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Frequently Asked Questions for MultiCAPS for DOS

NOTE: These apply only to MultiCAPS for DOS.
  • Q: Why am I receiving the message "DOS ERROR 4"?
    A: This error usually occurs after initial installation of MultiCAPS. The fix is to edit the CONFIG.SYS file so that the file statement reads FILES=99.
  • Q: Why does it tell me "CHECK FILE ERROR 57"?
    A: This error occurs when the user attempts to view a file from the main menu that does not have a corresponding MCP data file in the data directory. Solution: put the original MCP file in the data directory or begin viewing a file that is in the data directory. Once the user has gotten past the first level, they may select any file that has been previously imported.
  • Q: Why should I use the "IMPORT TAG"?
    A: This feature allows the user to tag files for importing. Previously, the user was limited to either importing all the data files in the data directory for a single day, or importing one card at a time. The tag feature allows the user to view and tag any or all files in the data directory and import from multiple tracks for multiple days.
  • Q: What are the "COLOR RESULTS"?
    A: The color results feature allows the user to see in the results fields the success of the factor used for color sorting. Color sorting is a feature whereby the user can set an additional field for visual sorting at the same time as viewing an ascending sort of another factor. By default, MultiCAPS comes with the color sort set to BRIS Average Class rating. While the viewer is moving from screen to screen and changing the ascending sort from one field to another the color sort will remain constant. The user will be able to see for example the horses with the highest BRIS Average Class by looking at the color of the horse. The order of the color sort is 1) red, 2) white, 3) blue, 4) yellow, 5) black, and 6) gray. Adding the color sort to the results fields allows the user to see at a quick glance the success of the factor being used as the color sort.
  • Q: Why should I use the "TICKET MANAGER"?
    A: This feature allows the user to create and manage their own tickets and results models. Previously the user was confined to viewing only the predefined models. With the addition of this feature the user has the ability to created various exacta and trifecta wheels and boxes. The new ticket manager will calculate the cost of a $1 "wheel" or "box" and allows the user to view the success rate of consistently betting on that proposition. The success rate is measured in terms of percentages and ROI (return on investment). For example a user can create a trifecta wheel in which the top 2 ranked horses are used in the Win position, the top 3 ranked horses are used in the Place position with the top 5 ranked horsed in the Show position. The ticket manager calculates the cost of the ticket and the model gives the ROI and win percentage of using such a "wheel" as a consistent betting proposition.
  • Q: What are "MODELS"?
    A: This feature allows the user to take control over the class feature for purposes of creating models. By default, MultiCAPS breaks the models down by 1) track, 2) surface, 3) distance, and 4)class conditions. The new enhancement allows the user to break the models down even further by creating sub-categories of class. Instead of having all claiming horses in one model regardless of claiming value, the user can now group together the claiming value ranges that he deems most appropriate for the model. For example, a sub-group can be created in which $2,500 - $10,000 claiming horses are placed in one model while $11,000 $25,000 claimers are put in another model.
  • Q: What is "TOTAL FACTORS"?
    A: The total factors option is an enhancement of the total factors view screen. The total factors screen allows the user to view the ranking of each factor for each horse. The enhancement to this screen is in essence the creation of a "power" number. The user can now view the total factor number and the average total factor for each horse. This allows the user to see which horse is ranked best in multiple categories. By default MultiCAPS totals all the factors on the screen but the user has the option to create their own "power" number. The user can allow the total factor option to create the "power" number based upon a combination of a minimum of two factors up to a maximum of 18 factors.
    A: Enhancements made to the print options includes adjustments to make sure that 4 reports containing a field of 12 or less horses will print on one page. Also, the factor by which the print screen is sorted is surrounded by astericks for easier viewing.

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