NOVEMBER 1997 VOL. 10, NO. 11

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Conquer the Cup!
November Special
Pedigrees on the Net
Silver and Gold Plans
BRIS - At Your Service

Conquer the Cup!

The past 13 Breeders' Cup Days have proven to be some of the most contentious race cards ever presented to the betting public. So, to get an edge you need the value-added information accessible to Bloodstock Research subscribers. Here's the handicapping menu for the greatest day in racing, November 8 at Hollywood Park:

Foreign Class Ratings

Armed with the powerful BRIS Foreign Class Ratings, you will instantly be able to evaluate the European invaders despite the lack of familiarity with their racing. These sophisticated measurements of each horse's performances will give you a distinct edge over the "uninformed" players betting without these figs.

Foreign Class and Race Ratings cover all starters in England, Ireland and France since January 1, 1990, and appear in all reports that carry the BRIS Class Ratings -- Ultimate PP's, Pacegraph, High Tech Report, etc. Two BRIS tools, the Current Class Rating and the Average Competitive Level (ACL), utilize the Foreign Class Ratings to help pinpoint the best horses and most likely winners. They are an absolute necessity when handicapping the two Breeders' Cup turf races, which will be loaded with foreign imports.

The proof is in the pudding. Check out the results since BRIS incorporated the Foreign Class Ratings in 1994:

1996 Turf winner Pilsudski (\$29.40) and runner-up Singspiel (exacta \$61.10) ranked fourth and second respectively on BRIS Average Class.

1995 Mile winner RIDGEWOOD PEARL (\$7.10) ranked 1st in Current Class and ACL.

1995 Turf runner-up by a neck, FREEDOM CRY ranked 1st in Current Class and ACL.

1994 Mile winner BARATHEA (\$22.80) ranked third on Current Class.

1994 Turf winner TIKKANEN (\$35.20) ranked third on Current Class and 1st on ACL!

Every turf winner and runner-up from Europe since 1994 has been ranked in the top three or within two points on the top horse based on BRIS Current Class. Don't even consider going to the windows without this information! Recommended report -- the Ultimate Past Performances with Track Bias and Race Summary.


The industry's leading online newsletter practically takes you to Hollywood Park in the weeks leading up to the big raceday. All the latest news and developments will be in each FREE daily issue. The Edge provides timely workout information on all Cup contenders, vital quotes from owners and trainers, plus exclusive articles on handicapping the races. Available the night before the Breeders' Cup, the Edge will offer the Track Bandit's in-depth analysis and selections for each race.


You don't have to wait until entries are drawn to get a jump start on handicapping the seven contentious races. Access now any of the BRIS entry reports, excluding the early Track Program, with probable starters in each race. These reports offer great insight for future book bettors or anyone looking for the earliest possible information for analyzing the Breeders' Cup.


The WIZARD is offering a new perspective in 1997 by providing readers with a more valuable format for his Breeders' Cup Scouting Report. Every major prep race, foreign and domestic, is analyzed in detail, covering bias reports, pace profiles, and an analysis of how the race set up for every horse - winners and losers.

If you think a chart footnote is detailed, you will not believe the lengths to which the Wizard has gone in order to present readers with a look beneath the surface of each Breeders' Cup prep race. The Scouting Reports are available each Friday from October 10 to November 7 for \$8 each. If you missed an issue, don't worry -- back issues are available online.


TIMEFORM is Europe's premiere handicapping service, rating and evaluating horses for nearly 50 years. Their "race cards" are a must for British horseplayers and through an arrangement with BRIS, Timeform will once again produce a special Breeders' Cup 1998 edition. This invaluable report offers the best and most accurate comparisons possible between the stars from both sides of the Atlantic. Detailed comments and ratings are provided for every horse on the card.

Timeform has been reviewing and rating all North American Graded Stakes races for four years, so their team of handicappers are in a unique position to offer analysis on both the European and North American challengers.

So this year, find out what the leading European handicapping service thinks about their Breeders' Cup chances, as well as getting a whole new perspective on the home team. The Timeform Breeders' Cup Race Card will be available online the evening of Wednesday, November 5. At \$10, it could be the wisest investment you make for Breeders' Cup XIV.


BRIS also offers several other perspectives for Breeders' Cup Day. The SCRATCH SHEET is the ultimate in convenience, providing expert picks, morning line odds/program numbers, weather forecasts, speed and class ratings, and track bias profiles all on one page per track. Available in ready-to-print PDF format, the Scratch Sheet is easy to print and a true bargain for only \$1.

The KENTUCKY HANDICAPPER'S SHEET (\$3) is produced in-house at BRIS and offers a professional handicapper's view into the Breeders' Cup card as well as all the races on the undercard at Churchill Downs.

TODAY'S RACING DIGEST (\$5) will offer their expert selections for the Cup, along with the regular picks for Northern and Southern California's live race cards.

Recommended Breeders' Cup Reports:

Entry Reports -- Ultimate PP's with Race Summary
                 High Tech Report

Selections --    Wizard Selections/Scouting Reports
                 Handicapper's Edge - Track Bandit
                 Timeform Breeders' Cup Race Card
                 Selection Sheet
                 Kentucky Handicapper
                 Today's Racing Digest

Table Of Contents

Conquer the Cup!
November Special
Pedigrees on the Net
Silver and Gold Plans
BRIS - At Your Service

November Special

Unlimited, FREE Fast Charts for races run during the month of November are available to all BRIS subscribers. Download any Fast Charts for November, regularly priced at \$.50, for any track absolutely free!

Available as soon as 30 minutes after a race is declared official, Fast Charts provide the complete rundown on all starters in complete order of finish. Internal points of call, payoffs, and chart caller's comments are highlights of the report.

The free offer applies only to charts for November racing dates.

Table Of Contents

Conquer the Cup!
November Special
Pedigrees on the Net
Silver and Gold Plans
BRIS - At Your Service

Pedigrees on the Net Available at

Bloodstock Research Information Services, the world's largest supplier of electronic Thoroughbred racing and breeding information, has unveiled PEDIGREES ON THE NET, an interactive Internet service for Thoroughbred owners, breeders and trainers. Now available on the world wide web at, the BRIS database includes pedigrees and statistics on more than two million Thoroughbred horses.

Pedigrees on the Net offers several unique free services, including a comprehensive online stallion directory. BRIS Vice President John Broadbent made a point of emphasizing the service's user-friendliness and wide array of features.

"Our new Internet service makes it easier than ever for horsemen to access the information they need," Broadbent said. "Users from all over the world can quickly view and print catalog-style pedigrees, race records, broodmare produce records, stallion reports and much more. Moreover, Pedigrees on the Net allows our overseas customers an opportunity to tap into our database without incurring any long distance charges.

"Pedigrees on the Net offers a free online stallion directory and daily Bloodstock Journal newsletter, two services only available from BRISnet. We feel that these innovative free products, coupled with our extensive database, makes Pedigrees on the Net the most complete Thoroughbred information service available worldwide. We're also in the process of developing exciting new products -- such as start-by-start past performances by horse -- that will soon be added to Pedigrees on the Net."

The free online stallion directory offers detailed information on virtually every active stallion in North America, indexed by name, sire, pedigree line, stud fee, farm name and location. A dynamic tool that sets the industry standard, the online stallion directory enables anyone who breeds Thoroughbred racehorses or stands a stallion to access important amd timely information with the mere click of a button.

The first-ever online source of stallion information makes printed stallion books obsolete and puts every statistic imaginable in the hands of breeders and pedigree researchers at absolutely no charge.

Current BRIS pedigree customers may activate Internet accounts by calling (800) 354-9206 and asking for Debbie Abshear at ext. 259.

Existing BRISnet customers can take advantage of the new service by simply clicking on PEDIGREE REPORTS on the BRISnet home page. New customers can establish accounts by signing up online at

Table Of Contents

Conquer the Cup!
November Special
Pedigrees on the Net
Silver and Gold Plans
BRIS - At Your Service

Silver/Gold Discount Plan

Silver and Gold Plans

BRISnet offers special savings to our valued customers through membership in the Silver and Gold Clubs. Both internet and online subscribers to Bloodstock Research can take advantage of exciting new discount plans that reward frequent players with tremendous savings on many popular BRIS products.

SILVER CLUB (\$30 monthly minimum)

Silver Club members will be entitled to unlimited FREE access of several popular reports, including Flash Entries, Flash Results, and Scratches. For only a \$30 monthly minimum, Silver Club members take advantage of the following benefits:

                        Regular           Silver Club
                        -------           -----------
HAT (A-Odds)            \$2.00             \$1.00!
Ultimate PDF PP's       \$5.00             \$2.00!
  with summary          \$7.50             \$3.75!
Super Stats             \$5.00             \$2.00!

GOLD CLUB (\$100 monthly minimum)

If you elect to "go Gold", it gets even better. Whether you use ALL-Ways, PlusV or any of our popular FREE handicapping programs, it will cost significantly less to crunch the numbers and select more winners. Take advantage of the following benefits:

                        Regular           Gold Club
                        -------           ---------
ALLWays Datafile        \$14.00            \$7.00!
PLUSV Datafile          \$14.00            \$7.00!
PM2 Datafile            \$14.00            \$7.00!
Pacegraph Report        \$7.50             \$3.75!
High Tech Report        \$12.00            \$6.00!
MT2 Datafile            \$5.00             \$2.50!


In order to take advantage of either of these discount plans, you can sign up online by entering the FREE SIGNUP at To check out all the savings Silver and Gold offer with the low monthly minimums, click on PRODUCTS AND PRICES on the BRISnet homepage. Start saving today!

Table Of Contents

Conquer the Cup!
November Special
Pedigrees on the Net
Silver and Gold Plans
BRIS - At Your Service

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