November 21, 2018

Spot Plays July 13

BRIS Spot Plays

For Friday

Arlington Park (5th) Vino Limbo Tango, 5-1
(9th) Sturn Donna, 5-1
Belmont Park (5th) Excluded, 3-1
(7th) Summer Sweet, 7-2
Belterra Park (3rd) Delightful Diamond, 3-1
(4th) Awesome Music, 4-1
Canterbury Park (4th) Patriots Rule, 9-2
(9th) Marco’s Tribute, 5-1
Charles Town (4th) Opportunity Calls, 6-1
(8th) Land Castle, 9-2
Ellis Park (1st) Enlisted Man, 9-2
(2nd) Hoosier Neighbor, 4-1
Emerald Downs 1st) Copy Begone, 3-1
(5th) Golden Dynamo, 9-2
Evangeline Downs (2nd) Suckerforagrey, 3-1
(6th) Ten Silver Pins, 5-1
Gulfstream Park (1st) Tropicality, 3-1
(4th) Scraps, 4-1
Indiana Grand (1st) Indian Gem, 3-1
(4th) Wrinch, 8-1
Laurel Park (1st) Cabinet Pik, 3-1
(6th) String Bean, 5-1
Lone Star Park (2nd) Turn Up the Lights, 3-1
(3rd) Indypendent Deputy, 3-1
Los Alamitos (1st) Nazareth, 3-1
(3rd) Shackalov, 3-1
Monmouth Park (2nd) Weekend Express, 9-2
(4th) Punto de Entrada, 4-1
Penn National (3rd) Always Thirsty, 4-1
(8th) George Jet, 8-1
Prairie Meadows (2nd) Ranger Tillman, 9-2
(9th) Proper Decorum, 6-1
Sacramento (2nd) Beautiful Creature, 3-1
(3rd) Accelerato, 7-2
Woodbine (4th) Reallylikethisone, 5-1
(8th) Miss G Note, 5-1

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