband's 50th high school reunion, Mrs. McGehee roared back with 7 wins and $74.60 in ROI to earn $2,500.

"I still can't believe it," exclaimed Mrs. McGehee. "I have never won that much money. I love horseracing. My first trip to the track was Oaklawn in 1981. This is the second year I have played in the Challenge. I really like the Quick Play PPs. I look at all the information - jockey, trainer, works, sire. I use it all. Then I narrow it down to a couple of horses and go with my gut feeling."

Week 2 of the Challenge was dominated by handicappers from out West. Larry Snyder of Las Vegas, Nevada won the tiebreaker for most winners, and John Pheasant of Seattle, Washington had the high R.O.I. by a single dollar for week 2.

A member since 1996, Mr. Snyder downloads BRIS software datafiles for use in his own handicapping program. An employee of the Race and Sports Book at the Sunset Station casino in Las Vegas, Mr. Snyder is an avid handicapper and tournament player.

"Since most of the contest races are fairly evenly matched," explained Mr. Snyder, "I try looking for horses that have a slight leg up. It could be class, pace, jockey trainer combo. The $28.80 horse I had was an example of that - a horse on the improve that gets ignored by the public. His morning line odds were 6-1 and goes off as an overlay. I'm always looking for ways to beat the favorite. Even if the favorite is a monster. Its costs me sometimes in tournaments; fortunately, it worked this time."

It certainly did! Congratulations on $1,500!

John Pheasant of Seattle squeaked out the high ROI in week 2 by a dollar. A new member, Mr. Pheasant also uses BRIS software datafiles.

"It's funny," Mr. Pheasant said, "The first week I really took a long time to handicap and I did horribly. Last week, I just breezed right through and won. What's crazy is I didn't know I won. When my girlfriend told about winning, I thought she was joking."

No joke John. You won $1,000.

Longtime members Pat Bryk and Anthony Farace each claimed a share of the prize money in week one. Both BRIS members since the mid-90's, each was quick to point out that Brisnet.com Ultimate PPs played a key role in their victories.

"For the Challenge I used the Ultimate PPs," said Mr. Bryk. "I find the race summary and track bias information extremely helpful. For example, the summary page clearly pointed out War Emblem on Saturday. He was rated on tops in several categories on the summary page. One key difference with Ultimate's is your Class and Prime Power Ratings. All the winners on Saturday's contest were in the top 5 for Prime Power. This can really help you identify the contenders in each race."

Congratulations on the nice score Pat!

What's the difference between winning and losing? $2.60! Anthony Farace claimed the top spot Saturday in week one of the Challenge for most wins by that slim margin. The extra couple bucks broke a 14-way tie for most wins and earned him a check for $1,500.

"I thought I did a decent job of handicapping," said Mr. Farace, "Of course I had a little luck. I really like the Ultimate PPs. I like to handicap maiden and turf races and the pedigree stats in the Ultimates are invaluable. I also use the pace numbers and compare them with the race pars. The class ratings are handy when trying to decipher how horses from different tracks are going to run. I played in the Challenge last fall but I didn't give myself enough time to handicap. This year I made sure to give myself some extra time."

Thanks again for your participation in the 2002 Spring Challenge. Sign up for the 2002 Fall Challenge (which runs September 28th through October 19th) - where we will give away another $25,000 in cash and prizes and fill the final two spots on the Brisnet.com team heading to Las Vegas!

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5 FREE MultiCAPS Datafiles
Belmont Stakes, June 8th, 2002
Belmont Tips
2002 Spring Challenge Recap
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