October 23, 2018

Spot Plays November 6

BRISnet Spot Plays

For Monday

Finger Lakes (4th) Love Blues, 7-2
(7th) Grassady, 9-2
Laurel Park (1st) Lil Habit of Mine, 8-1
(7th) Street Copper, 9-2
Mahoning Valley (5th) No Phone Joe, 10-1
(9th) Union Label, 5-1
Mountaineer (2nd) Abatare, 3-1
(8th) Cooper’s Crescent, 7-2
Parx Racing (3rd) Love is Your Name, 3-1
(6th) So Kitten, 6-1
Turf Paradise (3rd) High Banner, 6-1
(8th) Truly Unusual, 8-1

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