MARCH 1999 VOL. 12, NO. 3

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NEW Neurax Pro Software!
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NEW Neurax Pro Software!

FREE Neurax and Neurax Pro Software

Neurax Pro - Our New Premium Handicapping Software Program Spot Overlays - Focus on Speed, Favorites or Longshots, ROI's Calculated on 76 Different Betting Strategies

Our classy handicapping software lineup has just been enhanced with the addition of powerful Neurax Pro horse race outcome predictor. Sired by Neurax, this "Pro" version incorporates eighty-four (84) handicapping factors to calculate the predicted outcome of a race. FREE to customers of Bloodstock Research, this easy to use program incorporates mathmatical neural networks to help you increase your ROI's.

Five Neural Networks, tested on thousands of races each, are included with the program. Speed handicappers, longshot seekers and exotic players can utilize particular networks to help pick winners. With Neurax Pro, a valuable and potentially profitable, "odds-line"is calculated for each horse. Overlays and underlays are easily indentifiable as you compare calculated win probabilities with the track odds.

Neurax users will be glad to see new flexibility in building and adding to their datasets with the Neurax Pro version. Datasets are now easily retrieved a "point and click pull-down" window. No more guessing which datasets are named what. For intensive training and testing of the neural networks, Neurax Pro allows you to "split" and "combine" datasets, leaving your original information intact. An "Exotic Report" is included, so you can determine the value of your investments at various tracks.

With this great new premium handicapping software, results of your betting strategies are easily calculated, providing you with the best bets to place and what strategies to utilize. Neurax Pro 's profit/loss analysis feature enables you to generate ROI's filtered to specific distances (from 2 furlongs to 2 1'4 miles) and specific class levels (from bottom maiden claimers to Grade I stakes). Troublesome "turf to dirt" surface switches can be excluded, at your discretion.

Seventy - six (76) different betting strategies are presented, all with number of bets placed, hits, percentage won, dollar amount of bets placed, dollar amount won, and return on investment percentages. New betting strategies include "overlays", "score to odds" ratios, "score to field size" ratios, and exotic keys. No race handicapper should invest without any of this information.

Also new with Neurax Pro, user dataset and profit/loss information can be generated into comma delimited formats for use in spreadsheets and word processing programs.

Advanced users of Neurax and Neurax Pro will appreciate new capabilities in training neural networks by individual tracks, race class, distance, track condition and surface. Four (4) learning pressures are presented, along with capability to train from existing neural networks instead of the general knowledge base. A great new feature with Neurax Pro is the ability to focus on favorites or high paying exotics during training. Unlimited training combinations are available, so you can customize your neural networks to the tracks and types of races you play.

With Neurax Pro, you can use our free PP Generator software to view and print our entire premium ultimate past performance and pace graph reports. A great value, and a great benefit.

Neurax Pro, like Neurax, is extremely user friendly. . When data files are downloaded close to race day, program numbers and morning line odds are included. No cumbersome unzipping procedures are needed. The program automatically translates the information for you. No matter where your datafiles are dowloaded, you can maneuvor throughout your system within the program for easy retrieval. A convenient, and vital, Scratch Utility allows you to make necessary program changes. All reports generated quickly, and are easily printed.

Download your copy of Neurax Pro from our website under the Free Handicapping Software section, or call 1-800-354-9206.

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NEW Neurax Pro Software!
Wizard Special!
Insider Picks and Power Plays
Discount Available!
Racing Calendar
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Try ONE FREE Wizard Major Stakes Selections

March  6 - Santa Anita H- G1 (SA)
           Pan American H -G2  (GP)
March  7 - Santa Margarita H -G1  (SA)
           New Orleans H -G3  (FG)
           Orchid H -G2  (GP)
March 13 - Florida Derby -G1  (GP)
           San Felipe S -G2 (SA)
March 14 - Santa Anita Oaks -G1 (SA)
           Louisiana Derby -G2  (FG)
March 20 - Santa Ana H -G2  (SA)
           Rebel S -G3  (OP)
March 21 - San Luis Rey H -G2  (SA)
           Gotham S -G3  (AQU)
March 27 - Gallery S -G2 (TP)
March 28 - Explosive Bid H -G3  (FG)
           World Dubai Cup (G1)

The WIZARD is offering one (1) Major Stakes Selections report free to BRIS customers during the month of March (regularly priced \$5.00 each). The Major Stakes Selections gives you a very comprehensive analysis of every horse in this race, the Wizard's own odds line so you can spot valuable overlays, additional comments and reasoning behind the top 3 or 4 selections, program numbers and post positions, and wagering strategies.

Recent Major Stakes Selections winners include Grits'N Hard Toast that paid \$31.20 in January's Holy Bull S (G3) at Gulfstream Park and several exactas.

The WIZARD covers major graded stakes year-round and primarily important Triple Crown preps as we get closer to those events. Available about 24 hours in advance, these reports are available Saturday, Sunday and holidays when there are good opportunities involving major stakes races.

So try one WIZARD Major Stakes Selection free during the month of March.

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NEW Neurax Pro Software!
Wizard Special!
Insider Picks and Power Plays
Discount Available!
Racing Calendar
At Your Service

Using the Insider Picks and Power Plays

Insider Picks and Power Plays

As more sophisticated, disciplined handicappers know - there is no short-cut to good handicapping. There is no single handicapping factor that you can look at and say "this is the winner right here". Instead, there are many factors to consider when handicapping and it's the ones you don't use or don't know how to use, that can beat you at the race track.

INSIDER PICKS AND POWER PLAYS from BRIS provides many handicapping factors that the general public doesn't have access to. Using these factors effectively will give the user an advantage over your competition - other bettors.

The factors or "angles" in INSIDER PICKS AND POWER PLAYS are:

  • Blue Chip Trainer Plays
  • Sharp and Ready Runners
  • Hot Trainers
  • Hot Jockeys
  • Hot Trainer/Jockey Combos
  • Exiting a Key Race
  • Ship-In Trainer
  • Clocker Specials
  • Horses For Courses
  • Distance Specialists

Look down the right side of the page under the caption "Power Play Angles". You will see the angles for the horses in each race. Let's look at the angles and what they mean and how to use them effectively.

"BLUE CHIP TRAINER PLAYS" means this trainer is very strong at a handicapping angle which is detailed in the next section of the INSIDER PICKS AND POWER PLAYS. These point out the fact this trainer wins a high percentage under certain conditions with his runners. These may include Debut MdnSpWt (Maiden Special Weights), 2nd career start, 31-90 days away (layoff), 90+ days away, route to sprint, dirt to turf, 1st at route, beaten favorite, down one class, winner last race, shipper, etc. You MUST recognize that trainers have strengths and weaknesses and knowing those strengths and weaknesses can make quite a bit of difference. Some trainers may win 17% of their overall starts but may be 3% with horses going a route for the first time. Another trainer may be below average overall winning only 7% of his total starts but may hit with 23% debut runners (1st time starters). These specific trainer angles are very lucrative giving YOU a big edge.

"SHARP AND READY" horses in today highlight any horse that has a significant BRIS speed and BRIS class advantage over the others in this field. These horses should stand out but at times can offer good value when overlooked by John Q. Public who doesn't have this information.

"HOT TRAINERS" points out trainers who have been doing very well during the last 14 days while "HOT JOCKEYS" highlights hot riders in the last 7 days (jockeys have more mounts than trainers have horses entered). "HOT TRAINER/JOCKEY COMBOS" also looks at the last 14 days. This last particular stat is crucial because some trainers will use certain jockeys when they have a better shot at winning and give other riders the mount as a favor or payback maybe for exercising horses in the morning or some other reason. But when a horse is well-intended to win, you'll see a high percentage for the trainer/jockey combo (10-12% would be just average).

"EXITING A KEY RACE" lets you know that two or more horses from this runner's previous race have already come back to win their next start. A "possible" key race indicates only one other runner from that previous race has come back to win so far. When several horses come back to win, that is a clear indicator that the previous race was very tough. A horse that finished 5th in a "key race" may actually be better than a horse that was second in a race where no other horses have come out of that race to win their next start. Check the BRIS Race Ratings on the Ultimate Past Performances to see whether this horse was above or near the Race Ratings of other horses in today's race.

"SHIP-IN TRAINER" highlights trainers that have already won at this meet with a "ship-in" horse and have a similar shipper entered in today's race. Some trainers do better than others when shipping in to a particular track. Watch for trainers that ship in to run against lesser competition in an effort to steal this race.

"CLOCKER SPECIALS" lists the fastest workouts in the last 7 days for horses running today. One stat not available anywhere else ranks the horses within their age group for this distance over the last 7 days. A 3-year-old may have had the third fastest work at 4 furlongs on a given day but that work could have been the fastest by any 3-year-old in the last 7 days. How else would you know this information?

"HORSES FOR COURSES" points out horses that have done especially well over this track and surface. Some horses just run better at certain tracks or over certain turf courses. And it's important to recognize that especially if it has been a long time since the last meet at this track. If this horse has not been doing well at another track, he could be rejuvenated when he steps foot over this surface.

"DISTANCE SPECIALISTS" are horses that have run especially well at this distance. Just as some horses like certain tracks, some horses love certain distances. Some horses can do great at 7 furlongs but can't win going 6 furlongs or a mile. If you see a horse that is a "Horse for the Course" and a "Distance Specialist" - you have found a very strong contender in this race.

Let's go back and look at the selections at the top of each race. The "Top 3" choices are computer-generated based on many factors including the INSIDER PICKS AND POWER PLAYS angles. These comprehensive selections are the top three horses to look at when you are handicapping today's race. The "Speed" selections ranks the top three based on recent BRIS speed figures. The BRIS Class rating determines the top 3 "Class" selections. And the top 3 "Pace" selections reflect runners with the fastest BRIS early pace ratings. These BRIS pace, speed and class ratings can be found in the Ultimate Past Performances.

The "Detailed" version of the INSIDER PICKS AND POWER PLAYS is just that - more detailed. For instance on the "Shipper Stats", it will detail a short list of trainers and their record with ship-ins and where they shipped from. Also see if the additional details for "Hot Trainers" and "Blue Chip Plays" will help you in uncovering that extra information that will help you do better at the track.

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NEW Neurax Pro Software!
Wizard Special!
Insider Picks and Power Plays
Discount Available!
Racing Calendar
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Discounts Available

Discounts Available

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NEW Neurax Pro Software!
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