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Find High Percentage Plays with PRIME POWER!

Wouldn't it be great if you had access to a reliable number, one number per horse, which identified a high percentage of winners? How about a number that worked at every track in the country, every day? It should come as no surprise that the leader in handicapping information,, has such a rating. It's called PRIME POWER, and it's a feature of the Ultimate PPs, Quick Play PPs, Super Stats, ALL-Ways data files, MultiCaps data files, $1 Premium PPs, and, of course, the Power Search Reports.

Win up to 55% of the Time!
So, just how good is Prime Power? Take a gander at these results: based on a lengthy study of tens of thousands of races, Prime Power hits 31% top winners! That's sounds great, but when the study is broken down further and we focus strictly on dirt races, the results get even more interesting:

Top Prime Power horses by three full points (3.0+) or better score 39% of the time!
Top Prime Power horses by six full points (6.0+) or better score 46% of the time!
Top Prime Power horses by ten full points (10.0+) or better score 55% of the time!

If the results of this study don't get you excited, you may need a reality check. Nowhere else will find any rating that even comes close to this! Prime Power pinpoints key horses that win a high percentage of the time. We're talking big percentages here - much higher than the success rate of favorites.

KY Derby Winners!
In the 2000 Kentucky Derby, Fusaichi Pegasus was 11 full points better on Prime Power than the next horse in the 19-horse field. Here was a situation proven to hit at least 55% of the time, and Fusaichi Pegasus was better than 2-1. Wow!!!

Then, on May 5, 2001, Prime Power did it again, selecting $23.00 winner Monarchos!

Prime Power Defined
Just what is Prime Power? It tooks years to develop, but it was worth the effort. Prime Power combines many factors into one potent figure. BRIS Speed, Class, Pace, form, weight, distance and more are all combined by a sophisticated computer algorithm into an incredible rating. Employing dozens of qualitative handicapping factors, Prime Power accurately measures the demonstrated quality of each horse's most recent starts and consolidates them into one composite rating. As with all BRIS performance figures, such as Class, Pace or Speed, the higher the number the better.

Using Prime Power
One number per horse makes it remarkably easy to analyze the contenders in any race. The beauty of Prime Power is that identifying "key" horses is as easy as downloading our PPs or using Power Search. Quickly see which horses have a significant advantage. Then, take advantage of these "key" Prime Power advantage horses in any of the following exotic wagers available:

  • Exacta
  • Quinella
  • Daily Double
  • Trifecta
  • Superfecta
  • Twin Trifecta
  • Pick-3
  • Pick-6
Opportunities abound when you know you have a Prime Power advantage horse with a 30-55% chance of winning! Life as a handicapper just got easier. Start using Prime Power today and put the percentages in your favor.

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