September 21, 2020

North American Allowance Results July 19

WO, 6TH, ALW, $71,856, 3YO/UP, 6F, 7-19.
9— FORESTER’S TURN, g, 3, Old Forester–Eff Bee Eye, by Philanthropist. O-Rolph A Davis, B-Dr Rolph A Davis (ON), T-Robert P. Tiller, J-Kazushi Kimura, $44,727.
3— Stormfuhr, g, 5, Langfuhr–Storm On the Run, by Officer. O-Stacey Van Camp, B-Don Myers (ON), $11,933.
6— Buttermilk Pike, g, 6, Giant Gizmo–Cost and Effect, by Artie Schiller. (C$50,000 ’15 ONTSEP). O-James Perron Racing Stable, B-Paul Buttigieg (ON), $8,200.
Winning Time: 1:10 (ft)
SAR, 1ST, AOC, $67,000, 3YO/UP, 5 1/2FT, 7-19.
8— BUSTIN SHOUT, g, 4, Bustin Stones–Lucy Dubai, by E Dubai. O-Roddy J Valente, B-Roddy Valente (NY), T-Bruce N. Levine, J-Jose L. Ortiz, $36,850.
5— Royal Asset, g, 8, Langfuhr–Royal Relic, by Colonial Affair. ($55,000 ’12 KEENOV; $185,000 ’13 FTNAUG). O-Spartan Stables (Christopher J Makris), B-Stone Bridge Farm, LLC (NY), $13,400.
6— Valmont, g, 5, Midshipman–Sassy Silver Lady, by Badge of Silver. O-Gaining Ground Racing LLC, B-Blue Flight, LLC (NY), $8,040.
Winning Time: 1:02 1/5 (fm)
SAR, 8TH, ALW, $64,000, 3YO/UP, F/M, 5 1/2FT, 7-19.
4— MY SASSY SARAH, f, 3, Summer Front–Sarah’s Pleasure, by Street Cry (IRE). O-Lawrence Goichman, B-Larry Goichman (NY), T-Michelle Nevin, J-Manuel Franco, $35,200.
5— Light in the Sky, f, 3, Tale of the Cat–Iron Goddess, by More Than Ready. O-Barry K Schwartz, B-Stonewall Farm (NY), $12,800.
2— Saratoga Love, f, 3, Palace Malice–Vinda, by Vindication. ($50,000 ’18 FTNAUG). O-Quartucci, Alan and AI Racing Stable, B-George Weaver (NY), $7,680.
Winning Time: 1:02 2/5 (fm)
WO, 4TH, ALW, $56,463, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6F, 7-19.
2— MISS BEHAVE, f, 4, City Zip–Delaneys Star, by Latent Heat. ($30,000 ’17 KEESEP). O-Menary, John and Cox, Gail, B-C Oliver Iselin III (VA), T-Gail Cox, J-Emma-Jayne Wilson, $29,833.
8— Ishiyaya, f, 4, Court Vision–Night Fever, by Perigee Moon. O-Piper’s Racing Stables and Van Camp, Stacey, B-Huntington Stud Farm Corp (ON), $14,909.
7— Betwixting, f, 4, Macho Uno–Between the Clouds, by Sky Classic. O-Butzer, Barry and Drexler, Martin, B-Sun Valley Farm (KY), $5,469.
Winning Time: 1:10 (ft)
MTH, 8TH, AOC, $52,500, 3YO/UP, 1M 70Y, 7-19.
2— GROWTH ENGINE, g, 4, Tapit–Wild Vision, by Wild Again. ($300,000 ’17 KEESEP). O-Klaravich Stables, Inc, B-Winchell Thoroughbreds LLC (KY), T-Chad C. Brown, J-Nik Juarez, $30,000.
7— Love Is Your Name, g, 6, King Puma–Talkin About Love, by Not for Love. O-Zeppes Stable LLC, B-Kevin Sleeter & Toni Sleeter (NJ), $14,000.
5— Colonel Juan, g, 6, Colonel John–Senorita Louisa, by Louis Quatorze. O-Rosemore Farms, Inc and Dun Roamin Farms, Inc, B-Dun Roamin Farm, Inc (PA), $5,000.
Winning Time: 1:42 3/5 (ft)
MTH, 6TH, AOC, $52,250, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6F, 7-19.
4— BRONX BEAUTY, m, 5, Liaison–Forever Sunshine, by Rockport Harbor. O-2W Stables LLC, B-Blackstone Farm, LLC (PA), T-Anthony R. Margotta, Jr., J-Isaac Castillo, $33,000.
5— Day by Day, m, 6, Awesome of Course–Dobra, by Smoke Glacken. O-Drawing Away Stable, B-Mr Amore Stables (FL), $11,000.
2— Sunny Dale, f, 4, Medaglia d’Oro–Medea (IRE), by Danehill Dancer (IRE). ($100,000 ’17 KEESEP). O-Michael C Stinson, B-Godolphin &Cornerstone Thoroughbreds LLC (PA), $5,500.
Winning Time: 1:11 1/5 (ft)
MTH, 11TH, AOC, $50,875, 3YO/UP, 6F, 7-19.
5— DEBBIE’S PASSION, c, 4, First Dude–Bernie’s Gold, by Hunting Hard. O-Raymond Mamone, B-Raymond Mamone (FL), T-Luis Carvajal, Jr., J-Hector Rafael Diaz, Jr., $31,500.
2— Chargin Storm, g, 6, Nobiz Like Shobiz–To Fly Free, by Fly So Free. ($1,000 ’15 FTKOCT). O-Ejetero LLC, B-Elizabeth J Valando (KY), $10,500.
7— First Deal, c, 4, Turbo Compressor–Afleet Memories, by Afleet Alex. ($17,000 2018 OBSJUN). O-Julian De Mora, Jr, B-Teamwork Racing Company (FL), $5,250.
Winning Time: 1:10 2/5 (ft)
LS, 5TH, ALW, $46,020, 3YO/UP, F/M, 5FT, 7-19.
6— QUICK QUICK QUICK, m, 5, Tiago–Quick Town, by Cape Town. O-Boyer, Richard, Boyer, Karen M and Rinn, Rick, B-Marylou Whitney Stables LLC (KY), T-J. R. Caldwell, J-Iram Vargas Diego, $27,492.
2— Elle’s Town, f, 4, Speightstown–Irish Presence, by Midnight Lute. ($200,000 ’17 KEESEP; $77,000 2019 FTKHRA; $240,000 2020 KEEJAN). O-Jerry Namy, B-Forging Oaks Farm, LLC (KY), $9,164.
5— Brenda’s an I Full, m, 5, Idiot Proof–She’s an I Full, by Restless Con. O-Silva Racing LLC, B-Andreas Psarras (CA), $5,040.
Winning Time: :55 4/5 (fm)
GP, 7TH, AOC, $44,900, 3YO/UP, 5F, 7-19.
10— GO GONE GONE, g, 6, Gone Astray–Gone to Paris, by All Gone. ($40,000 ’15 OBSAUG). O-Averill Racing LLC, B-Joseph Arango (FL), T-Georgina Baxter, J-Emisael Jaramillo, $28,900.
9— Tench, g, 4, Majesticperfection–Biorra, by Smoke Glacken. O-Lloyd, Duncan, Check Racing, Blazing Meadows Farm LLC and Lewis, Michael J, B-Mr & Mrs Duncan Lloyd (KY), $8,400.
7— Benefactor, g, 6, More Than Ready–Villa d’Este, by Street Sense. ($155,000 ’15 KEESEP; $425,000 2016 OBSMAR; $135,000 2017 FTKHRA). O-My Purple Haze Stables, B-Bill Mathis (KY), $4,000.
Winning Time: :57 3/5 (ft)
LS, 9TH, ALW, $42,480, 3YO/UP, 1MT, 7-19.
7— DON’TASK DON’TTELL, g, 6, To Honor and Serve–Askbut I Won’ttell, by Horse Chestnut (SAF). O-M and M Racing (Mike Sisk), B-Team Block (IL), T-Karl Broberg, J-Ramon A. Vazquez, $25,188.
2— Fine Mate, g, 5, Denman (AUS)–D Fine Okie, by Burbank. O-Richter Family Trust, B-Richter Family Trust (OK), $8,396.
4— Limonite, c, 4, Lemon Drop Kid–Colina Verde (BRZ), by Know Heights (IRE). ($115,000 ’17 KEESEP; $100,000 2019 KEENOV). O-Winchell Thoroughbreds LLC, B-Roberto Mesquita (KY), $4,618.
Winning Time: 1:34 3/5 (fm)
LS, 8TH, ALW, $41,300, 3YO/UP, 6F, 7-19.
10— MORNING SNOW, c, 4, Morning Line–Latitude Forty, by Chester House. ($300,000 2018 FTMMAY). O-Keene Thoroughbreds LLC, B-Carolyn R Vogel (KY), T-J. R. Caldwell, J-Ivan Arellano, $24,480.
7— Heraclitus, c, 3, Wicked Strong–Shelby’s Song, by Songandaprayer. ($8,000 ’18 OBSOCT; $70,000 2019 OBSAPR). O-Aimee Rosa, B-Brad Grady & Misty Grady (FL), $8,160.
4— Foxrun, g, 4, Oxbow–Mullins Bay, by Speightstown. O-Mazoch, Michael J and Mazoch, Linda, B-Calumet Farm (KY), $4,488.
Winning Time: 1:10 2/5 (ft)
PRM, 8TH, ALW, $41,122, 3YO/UP, 6F, 7-19.
7— I R THE DUKE, g, 4, Discreet Cat–Afleet Aggie, by Afleet Alex. O-River Ridge Ranch LLC, B-Steven R VeVerka (IA), T-Gene Jacquot, J-Alex Birzer, $24,552.
9— Take Me Up Brady, g, 5, Country Day–Aunt Mabel, by Flatter. O-Paul M Pearson, B-Paul Pearson (IA), $8,184.
8— Smart N Intuitive, g, 3, Notional–Smarty Mo, by Smarty Jones. O-Jim Jorgenson, B-Jim Jorgenson (IA), $4,910.
Winning Time: 1:10 1/5 (ft)
PRM, 10TH, ALW, $40,872, 3YO/UP, F/M, 1M 70Y, 7-18.
3— BEER CAN, f, 3, Creative Cause–La Coronela, by War Pass. O-Runaway Racing LLC, B-Runaway Bloodstock LLC (IA), T-H. Ray Ashford, Jr., J-Ken S. Tohill, $24,552.
6— Girls in Charge, f, 4, Artie Schiller–Commander’s Girl, by Master Command. O-End Zone Athletics, Inc, B-River Ridge Ranch (IA), $8,184.
1— Mary Helen, f, 4, Flashback–Treetop Shock, by Forestry. ($19,000 ’17 IOWOCT). O-Girl Power Racing, LLC, B-Clifton Farm, LLC & Derek T Merkler (IA), $4,910.
Winning Time: 1:42 3/5 (ft)
GP, 8TH, AOC, $40,700, 3YO/UP, 6 1/2F, 7-19.
2— ALL AROUND, g, 4, Caleb’s Posse–Sapphire Sky, by Sky Mesa. O-Pinnacle Racing Stable, LLC and Heitman, Gary, B-Candy Meadows LLC (KY), T-Luis M. Ramirez, J-Marcos Meneses, $24,000.
1— Man of Honor, c, 3, Curlin–Beyondallboundarys, by Saint Liam. O-Roussel, III, Louie and Lamarque, Ronald, B-Louie J Roussel III (KY), $8,400.
8— Joe Di Baggio, g, 4, Brethren–Baggio, by Formal Dinner. O-Daniel Feit, B-Arindel (FL), $4,700.
Winning Time: 1:16 1/5 (ft)
WO, 7TH, OCL, $38,773, 3YO/UP, 5F, 7-19.
1— FORESTER’S FORTUNE, g, 3, Old Forester–Nursery Song, by Beau Genius. O-Silvera, Claudia Evelyn and Lee, H Archie, B-John Carey (ON), T-L. Rodney Barrow, J-Daisuke Fukumoto, $22,540.
3— Trappeze Artist, g, 4, Trappe Shot–Yolie, by Menifee. O-Frank D Di Giulio, Jr, B-Frank Di Giulio Jr (ON), $7,513.
4— Ennis the Menace, g, 3, Frac Daddy–Kamaina Rose, by Royal Academy. (C$60,000 ’18 ONTAUG). O-Gus Vlahos, B-Richard Moylan (ON), $4,132.
Winning Time: :57 3/5 (ft)
ELP, 5TH, AOC, $38,560, 3YO/UP, 1M, 7-19.
4— EBBEN, g, 5, Trappe Shot–Please Be Discreet, by Discreet Cat. ($25,000 ’16 KEESEP). O-J S Stables LLC, B-Hinkle Farms (KY), T-Steve Margolis, J-Corey J. Lanerie, $23,740.
6— Street to Indy, g, 7, Street Sense–False Impression, by A.P. Indy. ($47,000 ’14 KEESEP). O-Guida, Michael and Guida, Heidi, B-Katierich Farms (KY), $7,800.
3— Arrival, g, 5, Tapit–Alittlebitearly, by Thunder Gulch. ($800,000 ’16 KEESEP). O-Muddy Waters Stables LLC, B-Helen C Alexander & Stuart E Huston & Gainesway Management Corp (KY), $3,900.
Winning Time: 1:35 3/5 (ft)
ELP, 7TH, ALW, $38,000, 3YO/UP, F/M, 1MT, 7-19.
3— CRYSTAL LAKE, f, 4, Distorted Humor–Lake Naivasha, by Empire Maker. O-Aaron Sones, B-Dr Aaron Sones (KY), T-D. Wayne Lukas, J-Joseph Talamo, $22,800.
9— Screenwriter, m, 5, Ghostzapper–Top Producer, by Smart Strike. O-Bruce Lunsford, B-W Bruce Lunsford (KY), $7,600.
1— Envied, f, 3, American Pharoah–Halljoy (IRE), by Halling. O-HnR Nothhaft Horse Racing, LLC, B-HnR Nothhaft Horseracing LLC (KY), $3,800.
Winning Time: 1:34 1/5 (fm)
CT, 7TH, ALW, $29,000, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6 1/2F, 7-18.
4— GANDARI, m, 5, Gandhi–Volare Cantare, by Roman Ruler. O-Swoosh LLC, B-Black Horse Tavern, LLC (WV), T-Sara E. Kopecki, J-Jerry Villegas, $17,175.
7— The Better One, f, 3, Charitable Man–Windsor’s Punch, by Windsor Castle. O-Kristy Petty, B-Kristy Lynn Petty (WV), $5,725.
5— Coach Rube, f, 3, Windsor Castle–Demay, by Dehere. O-John A Casey, B-Taylor Mountain Farm (WV), $2,863.
Winning Time: 1:20 3/5 (ft)
CT, 4TH, ALW, $28,000, 3YO/UP, 4 1/2F, 7-18.
7— BEST SHOT, g, 4, Fiber Sonde–Remy Doodles, by Grand Slam. O-Grams Racing Stable LLC, B-Timothy C Grams & Judith A Grams (WV), T-Timothy C. Grams, J-Christian Hiraldo, $16,800.
2— Hypothesis, g, 3, Algorithms–Ideal Thoughts, by Not for Love. O-Jill Daniel, B-Francis W Daniel III (WV), $5,600.
1— Benny Chang, g, 3, Cross Traffic–Al Maha, by Holy Bull. ($52,000 ’18 KEESEP; $92,500 2019 OBSMAR). O-Rockingham Ranch, B-H Allen Poindexter (KY), $2,800.
Winning Time: :52 2/5 (ft)
ELP, 9TH, ALW, $25,100, 3YO/UP, F/M, 1MT, 7-19.
2— TYNAN, f, 3, Liam’s Map–Pappascat, by Scat Daddy. ($225,000 ’18 KEESEP). O-PTK, LLC, B-Rustlewood Farm, Inc (FL), T-Dane Kobiskie, J-Joseph Rocco, Jr., $9,900.
4— Teenage Kicks, f, 3, Into Mischief–Holloween Candy, by Candy Ride (ARG). O-Naveed Chowhan, B-Breffni Farm (KY), $7,600.
7— Edgee Angel, f, 3, Competitive Edge–Restless Angel, by Fusaichi Pegasus. ($47,000 ’18 KEESEP). O-Self, Dorothy, Simms, Zack and Morgeson, Jay A, B-Stillmeadow Farm LLC (KY), $3,800.
Winning Time: 1:34 4/5 (fm)