September 24, 2018

BRIS Speed Stakes Ratings September 11-17

Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (9/11-9/17) – 3&up Dirt Routes
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Malibu Pro 4G 1 1/16m (ft) CBY 9/15 John Bullit S. 103
For Cash 7G 1 1/16m (gd) NP 9/16 Alberta Breeders’ H. Sponsored by White Windows Th 100
Romantic Vision 5M 1 1/16m (ft) CD 9/16 Locust Grove S. 100
Gigantic Breeze 4G 1m (ft) PID 9/17 Presque Isle Mile S. 94
Leona’s Reward 4F 1 1/16m (ft) TDN 9/16 Catlaunch S. 94
Smart Fix 4F 1 1/16m (gd) NP 9/16 Fall Classic Distaff H. Sponsored by Highfield 90
Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (9/11-9/17) – 3&up Dirt Sprints
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Chublicious 6G 6f (ft) LRL 9/16 Frank J. De Francis Memorial Dash S. 102
Sir Navigator 5G 6f (ft) CBY 9/16 Tom Metzen H. B. P. A. Sprint S. 101
Bucchero 5H 6f (ft) IND 9/13 Brickyard S. 98
Citizen Geller 5G 5 1/2f (ft) ALB 9/16 Casey Darnell S. 97
Ikerrin Road (IRE) 4G 6 1/2f (ft) WO 9/16 Bold Venture S. 95
Good Bye Greg 6H 6f (ft) AP 9/16 Jeff Lynn Memorial S. 94
Mister Jangles 4G 6 1/2f (gd) NP 9/16 Red Diamond Express H. Sponsored by Red Diamond St 94
Moonlit Promise 4F 6 1/2f (ft) WO 9/17 Sweet Briar Too S. 94
Redneck Humor 6G 6f (ft) ZIA 9/11 Premier Cup S. 92
Grace’s Treasure 4F 6f (ft) CD 9/16 Open Mind S. 91
Peyton’s Pass 4F 6f (ft) IND 9/13 Merrillville S. 89
Puntsville 5M 6f (ft) AP 9/16 Richard Scherer Memorial S. 89
Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (9/11-9/17) – 3&up Turf
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
On Leave 4F 1 1/16m (fm) LRL 9/16 All Along S. 107
Quidura (GB) 4F a1 1/8m (fm) WO 9/16 Canadian S. 106
Johnny Bear 6G 1 1/2m (fm) WO 9/16 Northern Dancer Turf S. 105
Kitten’s Roar 5M 1 5/16m (yl) KD 9/14 Ramsey Farm S. 97
Force (IRE) 4G 1 1/16m (fm) GG 9/17 Rolling Green S. 96
World Approval 5G 1m (fm) WO 9/16 Ricoh Woodbine Mile S. 96
Always Thinking 4F 6f (fm) LRL 9/16 Sensible Lady Turf Dash S. 93
Extravagant Kid 4G 5f (fm) GP 9/17 Tamiami H. 93
Canessar (FR) 4G 1 1/2m (fm) LRL 9/16 Laurel Turf Cup S. 90
Snowday (FR) 7G 6f (fm) LRL 9/16 Laurel Dash S. 84
Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (9/11-9/17) – 2 year olds (Dirt)
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Amy’s Challenge 2F 6f (ft) CBY 9/16 Shakopee Juvenile S. 105
The Tabulator 2C 1 1/16m (ft) CD 9/16 Iroquois S. 92
Patrona Margarita 2F 1 1/16m (ft) CD 9/16 Pocahontas S. 88
Ismelucky 2F 6 1/2f (ft) LRC 9/16 Barretts Debutante S. 86
Shimshine 2G 6 1/2f (gd) NP 9/16 Alberta Premier’s Futurity Sponsored by Horse Raci 80
Bibbidibobbidi Boo 2F 6f (ft) IND 9/13 City of Anderson S. 76
Jersey Justice 2C 6f (ft) IND 9/13 Hillsdale S. 74
Stardoza 2F 6f (ft) PID 9/17 Mrs. Henry D. Paxson Memorial S. 73
Teemans Kid 2F 6 1/2f (gd) NP 9/16 Sturgeon River S. 73
Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (9/11-9/17) – 3 year olds (Dirt & Turf)
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Uni (GB) 3F 1 1/8m (fm) BEL 9/16 Sands Point S. 100
Master Merion 3G 7f (yl) KD 9/14 Franklin-Simpson S. 94
Makealittlenoise 3G 1 1/16m (gd) NP 9/16 Beaufort S. Sponsored by Peaceful Valley Stable 90
Ladies’ Privilege 3F 1 1/16m (gd) PRX 9/16 Hall of Fame S. 88
Hallelujah Hit 3G 7f (ft) RP 9/15 Oklahoma Stallion S. 86
Katinka 3F 7 1/2f (fm) GP 9/16 Miss Gracie S. 83
Sunday Night Miss 3F 7f (ft) RP 9/15 Oklahoma Stallion Fillies S. 83
Piper Rose 3F 1m (gd) NP 9/16 Alberta Oaks Sponsored by True North Holding Inc. 82

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