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What Brisnet Customers Are Saying

NTRA/DRF National Handicapping Championship Winners

"I found the information in Winner's Choice selection sheets to be extremely helpful to me during the championship. It provided me with the basic race facts and key handicapping angles for all the contest races."
  -- James Michelson, Jr. 2005 NTRA/DRF Handicapper of the Year
"Ultimate PPs offer a wealth of information. They help you identify contenders and help you concentrate on the important factors of the race. I enjoy reading the Handicapper's Edge, especially the Spot Plays. One of the winners I had in my qualifying win was a Spotlight Play."
  -- Michael Conway, 2nd Place 2005 National Handicapping Championship
"I am relying on BRIS more and more. I pay attention to the BRIS numbers, race pars. The Ultimate Race Summary is a must. It is my fail safe."
  -- Mike Elsass, 3rd Place 2005 National Handicapping Championship
"The Ultimate Race Summary is mandatory for handicapping tournaments. I have several checklists I go through and the Race Summary is a mandatory check. I am checking to see how my selections stack up in the Race Summary categories."
  --Bill Shurman - 6th Place 2005 National Handicapping Championship
  Day one winner of the 2005 NTRA National Handicapping Championship
"The Ultimate PPs are very helpful in tracking biases and pace scenarios as well as assessing running style and early speed points. Also, the Prime Power rating serves as another check. I find it helpful to have the input of a scientifically derived analysis to serve as an additional round of evaluation."
  -- Steve Wolfson, Jr. 2001 NTRA/DRF Handicapper of the Year
"The main use that I had [from the Ultimate PP's with Summary] was the track bias and post position bias info. That was very valuable to me. In fact, that was the basis of a lot of my picks. I tried to pick horses that were going to be compatible with the bias of a track, not only recently but over the course of the meet."
  -- Steven Walker, 2000 NTRA/DRF Handicapper of the Year


"BRIS has changed the game! What I used to do by hand, I can now tap into the database at I love the trainer stats from BRIS, they're invaluable! I also rely on the American Produce Records on CD-ROM. What I like most is that in a very short period of time, you can look up the entire record of a mare and what her offspring have done..."
  -- Maury Wolff, Brisnet user
"I qualified over the weekend at Turf Paradise with info from you fine folks. I'm a constant user of your products, any good horseplayer should be. My 2nd place finish was worth $9,740, not bad for a $6.00 download! constant user of your products, any good horseplayer should be. My 2nd place finish was worth $9,740, not bad for a $6.00 download!"
  -- Robert Witt
"Having been a member since 1999, I value the services offered by BRIS. You are the leader when it comes to providing info to dedicated players."
  -- Robert Hearne
"The convenience of online purchase, the fact that I can get just one track and the amount of information available in the PP's is why I buy from Brisnet. Ultimate PP's with comments are what I prefer... all of the normal race info is enhanced by trainer and jockey stats, and the comments point out things I might overlook."
  -- James Hamon, 2000 Challenge Grand Prize Winner
"You have a believer of me. After 10 years of struggling to locate winners, things are getting easier. Thank you."
  -- M. Arb
"Handicapping without BRIS products is like rowing a boat with only one oar! Everything BRIS does is first class."
  -- E. Landis
"I have been a BRIS customer since May 10, 1988. I am still a customer because I have never found anything better. I appreciate your constant improvements."
  -- K. Corey-Edstrom
"If there is any information you want to know about racing in the U.S. and Canada, Brisnet is the place to find it."
  -- The Racing Post
"I have been with you folks about four days now...but, this has got to be the most informed, educated, and responsive web site and I have ever been associated with. Thank you for your tremendous work and records you have made available to the betting public. I wish I was the only one who had access to it... It would make I do a lot more profitable... guess that's out of the question, though. Anyway, it is great and thank you again."
  -- Ralph T
"[] is by far the best there is available on the market, and we have told numerous acquaintances about your site. Keep up the good work."
  -- J. M. Roberts
"Just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for your services you provide for me great ease and makes it so much fun selecting my horse each racing day. BRIS has made it so stress free not having to go out and purchase a form just for one track and I save money too. Because of your service I closed the Oak Tree meet with almost $3600 ahead. THANK YOU BRIS and to all the employees who put all this together. You have put the FUN (into) playing the ponies."
  -- Evalena M
"WWW.BRISNET.COM is a great site for the detail-oriented handicapper who desires a lot of serious data. This site has several interesting features including Supertote, which allows online race fans to view real time odds from several different racetracks simultaneously on one screen."
  -- Kentucky Derby Track Program

About PP's -- Ultimate, Premium and Quick Play

"I read an article that most of the top 20 of the DRF contest were Brisnet members so I decided to sign up. I printed out Ultimate PPs for Santa Anita and Gulfstream and was going to bet the Sunshine Millions races. Got to the track a little early and used the Power Ratings to bet the 6th at Gulfstream. I used the first rated horse over the 3rd rated horse and two others (also highly rated) and hit the Trifecta, it paid $676 for a $1 bet. My first signer in years!"
"The next race was the 1st Sunshine Millions race at Santa Anita and I hit that as well, as the power ratings showed no strong favorites so I went shopping for a price. 45-1 and 10-1 exacta. $1 ticket paid over $400. It was my best day at the track ever."
  -- David Henry
"I have played the races since my college days in the late 70's and was introduced to BRIS by a friend in 1990.B For years I used the Condensed Pace Graph's and Super Stats along with the Racing Form. However, I switched to Ultimate PP's w/comments a couple of years ago and no longer need the traditional Racing Form. I have tons of confidence in the BRIS pace numbers and used them as the basis for most of my picks in the recent handicapping contest."
  -- Dale Holman, First Place 2004 Horseplayer World Series Qualifier
"I can't go to the track without the Quick Play PP's...I've tried other things and nothing is as good. My handicapping has gotten so much better since I started using Brisnet."
  -- Kristin Slape, 4th place, 2000 Challenge
"I felt I had to write about your Ultimate PP's. The last two trips to my local OTB, I won about $700 using them. It's almost scary to think about betting horses using anything but luck. Thank you so much, a customer forever."
  -- D. Sferra
"The Ultimate PP's... they blow everything else completely out of the water. I don't think I can play another race without having access to the information provided by the charts. I know when I play a race using the Ultimate PP's, I have information at my fingertips that only a small Percentage of other bettors have."
  -- E. McCarthur
"Your material is so superior to the Form, I hope to never buy another one again. Terrific job!!"
  -- N. Shepard
"I think the trainer stats info offered in the ULTIMATE PP's is second to none!"
  -- Jack P.
"Ultimate PP's, the name is very appropriate. I have already won the Pick-6 twice using these reports. Thank you so much."
  -- W. de Leon
"I first want to compliment you on your ULTIMATE PP's. They have greatly enhanced my handicapping and enabled me to hit a few nice "scores". Bravo!! Keep up the good work."
  -- Steven O.
"With Ultimate PP's I hit a superfecta & trifecta on Jan. 1 at turfway for over $6000.00."
  -- Jim F.
"The ULTIMATE PP's SUMMARY is the best report I have seen anywhere!"
  -- Sam D.
"I have been playing the ponies for almost 20 years and consider myself a good handicapper. But since I've been getting PREMIUM PP's my ability to pick winners has skyrocketed. The information contained in them is invaluable to say the really helps me make that final decision when torn between 2 or 3 horses. Thanks a million for a tremendous service!"
  -- John C.

About Handicapper's Edge Newsletter & Track Bandit

"You have succeeded spectacularly in making the "Handicapper's Edge Newsletter" one of the most informative and useful pieces of racing information available. Not only are the news items exceptionally well-written, but the statistical information and handicapping commentary that now grace the newletter's pages elevate this publication to a extraordinary quality."
  -- Mike E.
"Please tell TRACK BANDIT what a joy it was for me to watch that magnificent 1,2,3 finish of the Florida Derby! I was lucky to have four dollars on it. A simple, straight, trifecta bet. THANK YOU!"
  -- J.Z.
"Thank you brisnet for your articles on horseracing. I do enjoy very much."
  -- Anonymous

About Class, Pace & Speed Ratings

"I have been very satisfied with pace ratings. Obviously, few handicappers are using these as longshots that finish in-the-money are relatively common. Sonofajinsky rallied this weekend at Monmouth and paid $67, while having the best late pace number in the field."
  -- John A.
"BRIS files have a wealth of good class ratings such as current class, race and average competitive level (which) have been indispensable in my work."
  -- Greg J.
"Tell your guy who tabulates the pace numbers to keep up the good work. It gives me something that no one else has."
  -- G. Ogden

About Maiden Stats, Super Stats & Track Stats

"This message of praise has been long overdue on my part. I think all of your products and service are great, but this year for the first time I bought the Maiden Stats book. I was always hesitant to try it in the past, mainly because of the $100 price tag, but I find the information edge it gives me well worth the cover price. I have gone from a handicapper who dreaded faces full of first-time starters to one who actively seeks them out."
  -- Fred R.
"My experience with BRIS comes mostly through use of TRACK STATS and most recently, the BRIS CD-ROM of thoroughbred pedigrees. Quite simply, the pedigree information and trainer's statistics from BRIS are now indispensable part of my race analysis.
When you move beyond that information into BRIS statistics on track bias, you've got a huge advantage over the handicapper who is working without the benefit of BRIS figures. The BRIS information that I use on a daily basis in analyzing at Kentucky Tracks has changed the way I look at handicapping -- and has given me a greater understanding not just individual races, but the entire sport of horse racing. I feel completely unarmed when I go to the track without it."
  -- John Asher
Vice President of Communications
Churchill Downs
"I would like to say that I've been handicapping races for "more years" than "I have not", and am totally amazed at the SUPER STATS. The time saved with these figures and the information available could never have been possible before. You have done a superb job and a (our) credit to the horse racing industry."
  -- Fred E

About Supertote

"Logged on to SUPERTOTE for the first time today. VERY COOL!"
  -- Mike R.
"I sprang for the 8 bucks and bought your Derby Selections, though the whole time feeling "what's he gonna tell me that I don't already know?". Well even before Real Quiet crossed the line first, I was impressed. What a detailed, and insightful report! I had initially "thrown out" Real Quiet based on dosage alone and included "bomb" Parade Ground for the same reason. Your write-up changed my mind and I put Real Quiet in, in place of Parade Ground. What a nice triple price I scored! I was only sorry I didn't go for the Superfecta as well! Keep up the good work!"
  -- Lisa H.
"Thanks for the winner! I had $25 to Win & Place on Real Quiet. I had a $5 exacta on Real Quiet and Victory Gallop. Two minutes before the race I made an additional $50 win bet on Real Quiet. I also had Silver Charm the year before."
  -- Kevin Q.
"This is the second year I've followed your selection. I just wanted to say you are one of the BEST!"
  -- Larry G.
"I just wanted to say what a great pick that was for the Derby. You had that one right on. I can't wait for the Preakness picks."
  -- Jim R.
"A $50.00 on top winner last Thursday. Plus $100.00 + exacta and $1400 + trifecta cold (WOW!) Then you comeback and nail the last race, win and exacta. Thank you for jacking up my vacation billfold 10 fold."
  -- Tony M.

About Contest Strategy

"Like many handicappers I first narrow the field down to four or five contenders. From there I look at the Track Bias Summary in the Ultimate PPs and I use the BRIS Pace and Speed figures to arrive at my selection."
  -- Pete Colwell, First Place, 2004 Handicapping Challenge
"In contests that have multiple racetracks to handicap and there's a lot of material to sift through, I find the BRIS information is helpful in allowing me to isolate the contenders."
  -- Steve Terelak
"Not knowing all the different racetracks and their biases, I relied on the Track Stats provided in the Brisnet Ultimate Past Performances. By using this information I was able to select horses that fit the current track profile."
  -- Gary Westfall, America TAB Handicapping Open Weekly Winner

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