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Make the Derby a Memorable Day!

Handicappers love to tell you about their big scores on the Kentucky Derby. I personally remember nailing a $5 cold tri with Silver Charm, Captain Bodgit and Free House. Couple years back, a buddy of mine hammered Thunder Gulch on a future bet at 35-1. Last May, my father hit the exacta with Charismatic. Everyone has a Derby story.

Let me lay out the scenario for a promising new story for the 2000 Derby. The big day arrives, but no problem - you have been prepping for weeks with You have been reading the Wizard's Triple Crown Scouting Reports, using Ultimate PP's for the Derby preps & downloading our free handicapping software. Every day you religiously read the window, collect your tickets and smile knowingly that in a few minutes you will be filling out some tax forms. Yes, my son the 2000 Derby was a very good year.

Remember the 2000 Derby with!

Let's take a closer look at the full menu of products for the Triple Crown:

Ultimate PP's
You want to hear a great handicapping story? A guy from Nebraska wins a local handicapping tournament and qualifies for the NTRA/DRF National Handicapping Championship in Las Vegas. Competing against 160 handicappers from all over the United States and Canada, the savvy Nebraska resident claims the crown of 1999 Handicapper of the Year and the $100,000 grand prize. The handicapper's name is Steven Walker, and BRISnet helped him win the title.

"If I'm real serious, if I'm in some type of tournament, I definitely use BRIS, " said Walker.

As the name implies, Ultimate PP's is racing's most complete past performance product, offering stats for the Jockey, Trainer, Sire & Dam, and more! Ultimate PP's will be available with post positions on Wednesday night, May 3.

Pick Yourself A Winner
So many races, so little time. Don't worry, BRISnet's got you covered. The online leader for handicapping is home to racing's best selection sheets and handicapping software.

Harness the power of your computer with our handicapping software programs. Distill hours of Derby handicapping into minutes with these simple-to-use programs. Download any one of our 8 handicapping packages from the FREE software page at

In racing you are considered a successful trainer or rider if you win at a 15% clip. In handicapping terms that would be only cashing 3 tickets out of every 20 bets. I think we can all agree that 15% is not going to cut it. If you want to stack the odds in your favor you need to use INSIDER PICKS & POWER PLAYS. Each selection sheet is filled with powerful handicapping angles such as key races, exceptional workouts, hot trainer/jockey combos, and much more. Best of all, when you use Insider Picks and Power Plays' 3 Star Best Bets you will be picking winners at over a 40% rate. Why not do yourself a favor and pick up Insider Picks & Power Plays for Derby Day.

Only one handicapper follows Bluegrass racing all year long, the KENTUCKY HANDICAPPER. Devoting his time exclusively to Kentucky racing, the Kentucky Handicapper has intimate knowledge of what it takes to win on Derby Day. Download the Kentucky Derby and the full undercard for only $3 on Thursday, May 4.

Be a Wizard on Derby Day!
Tap into the knowledge of America's most celebrated handicapper, the Wizard. Depend on somebody who has made his living playing the ponies for 25 years. For $8 the Wizard will share his in-depth analysis and wagering strategies for Derby Day. He's hit two of the last three winners - longshot Real Quiet and Silver Charm.

Make a clean sweep of the 2000 Triple Crown with Wizard reports for the Preakness and Belmont.

Triple Crown News & Notes
Triple Crown junkies will be able to get their daily fix on all of the Derby prospects by visiting our website every day. Complete with timely new items, workout information, updated pedigree information, and handicapping articles, Triple Crown News & Notes is the best way to keep up with the Triple Crown.

FREE Handicapper's Edge
Each day race fans from across the globe visit racing's top online newsletter. Serious handicappers will enjoy the up-to-the-minute coverage of the Triple Crown. Get the skinny on the KY Derby from the Edge's Track Bandit on Friday, May 5.

Going To The Derby?
Anytime you are away from your computer, BRIS can still accommodate your handicapping needs. Call 1-800-354-9206 for our fax or overnight mail service.

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Kentucky Derby
Winner's Choice
Kentucky Handicapper
Win Big
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More Angles Than A Geometry Book - WINNER'S CHOICE!

Does this sound familiar? You get a tip on a horse. Let's call him Lost. You make a trip down to your local OTB, plunk down a couple bucks and stare up at the monitor. Based on the track program, Lost is clearly the one to beat, but as Lost breaks from the rail, he is quickly shuffled back. Your jockey swings him off the rail, and Lost settles in the middle pack. The leader, Irish Terror, who broke from the outside so far has had everything his way, plus you note he has won at this track at this distance. Still Lost fights on gamely and at the sixteenth pole looks like he still might have a chance. A fan next to you shouts, "They'll never catch Irish Terror, not the way Martinez has been riding lately." Another fan quickly chimes in, "I always bet Martinez when he is riding for Cooper." Sure enough, as they reach the eighth pole, Irish Terror starts to draw off from Lost and wins easily. Frustrated, you look down at your program and mutter, "How could I have missed that?"

With simulcasting offering so many different options, it is difficult, if not impossible to keep up with all the unique handicapping angles for each track. Winner's Choice offers a perfect solution to this dilemma. Designed to meet the challenge of simulcasting, the Winner's Choice one-page format is easy-to-read and rich in data. Serious horseplayers will love all the handicapping angles.

Each Winner's Choice includes:

  • Track Bias Stats for Sprints, Routes and Turf Races
  • Hot Jockeys for the last 7 Days
  • Hot Trainers for the last 14 Days
  • Hot Trainer/Jockey Combos for the last 14 Days
  • Horses for the Course
  • Horses Exiting a Key Race
  • Trainer Angle Plays
  • Best Bets
  • Top Selections
  • Clocker Specials
  • Distance Specialists
  • Race Conditions
  • Post Positions
  • Morning Line Odds
  • Class, Pace & Speed Figures
  • And much, much more!

Winner's Choice is also perfectly priced for playing multiple tracks. Your first download costs only $5 and any additional downloads will be just $5 dollars more no matter how many tracks you need. Of course you need to download tracks from the same day but what a great deal! Unlimited files for only $10 per race day.

Table of Contents

Kentucky Derby
Winner's Choice
Kentucky Handicapper
Win Big
Racing Calendar
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The Kentucky Handicapper

By James Scully

(reprinted from the FREE Handicapper's Edge daily newsletter)

Everybody remembers their first trip to the track. Steve Moody, AKA The Kentucky Handicapper, always watched the Kentucky Derby (G1) while growing up in Louisville, but he never attended the races until going to Churchill Downs as an 18-year-old in 1976.

He cashed his first bet, left the track a winner and developed a lifelong interest in the game. Mathematics was always a favorite subject for Steve, and horse racing immediately appealed to him. Being able to analyze numbers goes hand-in-hand with handicapping.

"I think I gravitated toward the game," Steve said.

Steve began doing the Kentucky Handicapper's Sheet for BRIS in 1991, before BRIS Pace Ratings were provided, and a horse's current form and BRIS Speed Ratings were the major focus of his handicapping. Nowadays, he considers himself to be a more astute bettor because he is more of a pace handicapper than he was in 1991.

"Pace analysis is such an important aspect of the game, especially when you're dealing with a prevailing bias," Steve explained. "You've got to be able to figure out who can get to the front, if they're going to get the lead by themselves or whether they're going to face pressure.

"That's where the BRIS Pace Ratings figure in so prominently. BRIS Pace Ratings give players a huge edge that you didn't have before. They're indispensable, and I couldn't imagine handicapping without them."

Pedigree analysis is another strength for Steve. His knowledge of bloodlines, whether a horse will be a sprinter or a router and if he's bred to be precocious, is an advantage. And Steve said he's always done well with maiden heats.

"A lot of people shy away from maiden races, especially bottom-level claiming events," he said. "But I've always enjoyed playing all types of maiden tests -- even two-year-old races where everybody is a first-time starter. You can figure out who's bred to win early from the pedigrees, and when you combine that with trainer stats and workouts, maidens can be great opportunities."

Steve tapes the races every day and watches the replays. He told me he makes notes on horses -- whether they had bad or golden trips, for example. And Steve compiles a horses-to-watch list for horses who figure to improve the next time out.

The Kentucky Handicapper's Sheet features a comment on each horse in every race. Steve said that as he's taking a long look at each horse for the comments, analyzing how the contender will run, he begins to visualize the manner in which the race will develop. When he's through writing the comments, Steve goes back and looks at each horse again. He explained that he tries to figure out who will make the lead and whether the speed will be alone or facing pressure. He mentally pictures which horses will be pressing, and whether the race sets up for a closer.

Steve also takes into account value. "If you have two horses who are difficult to separate, and one horse is 7-5 and the other is 5-1, you have to take the horse who's 5-1," he said.

The BRIS Pacegraph is an invaluable report for Steve. It puts a horse's pace and speed ratings in a graphical format, making it easy to see whether a horse's form is improving, declining or consistent. I asked Steve for an example of a negative sign regarding a horse's form that the public generally tends to overlook. He was happy to oblige with a favorite scenario.

"Whenever a horse puts a string of wins together entering today's race, but his most recent speed rating is two or three points lower than his previous effort's, that's a negative," he said. "There are exceptions, like a horse going from a route to a sprint or switching surfaces in his last start. However, when they've strung wins together in similar situations, and their speed ratings decreased last out, those horses come back and everybody bets on them more often than not because they've won two or more in a row. I avoid these horses in most instances."

Steve said he'll always take a horse with something going for it when stepping up in class over a horse dropping in class, noting that he's always leery of droppers.

Track announcer and handicapper Mike Battaglia is a good friend of Steve's, and the two talk about horses on the Kentucky scene regularly. Steve covers Turfway Park, Keeneland, Churchill Downs, Ellis Park and Kentucky Downs as the Kentucky Handicapper, and he said he's encouraged with the current state of Kentucky racing. Steve told me the new owners of Turfway are trying to develop more promotions and contests, trying to spark more interest in the area.

I asked Steve about the recent Turfway meet.

"In the first three weeks of December, the track played fairly honest for early speed and closers, but the main thing was that the rail was bad more days than not," he explained. "Horses that were stuck down on the rail were at a definite disadvantage sometimes, and you were able to find horses who were stuck down on the rail on bad days who really improved with a favorable draw the next time out.

"Toward the end of December, speed began to hold better. For most of January, it was a case where whatever horse got to the front won. That bias has also been prevalent in February. The rail still isn't the best place to be, but it's better than it had been in December."

This was one of Steve's better meets at Turfway Park. He picked 34% winners on top for a positive ROI of 2.05. Steve is clearly a leading authority on Kentucky racing. Check out the KY Handicapper's Sheet this spring for Churchill Downs.

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Kentucky Derby
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Kentucky Handicapper
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Win BIG on Maiden & Turf Races!

Dear Horseplayer,

Do you find it frustrating to constantly pass or lose on maiden and turf races, when other players are nailing these races thanks to their pedigree knowledge? Well, how would you like to become a pedigree expert overnight? It can happen when you own Maiden Stats 2000.

With statistics on 31,000 two-year-olds of 2000, MAIDEN STATS is the ultimate guide for analyzing runners' pedigrees, and it's that knowledge which lead to BLOCKBUSTER PRICES. Everything one needs to know about a horse's breeding is in this jam-packed guide, including sire and dam statistics, dosage index, sales history, and top sibling information. If there is mud, turf or distance capability on either side of the family, MAIDEN STATS 2000 will tell you. You also will know right away if a debut runner is bred to win first time out.

MAIDEN STATS goes beyond just two-year-old maiden events. If a runner attempts a route for the first time, the stats are there. If a runner attempts the grass, the reader will know if the horse is bred to love it. MAIDEN STATS 2000 is useful for as many years as there are horses (in the book) who attempt new circumstances, e.g. first time turf. MAIDEN STATS is a true bargain at only $99.95 plus $6.00 shipping and handling (Kentucky residents add 6 percent sales tax).

"Handicapper's with a copy ... will have a serious information edge." That's what Dave Litfin of the Daily Racing Form had to say about this popular product. Order today by calling BRIS at 1-800-354-9206 ext. 254, or if you prefer, you can order through the online bookstore at .

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Kentucky Derby
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Kentucky Handicapper
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