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Get A News Ticker for your Site
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Headlines from the Handicapper's Edge -- powered by
It's easy to add a scrolling headline ticker to your page. The Handicapper's Edge Ticker shown here scrolls updated headlines from our popular Handicapper's Edge daily publication.

Also available is the Bloodstock Journal Ticker instead if you want headlines with more of a breeding industry focus.

1. Choose your Ticker

Get the Handicapper's Edge Ticker
Get the Bloodstock Journal Ticker

2. Enter your affiliate ID code

and click this button

3. Copy and paste this code into the HEAD portion of your page.

4. Copy and paste this code into the BODY portion of your page where you want the ticker to appear.

Ticker Notes: This scroller has been tested and determined to be functional in the most popular
browsers (IE 5+ and Netscape Navigator 4.7x).

Depending on the layout of your page, you may need to enclose it in a TABLE, TD or DIV element with the VALIGN attribute set to "top". The ticker takes up an area of 300 pixels wide by 110 pixels tall (approx. depends on browser).

Any questions or comments should be directed to

This is version 1.01 of Tickers, last modified on 11/16/2001.

A future version that looks better in Macintosh browsers and compatible with Netscape 6.x is planned for a future date.

[About The Affiliate Program] [Linking to] [Frequently Asked Questions]
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