October 23, 2018

Spot Plays August 2

BRIS Spot Plays

For Thursday

Arlington Park (3rd) Storm Advisory, 5-1
(4th) Tiz Samurai, 7-2
Belterra Park (2nd) Discreetly Firm, 7-2
(6th) Kalydar, 7-2
Canterbury Park (3rd) Blarney, 3-1
(5th) Majestic Pride, 7-2
Charles Town (3rd) Rocket Thunder, 7-2
(7th) Prince of Windsor, 5-1
Del Mar (3rd) Spirit Mission, 4-1
(6th) Raindance Rules, 9-2
Delaware Park (2nd) Nobody’s Angel, 7-2
(4th) Nailed It, 10-1
Evangeline Downs (7th) Copper Lady, 3-1
(8th) Wonder Run, 5-1
Finger Lakes (1st) One Sweet Ride, 5-1
(6th) Passion Police, 6-1
Gulfstream Park (1st) Star’s Bella Vita, 3-1
(9th) Towa, 7-2
Laurel Park (5th) Barin, 6-1
(8th) Fillupcohensapiker, 3-1
Monmouth Park (4th) Princess Georgia, 5-1
(8th) Aiken to Belong, 7-2
Penn National (1st) Love is All, 4-1
(8th) Sydney Time, 3-1
Prairie Meadows (3rd) Native Wonder, 7-2
(4th) Cherokee Charlie, 9-2
Presque Isle Downs (5th) Landofthepharaohs, 3-1
(8th) Lucabunny, 5-1
Saratoga (8th) Shimmering Moon, 6-1
(10th) Supercommittee, 5-1

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