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BRISnet Online Handicapping Challenge II
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Vegas Bound!

Challenge II Champion, James Hamon (right) receiving his $10,000 check

James Hamon of Winchester, Kentucky held on to his narrow lead going into the final week of the $25,000 Online Challenge II by hitting five winners last Saturday. That gave him 19 total winners for the four Saturdays, enough to capture the contest by two winners over Oscar Hebert of Lafayette, Louisiana.

"I've enjoyed thoroughbred racing for the last twenty-plus years," Hamon stated, "and have, for a little more than a year turned into a cyber racetrack goer through Youbet. It took me a while to try Brisnet PP's but once I did I was hooked. The convenience of online purchase, the fact that I can get just one track, and the amount of information available in the PP's is why I buy from Brisnet."

"Ultimate PP's with comments is what I prefer," Hamon continued, "all of the normal race info is enhanced by trainer and jockey stats, and the comments point out things I might overlook... I'm looking forward to playing in the National Handicapping Championship in January!"

Runner-up Oscar Hebert also selected five winners in the final week, which moved him up from fifth place to second, edging out Raymond Garrity of Perland, Texas on the tie-breaker rule. Hebert, Garrity and four other participants all finished with 17 overall winners, but Hebert had the highest priced winner at $59.00.

Kristin Slape, who works for a local YMCA in Indiana, captured the fourth and final week of the Online Challenge II. She was the only contestant in week four to select seven winners from the 10 mandatory races. This earned her the $2,500 weekly cash prize.

"I can't go to the track without the Quick Play PP's," Slape explained. "I've tried other things and nothing is as good. My handicapping has gotten so much better since I started using Brisnet."

"I highly recommend reading The Handicapper's Edge, and the At A Glances really helps you get a 'feel' of a particular track. Thanks Brisnet for this opportunity!"

Hamon and Hebert join the qualifiers from the April Contest, Gordon Anderson and Steven Davidowitz, in Las Vegas to compete in the $200,000 National Handicapping Championship. Last year, Brisnet members swept the top three positions in the overall championship. This year's tournament will be held at the MGM Grand on January 12-13, 2001.

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