July 20, 2018

Spot Plays August 12

BRISnet Spot Plays

For Saturday

Arlington Park (1st) Just Blaze, 4-1
(4th) Don’task Don’ttell, 5-1
Belterra Park (2nd) Taliaferro County, 7-2
(6th) Henny Hefner, 3-1
Canterbury Park (3rd) The Rock Rolls, 10-1
(10th) Hard Knocks Rock, 10-1
Charles Town (5th) Gemini Dream, 3-1
(8th) Handsome Weaver, 5-1
Delaware Park (2nd) Infinite Fiesta, 3-1
(6th) To the Flag, 7-2
Del Mar (4th) La Galy, 9-2
(6th) Tomasino, 7-2
Ellis Park (4th) Nasty Critter, 9-2
(5th) Kiss My Note, 5-1
Emerald Downs (4th) Pure Brightness, 6-1
(5th) Pet Gold, 7-2
Evangeline Downs (3rd) Rowdy N Pearls, 6-1
(4th) River Pride, 4-1
Finger Lakes (4th) Spellchick, 7-2
(8th) Platinum Spark, 3-1
Fort Erie (3rd) Calidez, 3-1
(7th) High Society, 8-1
Gulfstream Park (1st) Mad Patriot, 10-1
(9th) Renaisance Frolic, 7-2
Laurel Park (6th) Riteamontofmschief, 5-1
(10th) Mayla, 4-1
Louisiana Downs (1st) Jeanne One, 7-2
(2nd) My Queen Olivia, 3-1
Monmouth Park (7th) Ortiga, 9-2
(9th) Great Soul, 6-1
Penn National (2nd) Faire Mi, 8-1
(7th) Alexandra’s Mist, 7-2
Prairie Meadows (1st) Tour to Glory, 3-1
(7th) Wonderful Dancer, 8-1
Saratoga (2nd) Base Command, 3-1
(11th) Quai Voltaire, 4-1
Thistledown (7th) Dancing King, 3-1
(8th) Lady Panther, 4-1
Woodbine (1st) Dash of Dazzle, 4-1
(2nd) Handsome Like Me, 7-2

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