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  1. What can I download as part of my Brisnet Performance plan for Thoroughbred .pdf past performance products?
    Any .pdf past performance product is included: Premium Plus PPs, Early Pick 4, Condensed PPs, Ultimate PPs w/ comments, Ultimate PPs, Ultimate Race Summary, Condensed Ultimate PPs w/ Comments, Condensed Ultimate PPs, Quick Play PPs (Full Size), Quick Play PPs (Page Saver), and Int.l Brisnet PPs

  2. How am I billed?
    Billing occurs on a recurring basis on the first of each month with the first month being prorated based on the date of purchase. You must retain your subscription through the month of purchase and the next full month afterward. We do not provide partial month refunds.

  3. How do I access information?
    Download .pdf past performance products as you normally clicking the date for the track you want to download. Access is granted on a monthly basis by download date. I.e., April subscribers can download PPs for May 1 on April 30, and your May charge goes into effect on the first.

  4. Is Custom Card included?
    Using Custom Card to generate files listed above is included in the subscription price. Custom Card for Flash Results, ALL-Ways files, Exotic Results, or Early Track Data is NOT INCLUDED.

  5. How do I cancel my subscription?
    To cancel your subscription, send email to There is no refund for partial months, and you must be a subscriber for the month you join and one full month thereafter.

  6. Can I resubscribe to the Performance Plan if I've previously canceled?
    Yes, but you must wait 30 days from the date of your cancellation to re-subscribe & the same rule of needing to be signed up for a full calendar month applies to those who resubscribe as well.

  7. Is anything besides the .pdf past performance products listed in question 1 above included in the subscription?

  8. Are data files included as part of the subscription?

  9. Are Selections/Analysis included as part of the subscription?

  10. Is pedigree information included as part of the subscription?

  11. Is harness information included as part of the subscription?

  12. Are bookstore products included as part of the subscription?

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