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The 8th National Handicapping Championship
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Stanley Bavlish, member since 1988, wins Handicapper of the Year
Long time BRIS customer Stanley Bavlish defeated 250 handicappers to win the 2007 National Handicapping Championship. The lifelong handicapper stormed from mid-pack on day two to narrowly capture the crown of Handicapper of the Year. For his efforts he was rewarded with over $400,000 in prize money. The new champion plans to use a portion of his winnings to renovate an older home he just purchased.

Handicapping Style
“I am an “everything” guy. The more data I have to work with the better. I enjoy the process of digesting and dissecting all the information. Part of this process is drawing upon my experiences as a horseplayer. Based on these experiences I have developed certain theories over the years. These theories help me narrow the field down to the most capable horses.

“Always follow your own counsel. The first time I attended the track with my brother, he talked me off a longshot winner. I told myself never again.

“On day one of the contest I just grinded it out. No big hits. Good enough to put me in 89th place.

“On day two things starting clicking for me when McCann’s Mojave won. What turned me on to him was his BRIS pace figures. They were huge. He had won this same race two years earlier. On that day he just freaked. My brother always says sometimes horse’s just freak. Plus, his price was right and I thought with his running style he had a chance.

Contest Handicapping
“I try to pre-qualify horses. For mandatory races I focus on the horses most likely to win. My thinking is you have one shot at them. Treat them like building blocks. For optional plays I demand more value. They need to fall within a certain odds range or I will not play them.

“I want horses with running styles that fit the race and track. The (Ultimate) Summary page helps me determine the right type of horse to look for. The Track Bias and Run Style stats help me piece the race together. That definitely was the case with McCann’s Mojave.

“You need to be flexible enough to adjust your style according to each contest. For instance I qualified at Delaware Park in a live money contest. On that day I was looking for one big hit.

“I have been a BRIS member since 1988. At the risk of sounding like a commercial the reason I have stayed so long is because I have always been treated with respect. If I have problem it gets resolved quickly. You understand how important it is to have the right information. If I don’t have the (BRIS) information, I feel like I am not ready to go to battle. Bottom line I am comfortable with the BRIS data.

“I feel the same way about TwinSpires. What can I say I am loyal guy. ”

Mr. Bavlish is an Ultimate Past Performance and BRIS handicapping software customer.

Special Thanks
“I want to thank the staff at Bally’s. Their attention to personalized service is first class. They have always treated me with dignity and respect. I also want to thank Bill Moore at Delaware Park for providing me the opportunity to qualify for the Championship.” is now home to all eight Handicappers of the Year. Brisnet members have now claimed winnings well over 2.25 million dollars!

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