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National Handicapping Championship
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The 2nd National Handicapping Championship

Runner-up Sean Nolan, winner of $30,000 members took home over $60,000 in the 2nd National Handicapping Championship, held in Las Vegas January 12 - 13, 2001. Sean Nolan led the crew by finishing as the runner-up for NTRA Handicapper of the Year, earning $30,000.

Sean, who lives in Alexandria, Virginia, qualified for the National Championship at Delaware Park and has been a member since 1999.

Members Ron Hafner and Terry Severson, part of team Canterbury
Terry Severson of Minneapolis, MN was in the lead late on the final day of the Championship and held on for a fourth place finish.

"I mainly use the Ultimate PPs for the pace figures," explained Terry Severson, also a member of the 2nd place team from Canterbury Park. "It gives you a fairly accurate way to break down the race. Then I eliminate any horses that aren't contenders. With the contenders I look for horses that offer the best value. The pace figures help me spot vulnerable favorites. If the horse I like doesn't offer value, I look for the next logical contender."

Rob Ferguson, 7th and Rich Nilsen, 44th
Robert Ferguson, 7th overall, has been a customer since 1998. He qualified by capturing the $10,000 Keeneland Challenge in August.

"Whenever I play the Thoroughbreds, I download the Ultimate PPs from," stated Robert, also a harness player. "I use the BRIS Pace Ratings based on how I envision the race setting up. Then, I refer to the Speed Ratings as well as my personal checklist to see if a horse qualifies based on the criteria I am looking for. This method has made me competitive in every tournament I've played."

1st Place Team, Maryland Jockey Club
Leo Feldman, Frank Okasaki and Bob Ordakowski were three members of the Maryland Jockey Club which led from the start and captured the first place team prize of $20,000 cash!

"It is very important to manage your time when you are competing in tournaments" explained Frank Okasaki, member of Maryland Jockey Club team. "That is why the comments in the Ultimate PPs are especially helpful. If the Ultimates have a horse with 5 or 6 positive comments, I always take that horse very seriously. Of course I also look at the pace information and the BRIS ratings."

Frank was not only on the winning Maryland Jockey Club team, he finished 16th overall in the individual standings among the 204 contestants.

Fellow team member Bob Ordakowski also utilizes the Ultimate PPs. "Ultimates are extremely helpful when playing in handicapping tournaments. Without the Ultimates it would take hours to figure out all the jockey/trainer stats plus the track bias information. The trainers and jockeys are something I key in on when picking horses. Usually I look for ones with win percentages of 15% or higher. I had a great time at the tournament and look forward to playing next year."

The team, which consisted of Gordon Anderson, Steve Davidowitz, Jim Hamon and Oscar Hebert, had a very strong showing. They just missed being in the money, finishing fourth among the more than 50 teams competing.

Steve Walker, the Brisnet member who earned the title of NTRA Handicapper of the Year last January, recovered from a poor start to capture the $3,000 daily prize awarded to the best handicapper on day two. With another successful run in the 2nd National Handicapping Championship, members have won over $200,000 in the short two-year existence of this championship event.

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