August 6, 2020

North American Allowance Results July 28

PRX, 11TH, AOC, $54,830, 3YO/UP, F/M, 1M, 7-28.
1A— ITS A JOURNEY, m, 7, Jump Start–Lovely Senorita, by Not for Love. ($105,000 2015 FTMMAY). O-Gap View Stables and Jagger Inc, B-Mr & Mrs Robert A Szeyller (PA), T-Jamie Ness, J-Mychel J. Sanchez, $34,400.
1— Mill and Gloria, m, 5, Majestic Warrior–Party Fever, by Stormin Fever. O-Jagger Inc, B-Charles Zacney & Joseph Lerro (PA), $11,480.
5— I’m Not Joking, m, 7, It’s No Joke–Bronx Cheer, by Tethra. O-Black Star Stable, B-Donna M Burnham & Lori Smock (FL), $4,510.
Winning Time: 1:38 1/5 (ft)
DMR, 8TH, AOC, $54,000, 3YO/UP, 1MT, 7-27.
1— ORDER AND LAW, r, 4, Violence–Poetic Kid, by Shakespeare. ($80,000 ’17 KEESEP; $30,000 2018 OBSAPR). O-Bran Jam Stable and Clark, David W, B-Dell Ridge Farm, LLC (KY), T-Vladimir Cerin, J-Jose Valdivia, Jr., $31,800.
5— Maestro Dearte, g, 6, Sidney’s Candy–Artistry, by Theatrical (IRE). ($60,000 ’14 KEENOV; $80,000 ’15 KEESEP; $130,000 2016 OBSAPR). O-Estate of Sharon Alesia, Burns Racing LLC, Ciaglia Racing LLC, Christensen, Robin and Hudock, Dan, B-Davant Latham & WinStar Farm, LLC (KY), $10,600.
6— Gregorian Chant (GB), g, 4, Gregorian (IRE)–Tabrina (IRE), by Fasliyev. (7,000gns ’16 TATDEC; 23,000EUR ’17 TATIRE). O-Old Bones Racing Stable, LLC, Slam Dunk Racing and Nentwig, Michael, B-Clarendon Farm (GB), $6,360.
Winning Time: 1:33 4/5 (fm)
PRX, 8TH, ALW, $53,300, 3YO/UP, F/M, 1M, 7-28.
1— DREAMER’S MOON, f, 4, Alternation–Dream Realized, by Awesome Again. O-MCA Racing Stable LLC, B-Blackstone Farm, LLC (PA), T-Claudio A. Gonzalez, J-Jeremy Laprida, $33,600.
3— Isabella Smile, f, 4, El Padrino–Smilestone, by Mizzen Mast. ($36,000 2019 FTMWIN). O-Richard Malouf, B-Joseph Besecker (PA), $11,200.
4— Gator Girl, m, 5, Prospective–Miss Kenai, by Hennessy. O-Kirk Nesbeth, B-Thomas L Croley (FL), $4,400.
Winning Time: 1:39 3/5 (ft)
DMR, 9TH, AOC, $53,000, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6F, 7-27.
1— LI’L GRAZEN, m, 6, Grazen–Cherry Gold, by Touch Gold. O-Rockingham Ranch, B-Nick Alexander (CA), T-Peter Miller, J-Flavien Prat, $30,600.
6— A Melis, f, 3, Jimmy Creed–Seeking the Ghost, by Ghostzapper. ($130,000 2019 OBSAPR). O-Stetson Racing, LLC, Lanni, Donato and Riccelli, Rita, B-Richard Barton Enterprises & Robert Traynor (CA), $10,200.
3— Warm Summer, f, 3, Clubhouse Ride–Valley Storm, by Moscow Ballet. ($50,000 2019 FTCJUN). O-Paradise Road Ranch, LLC, Crossley, David, Parga, Jose, Preiss, Daniel and Valadez, Angel D, B-Harris Farms & Gary Parker (CA), $6,120.
Winning Time: 1:10 2/5 (ft)
PRM, 6TH, ALW, $44,156, 3YO/UP, 5 1/2F, 7-27.
2— SCRUTINIZER, g, 7, Native Ruler–Sharlilly, by Sharkey. O-Martin Brothers, Inc, B-Dream Farm LLC (IA), T-William N. Martin, J-Walter De La Cruz, $27,324.
3— Basic Chance, g, 6, Yes It’s True–Swede, by Yankee Victor. O-Gene Burkholder, B-William Hobbs (IA), $9,108.
4— Tin Badge, g, 5, The Deputy (IRE)–Addy Annie, by Posse. O-Mamas Thoroughbreds, LLC, B-MAMAS Thoroughbreds, LLC (IA), $5,447.
Winning Time: 1:02 2/5 (ft)
LS, 9TH, ALW, $41,300, 3YO/UP, 5FT, 7-27.
9— ROYAL BERTRANDO, g, 3, Royal Orleans–Bertrando’s Lady, by Bertrando. O-Jim Volk, B-Jim Volk (NM), T-Kevin G. Scholl, J-Lane J. Luzzi, $24,480.
4— Nola Win, h, 5, Elusive Quality–Sally Bowles (SAF), by London News (SAF). ($120,000 ’16 KEESEP). O-Scotty Caroom, B-Stonestreet Thoroughbred Holdings LLC (KY), $8,160.
3— Papa Rizzo, g, 5, Scat Daddy–Flock of Doves, by Kingmambo. O-John J Murphy, B-Pursuit of Success LLC (KY), $4,488.
Winning Time: :56 1/5 (fm)
LS, 8TH, ALW, $41,300, 3YO/UP, F/M, 7F, 7-27.
2— LADY AVE, f, 3, Bind–Astoria Song, by Thunder Gulch. O-David L Davis, B-David Davis (TX), T-Danny Pish, J-Danny Sorenson, $24,540.
1— Silver in the City, m, 5, Silver City–Kachinga, by Indian Charlie. O-Triple Diamond Stables LLC, B-Diamond D Ranch (TX), $8,180.
8— Texas Music Box, f, 3, Ice Box–Afternoon Music, by Afternoon Deelites. O-Hall’s Family Trust, B-Hall’s Family Trust (TX), $4,499.
Winning Time: 1:25 4/5 (ft)
PRX, 10TH, ALW, $35,750, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6F, 7-28.
6— PINK CADDY, f, 3, El Padrino–Avani Force, by Forestry. ($40,000 ’18 FTMOCT). O-Club Risque Stable and Quick, Gregory K, B-Beatrice Patterson & Vicky Schowe (PA), T-Randy Allen, J-Mychel J. Sanchez, $21,000.
8— Capital Q, f, 3, El Padrino–She Craves Capital, by Sharp Humor. O-Richard Ciavardone, B-Rich Ciavardone (PA), $7,000.
1— Madam Meena, f, 3, Include–Good Tidings, by Came Home. O-Michael R Cox, B-Michael R Cox (PA), $3,850.
Winning Time: 1:10 3/5 (ft)
PRX, 7TH, ALW, $35,750, 3YO/UP, A7 1/2FT, 7-28.
2— BUY LAND AND SEE, c, 3, Cairo Prince–Twiggles, by Maria’s Mon. O-Joseph M Imbesi, B-Joseph Imbesi (PA), T-Steve Klesaris, J-Dexter Haddock, $21,000.
9— Dee Jay, g, 3, Imagining–Nasty Nemisis, by Old Trieste. O-William Esworthy, Jr, B-Hope Hill Farm (PA), $7,000.
8— Smart and Tough, g, 8, Smarty Jones–Tuff Partners, by Partner’s Hero. O-Candy’s Racing Stable, B-Pewter Stable (PA), $3,850.
Winning Time: 1:33 4/5 (fm)
PRX, 9TH, ALW, $35,500, 3YO/UP, F/M, A1M 70YT, 7-28.
5— MUCHA MEZQUINA, f, 4, Mucho Macho Man–Sweet Dixie Girl, by Dixie Union. O-Anthony Spinazzola, B-Mike Fitch (KY), T-Mark V. Salvaggio, J-Angel R. Rodriguez, $21,000.
1— B B’s Busted, m, 5, Bustin Stones–B.b.’s Maze, by Monarch’s Maze. O-John A Witte, B-John A Witte (NY), $7,000.
7— Fed Up Fired Up, m, 7, English Channel–Royal Emblem (SAF), by National Emblem (SAF). O-Walter Vieser, II, B-Green Lantern Stables, LLC (KY), $3,850.
Winning Time: 1:43 3/5 (fm)
PRX, 6TH, ALW, $35,500, 3YO/UP, 6 1/2F, 7-28.
3— FORTHELUVOFBOURBON, g, 3, Bourbon Courage–Nosubstituteforluv, by Not for Love. O-Daniel M Ryan, B-Hidden Acres 4-D Farm (PA), T-Michael V. Pino, J-Mychel J. Sanchez, $21,000.
4— Dreams Untold, g, 3, Smarty Jones–Shootforthestars, by Seattle Slew. O-Someday Farm, B-Patricia L Chapman (PA), $7,000.
1— Septimius Severus, g, 5, Roman Ruler–Dark Eyes, by Holy Bull. ($37,000 ’16 FTMOCT). O-Martin P Shaw, B-GB Associates (PA), $3,850.
Winning Time: 1:15 4/5 (ft)
IND, 4TH, ALW, $34,500, 3YO/UP, 1M 70Y, 7-28.
8— IDEA MAN, c, 3, Strong Mandate–Rose Run, by Will’s Way. O-McCrary, Fred D and Neil, B-Fred McCrary & Neil McCrary (IN), T-Joseph D. Davis, J-Rodney A. Prescott, $20,700.
3— Victor’s Deal, g, 6, Stately Victor–Real Deal, by Unreal Zeal. O-Houses Thoroughbreds, B-House’s Thoroughbreds (IN), $6,900.
9— Black Spartacus, g, 3, Oxbow–Jettin Black, by Offlee Wild. ($0 ’18 INDOCT). O-Contreras Stable Inc and Victory Stables, LLC, B-Goodwin/Berryhill/Roberts (IN), $3,450.
Winning Time: 1:44 2/5 (ft)
IND, 6TH, AOC, $32,500, 3YO/UP, 1 1/16M, 7-28.
8— TEZ, c, 4, The Factor–Sarah Accomplished, by Performing Magic. ($40,000 ’16 KEENOV; $130,000 ’17 KEESEP). O-Israel J Garcia, B-Dennis Crooks – George Bates (KY), T-Israel J. Garcia, J-Jose Montano, $19,500.
7— Hardly a Secret, g, 6, Creative Cause–Cliff’s Secret, by The Cliff’s Edge. O-Todd Grantham, B-Michael Feuerborn & Amy Feuerborn (KY), $6,500.
10— Charlie’sarchangel, c, 4, Archarcharch–Miccosukee Miss, by Indian Charlie. ($4,500 ’17 KEEJAN). O-Harris Thoroughbreds LLC, B-Hargus Sexton & Sandra Sexton & Silver Fern Farm, LLC (KY), $3,250.
Winning Time: 1:44 3/5 (ft)
PRM, 8TH, ALW, $32,500, 3YO/UP, 6F, 7-27.
5— MOTO MOTO, g, 4, Super Saver–How Pleasant, by Distorted Humor. ($6,000 ’17 KEESEP). O-Murphy, Travis Swan and Probable Cause Racing Stables, B-Three Chimneys Farm, LLC (KY), T-Travis Swan Murphy, J-Cindy Murphy, $19,500.
4— Retaliated, g, 5, I Want Revenge–Strikes of Thunder, by Thunder Gulch. ($19,000 ’15 KEENOV; $3,000 ’16 KEESEP). O-Martinez Racing, B-Deborah L Ward & Phil & Judy Needham (KY), $6,500.
2— I R the Duke, g, 4, Discreet Cat–Afleet Aggie, by Afleet Alex. O-River Ridge Ranch, B-Steven R VeVerka (IA), $3,900.
Winning Time: 1:09 4/5 (ft)
PID, 6TH, ALW, $32,280, 3YO/UP, 6F, 7-27.
5— SAVAGE NATION, g, 5, Two Step Salsa–Tacky Image, by Halo’s Image. O-See the Line Racing, LLC, B-Get Away Farm (FL), T-Thomas J. Cooper, J-Addiel J. Ayala, $19,200.
1— Bantu, g, 5, Stormy Atlantic–Mana Pools, by Gone West. O-Morrison, Mike J, Whitfield, Jeff and Santora, Al, B-Jamm Ltd (KY), $6,400.
3— Alphalfa, g, 4, Alpha–Discreet Lady, by Discreet Cat. ($80,000 2018 OBSMAR). O-Everything’s Cricket Racing, B-Sequel Thoroughbreds and John Kimmel (NY), $3,200.
Winning Time: 1:10 1/5 (ft)
PRM, 10TH, AOC, $31,500, 3YO/UP, 6F, 7-27.
5— CAROUSE, g, 8, Curlin–Party Chatter, by Pleasant Colony. ($475,000 ’13 FTSAUG; $140,000 2015 FTKJU2). O-Danny Stafford, B-Fox-Straus KY (KY), T-Jon G. Arnett, J-Leandro D. Goncalves, $18,600.
6— Holding Fast, h, 5, Hold Me Back–Humorlee, by Distorted Humor. ($6,000 ’16 FTKOCT; $4,000 ’16 KEEJAN). O-Martinez Racing, B-Mr & Mrs Oliver Iselin III (VA), $6,200.
3— Hollywood Star, g, 5, Malibu Moon–Hollywood Story, by Wild Rush. ($550,000 ’16 KEESEP). O-Albaugh Family Stables LLC, B-George Krikorian (KY), $3,720.
Winning Time: 1:10 (ft)
CBY, 9TH, AOC, $30,720, 3YO/UP, F/M, 1M, 7-27.
1— READY TO RUNAWAY, f, 4, First Dude–Ready to Rip, by More Than Ready. ($4,000 ’17 MINAUG). O-John Mentz, B-Wildcat Ranch LLC (MN), T-McLean Robertson, J-Roimes Chirinos, $19,200.
5— Pinup Girl, m, 6, Stephen Got Even–Vicar’s Daughter, by Vicar. O-Bergsrud, Gary and Brenda, B-Gary Bergsrud (MN), $6,400.
3— Maywood Hope, m, 5, Strong Hope–Maywood’s Jill, by Fit to Fight. O-Winchester Place Thoroughbreds LLC, B-Winchester Place Thoroughbreds, LLC (MN), $3,200.
Winning Time: 1:37 1/5 (ft)
TDN, 7TH, ALW, $29,300, 3YO/UP, 6F, 7-28.
8— INTO THE OUT, g, 4, Goldencents–Limpopo, by Lion Heart. O-Urieta’s Racing Stable, B-Daniel J Yates & Patricia J Yates (OH), T-Johanna Urieta, J-Diogdinabi Smith, $17,580.
2— Danefield, g, 4, Kentucky Dane–Nesfield, by Paynes Bay. O-Bourke, W John, Barbee, Jeff and Kerins, James, B-W John Bourke, Jeff Barbee &James Kerins (OH), $5,860.
3— Master Legionaire, g, 4, Mixmaster–Legion of Dreams, by Colony Key. O-Carly S Hamel, B-Pistols Legacy LLC (OH), $2,930.
Winning Time: 1:11 4/5 (ft)
TDN, 5TH, ALW, $28,500, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6F, 7-28.
2— CIRCUS RINGS, m, 5, Wilburn–Ring Ring Ring, by Petionville. O-Knights A to Z Racing LLC, B-Michael E Lauer & Penny S Lauer (OH), T-Valerie K. Shanyfelt, J-Hector Berrios, $19,900.
6— Tickety Boo, m, 6, Giant’s Causeway–Love Numbers, by Unbridled’s Song. O-Keys to Riches Stable, B-Wesley Ward (KY), $4,300.
5— Happy Issue, m, 6, Elusive Warning–Birdinexcess, by Birdonthewire. O-Blue Snow Racing Stables, B-Madera Thoroughbreds (CA), $2,150.
Winning Time: 1:12 2/5 (ft)
MNR, 2ND, ALW, $16,910, 3YO/UP, 6F, 7-27.
4— KITTEN’S MAN, c, 3, Hampton Court (AUS)–Shining Kitten, by Kitten’s Joy. O-Kathy Thomas, B-SFSG Racing LLC (Kathy Thomas) (KY), T-Ted W. Lucas, J-Charle Oliveros, $10,324.
7— Apple Empire, c, 3, Empire Maker–Miss Mary Apples, by Clever Trick. ($32,000 ’18 FTKOCT). O-KatieRich Stables LLC, B-KatieRich Farms & Empire Maker Syndicate (KY), $3,560.
2— Echo Alpha Six, g, 4, Sky Mesa–Atlantic Storm, by Stormy Atlantic. O-Randall Davidson, B-Allied Racing Stable, LLC (KY), $1,780.
Winning Time: 1:13 2/5 (ft)

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