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Race Classifications
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Race Classifications

    The following race classifications are ranked from the highest class of racing ("stakes" races, which is short for "sweepstakes"). Stakes races are the only races where the owner pays a nomination fee, entry fee and/or starting fee. Most stakes races have a nomination deadline ten days in advance. Some races may have an earlier nomination deadline months or even a year in advance.
Kentucky Derby (G1)Grade 1 stakes
Coolmore Lexington S (G2) Grade 2 stakes
Lafayette S (G3)Grade 3 stakes
Transylvania S 100kListed stakes
Handicap 40kOvernight handicap
    Allowance races are for horses that meet certain conditions as shown below. The numerals represent the purse amount of this allowance race. Races with multiple allowance conditions will show only the first allowance condition.
Alw59000Allowance race with no conditions
Alw57000cAllowance with multiple conditions
Alw56000n$yNon-winners of X money since date
Alw54000n1TNon-winners of a race on the turf
Alw53000n1mNon-winners of race one mile or more
Alw52000n4xNon-winners of 4 races other than maiden, claiming or starter
Alw51000n2LNon-winners of 2 races lifetime
    Starter Handicaps and Starter Allowance races are for horses that have started for a certain claiming price since a certain date. The numerals represent the claiming price, which a horse must have started for at one time to qualify for this race. A starter allowance gives a weight allowance for horses that meet certain conditions. A Starter Handicap has the weight assigned by the Racing Secretary or Track Handicapper.
Alw25000sStarter allowance for horses that have started for $25,000 or less
Hcp25000sStarter handicap for horses that have started for $25,000 or less
    An Optional Claiming race is one where horses can be entered for the pre-determined claiming price. If "entered not to be claimed", the horse must meet the allowance condition of this race. However, the allowance condition is not shown - only the Optional claiming price. An example of an Optional Claimer may have the following conditions: "OPTIONAL CLAIMING. Purse $40,000 For three year olds and up that have not won two races other than maiden or starter, or which have never won three races, or claiming price of $50,000".
Oclm 25000NOptional claiming - not to be claimed
Oclm 25000Optional claiming - to be claimed
    A Claiming race is one in which horses are for sale for a pre-determined price. At most tracks, a licensed owner or trainer can claim, or purchase a horse from this race for the pre-determined price up to 15 minutes before the race. Some claiming races may have a condition attached to the race like "non-winners of two races". Unlike allowance races described earlier, the numerals indicate the claiming price of this race. Some races may offer weight allowances for horses entered for a lesser claiming price or for non-winners since a certain date or at a certain distance.
Clm 25000Open claiming
Clm 25000n2L$25,000 claiming for non-winners of 2
Clm 25000n1yFor non-winners of a race since date
    Maiden Races are for horses, which have never won a race. Maiden Claiming races are for horses which have never won a race and are for sale for a pre-determined price. The numerals in all maiden claiming races indicates the claiming price.
Md Sp WtMaiden Special Weight
Md 32000Maiden Claiming
    Additionally, race conditions preceeded by a circled "f' indicates a race restricted to fillies or mares (females). A circled "s" indicates a race restricted to state-breds and a circled "r" indicates a race with some other restrictions.

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