October 18, 2018

BRIS Speed Stakes Ratings August 20-26

Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (8/20-8/26) – 3&up Dirt Routes
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Abel Tasman 4F 1 1/8m (ft) SAR 8/25 Personal Ensign S. 107
Aztec Sense 5G 1 1/8m (ft) PRX 8/25 Salvatore M. Debunda PTHA President’s Cup S. 102
Hit It Once More 5H 1 1/16m (ft) FL 8/20 Genesee Valley Breeders’ S. 100
Let’scalliteven 5G 1 1/4m (ft) TDN 8/25 Governor’s Buckeye Cup S. 98
Can You Diggit 4C 1 1/8m (ft) SAR 8/20 Evan Shipman S. 95
Chunnel 7G 1 1/16m (ft) MTH 8/26 Charles Hesse III H. 95
Shenandoah Queen 6M 1m (ft) DMR 8/24 Tranquility Lake S. 95
Dabster 4C 1m (ft) DMR 8/22 Harry F. Brubaker S. 94
Escape Clause 4F 1 1/16m (ft) NP 8/25 City of Edmonton Distaff H. 92
Engram 5G 1 5/8m (ft) FER 8/26 C. J. Hindley Humboldt County Marathon H. 89
Strate Remark 4G 1 1/16m (ft) HST 8/24 CTHS Sales S. 87
Cypress Park 3F 1 1/16m (ft) HST 8/24 CTHS Sales S. 84
Court Adjoured 6M 1 1/16m (ft) FE 8/21 Molson Cup S. 76
Master’s Bluff 8G 1m (ft) GPR 8/25 Northlands Park H. 75
Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (8/20-8/26) – 3&up Dirt Sprints
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Mo Cash 4G 7f (sy) GP 8/25 Benny The Bull S. 105
Catalina Cruiser 4C 7f (ft) DMR 8/25 Pat O’Brien S. 103
Marley’s Freedom 4F 7f (ft) SAR 8/25 Ketel One Ballerina S. 103
Whitmore 5G 7f (ft) SAR 8/25 Forego S. 102
Shimmering Aspen 4F a6 1/2f (ft) TIM 8/25 Timonium Distaff S. 96
Amatteroftime 3C 6f (ft) MTH 8/26 New Jersey Breeders H. 95
Code Warrior 5M 7f (ft) WO 8/26 Seaway S. 95
Liz’s Cable Girl 4F 6f (ft) MTH 8/26 Eleven North H. 95
Hotshot Anna 4F 6f (ft) PID 8/20 Satin and Lace S. 94
Explosive Spy 5M 6 1/2f (ft) ALB 8/25 Carlos Salazar S. 90
Mister Jangles 5G 6 1/2f (ft) NP 8/25 Timely Ruckus H. 90
Operation Stevie 6G 6f (ft) IND 8/22 William Henry Harrison S. 86
About a Girl 5M 6 1/2f (ft) FE 8/21 Andy Passero Memorial Cup S. 80
Peyton’s Pass 5M 6f (ft) IND 8/22 Shelby County S. 78
Ubetcha Ima Bumper 7M 6 1/2f (ft) CLS 8/25 Columbus Maturity Matron S. 76
Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (8/20-8/26) – 3&up Turf
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Chanteline 6M 5 1/2f (fm) SAR 8/26 Smart N Fancy S. 100
Quidura (GB) 5M 1 1/16m (fm) SAR 8/25 Woodford Reserve Ballston Spa S. 99
Glorious Empire (IRE) 7G 1 1/2m (fm) SAR 8/25 Sword Dancer S. 97
La Moneda 5M 1 1/16m (fm) SAR 8/24 Yaddo S. 97
Kharafa 9G 1 1/16m (fm) SAR 8/24 West Point S. Presented by Trustco Bank 95
Mr Havercamp 4G a7f (yl) WO 8/25 Play the King S. 95
Turbo Street (AUS) 7G 1 1/8m (fm) RP 8/24 Remington Green S. 94
Bushrod 5G 5f (fm) CBY 8/25 Mystic Lake Turf Express S. 92
Ibaka 7G 1m (fm) CBY 8/25 Brooks Fields S. 92
Molecules 3F 1m (fm) CBY 8/25 Minnesota H. B. P. A. Distaff S. 89
Focus Group 4C 1 5/8m (gd) SAR 8/22 John’s Call S. 87
Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (8/20-8/26) – 2 year olds (Dirt)
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Dugout 2C 6 1/2f (ft) SAR 8/24 Funny Cide S. 91
Jaywalk 2F 5 1/2f (ft) DEL 8/22 White Clay Creek S. 88
Fat Clemenza 2G 6f (ft) EVD 8/25 Evangeline Downs Prince S. 87
Party Like Grandma 2F 6 1/2f (ft) SAR 8/24 Seeking the Ante S. 84
Drillit 2F 6f (ft) BTP 8/26 Tah Dah S. 82
Notice 2F 6 1/2f (ft) HST 8/24 CTHS Sales S. 80
Call It a Wrap 2G 6 1/2f (ft) HST 8/24 CTHS Sales S. 74
Eye Catching 2F 5 1/2f (ft) ASD 8/22 Osiris S. 67
Marion’s Bird 2F 6f (ft) MD 8/25 Woodland Heritage S. 58
Victorious Charm 2F 6f (ft) MD 8/25 Western Heritage S. 52
Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (8/20-8/26) – 3 year olds (Dirt & Turf)
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Catholic Boy 3R 1 1/4m (ft) SAR 8/25 Runhappy Travers S. Presented by NYRA Bets 108
Promises Fulfilled 3C 7f (ft) SAR 8/25 H. Allen Jerkens S. Presented by Runhappy 102
Axelrod 3C 1 1/16m (ft) PRX 8/25 Smarty Jones S. 99
Tatters to Riches 3C 1m (ft) DMR 8/25 Shared Belief S. 99
True Royalty 3F 1m (ft) DMR 8/26 Torrey Pines S. 94
Sea Foam 3C 1 1/8m (ft) SAR 8/24 Albany S. 91
Sky Promise 3C 1 3/8m (ft) NP 8/25 Canadian Derby 89
English Soul 3F 1 1/8m (ft) SAR 8/24 Fleet Indian S. 88
Sippin Fire 3G 1m (ft) EMD 8/26 WA Cup Sophomore S. 87
Monte Crista 3F 1m (fm) SAR 8/23 Riskaverse S. 84
Dontkissntell 3F 1m (ft) EMD 8/26 WA Cup Sophomore Filly S. 83
Late Night Pow Wow 3F 7f (ft) CT 8/25 Sylvia Bishop Memorial S. 83
Pretty Dark Rose 3F 1m (ft) MD 8/25 Shortgrass Heritage S. 77

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