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CustomPP: How to download and use a datafile
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To download a file for Custom PP Generator:

1.Go to
2.Click on the link that says “Selection, Programs, and PPs”
3.Scroll down to the data files section and click on the type of data file you wish to use. You can use any type of file from that section. PDF past performances such as the Ultimate or Premium PPs will not work with this program.
4.If you are unsure of which type of file to download, you should probably down the “DRF Data File (Single.)”
5.Right click on the date that you want to download.
6.Click on “Save Target As…” on the menu that appears.
7.Click on the dropdown box next to “Save in” and select your C drive (c:).
8.In the list of folders below that, double click on the BrisCust folder. It should now say “BrisCust” in the box next to “Save in.”
9.Double click on the “Data” folder.
10.Click on “Save.”
11.Close your web browser, and go to your desktop.
12.Double click on the icon on your desktop that says “BRIS Custom PP Generator” to bring up the program.
13.Click on “File”
14.Click on “Load File.”
15.You will see a list of the files you have downloaded. Double click on the one that you are going to view.
16.This will open the data file and produce the default report type.
17.For additional information, you may consult the Custom PP Generator’s Help Screen by clicking on the “Help” menu and then clicking on “contents” when you have Custom PP Generator open.
This list will show you the type of reports that each data file will produce in Custom PP Generator:

The following file types Will create Premium PP's and Condensed PP's Reports

  • Multicaps(MCP)
  • DRF Single(DRS)
  • DRF Multi(DRM)
  • A-Odds Silver(HAT)
  • Common Ground(MT2)
  • Neurax(NRX)

    These following file types Will create Premium PP's, Condensed PP's, Ultimate PP's, and Track Bias and Summary Reports.

  • Plus5(PL5)
  • ALL-Ways(ALW)
  • PaceGraph
  • Neurax Pro
  • PM2(Pacemaker 2.0)
  • CapSheet(CS4)

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