October 24, 2021

North American Allowance Results Sept. 27

IND, 1ST, ALW, $43,000, 3YO/UP, 6F, 9-27.
6—SACRED SKY, g, 3, Sahara Sky–Jennys Royalpurple, by Bluegrass Cat. O-Cathi Jones, B-Cathi Diane Jones (IN), T-Tim Eggleston, J-Marcelino Pedroza, $25,800.
3—Orient Magic, g, 7, Orient–Little Shimmer, by Tavasco. O-French, Wayne R and Horton, Ruth, B-Wayne R French (IN), $8,600.
5—Son of Batman, g, 5, Europe–Siphon Times, by Siphon (BRZ). O-Barefoot Farms LLC, B-Barefoot Farms LLC (IN), $4,300.
Winning Time: 1:11 4/5 (ft)
IND, 5TH, ALW, $42,000, 3YO/UP, F/M, 1M 70Y, 9-27.
1—NOTHINGBUTFLOWERS, f, 4, Violence–Sky Mystic, by Sky Mesa. O-Dennis Farkas, B-Dennis Farkas (IN), T-Jeffrey L. Greenhill, J-Deshawn L. Parker, $25,200.
4—Drinkatthecreek, m, 5, Itsmyluckyday–Mizzen My Momma, by Mizzen Mast. O-Penny S Lauer, B-Penny S Lauer & Michael E Lauer (IN), $8,400.
6—Mintchocolatechip, f, 4, Can the Man–Marshmellowfudge, by Garthorn. ($0 ’18 INDOCT). O-Klopp, Liz and Claramunt, Dennis, B-Richard Snyder & Connie Snyder (IN), $4,200.
Winning Time: 1:43 4/5 (ft)
IND, 7TH, ALW, $41,000, 3YO/UP, 6F, 9-27.
4—DEUTERONOMYSTRONG, g, 3, Strong Hope–Fleet Encounter, by Intidab. O-John Norem, B-John L Norem (IN), T-George Leonard, III, J-Deshawn L. Parker, $24,600.
3—Manuelito, g, 3, Majestic Harbor–Harper’s Dream, by Baltimore Bob. ($3,800 ’19 INDOCT). O-Haran Thoroughbreds, LLC, B-Dawn Martin (IN), $8,200.
7—Brookville Deputy, g, 4, Deputy Storm–Swiftbrookbdancing, by Montbrook. O-Tracey Wisner Racing, LLC, B-Tracey Wisner (IN), $4,100.
Winning Time: 1:11 4/5 (ft)
TDN, 7TH, ALW, $38,500, 3YO/UP, 1 1/16M, 9-27.
5—MAGNA MAN, g, 8, Magna Graduate–Personal Notebook, by Miner’s Mark. O-Hoctel, John and Treadway, Ron, B-Ron Treadway (OH), T-Ivan Vazquez, J-Chelsey Keiser, $25,290.
3—Wicked Warrior, g, 4, Wicked Strong–Lastaria, by Five Star Day. ($1,200 ’18 KEEJAN; $22,000 ’18 OBSOCT; $80,000 2019 OBSAPR). O-Bruce Tallisman, B-Catherine E Sheppell & Peter J Sheppell (OH), $7,900.
2—Franco, g, 7, Talent Search–Julep Tulip, by Flower Alley. ($1,500 ’15 FTKOCT). O-Bryan Porter, B-J C Davis Farm Inc (KY), $2,950.
Winning Time: 1:43 2/5 (ft)
IND, 2ND, AOC, $36,000, 3YO/UP, F/M, 1 1/16M, 9-27.
3—HYPERNOVA, f, 3, Violence–Cosmic Emergency, by Any Given Saturday. ($110,000 ’19 KEESEP). O-Cosmic Racing, LLC, B-Rose Creek Farm (KY), T-Thomas M. Amoss, J-Deshawn L. Parker, $21,600.
2—Lady McKenzie, f, 4, Cross Traffic–Extraordinary Lady, by Charismatic. ($47,000 ’18 FTKJUL). O-Southwest Racing Stables and Lewis, Steve H, B-Equus Farm (KY), $7,200.
5—Miss Bette Lute, f, 3, Midnight Lute–Miss Bette M, by Tale of the Cat. ($8,000 ’19 FTKOCT). O-Richard Cupp, B-Harry D Williamson & Midnight Lute Syndicate (KY), $3,600.
Winning Time: 1:46 1/5 (ft)
PID, 7TH, AOC, $35,840, 3YO/UP, 1M, 9-27.
8—SUMMER ASSAULT, g, 4, Summer Front–Quality Included, by Include. ($15,000 ’18 FTKOCT; $45,000 2019 OBSAPR). O-Cherrywood Racing II, Marko, Kevin and Last Call Racing, LLC, B-Brereton C Jones (KY), T-Michele Boyce, J-Antonio A. Gallardo, $21,600.
6—Patriot Drive, g, 7, Majestic Warrior–Just Fabulous, by Include. ($180,000 ’15 KEESEP). O-Mark Hoffman, B-Cottonwood Stables, LLC (KY), $7,200.
3—Nick Papagiorgio, g, 5, Outflanker–Lady Lear, by Lear Fan. ($10,000 ’17 FTMOCT). O-Louis A Bisso, Jr, B-Cynthia Pence & Philip Spingler (MD), $3,600.
Winning Time: 1:35 1/5 (ft)
TDN, 5TH, ALW, $35,700, 3YO/UP, F/M, 1M, 9-27.
4—PENNY SHOTS, f, 4, Archarcharch–Joxy Roxy, by City Zip. O-Marion F Gorham, B-R Gorham (OH), T-Robert M. Gorham, J-Christian P. Pilares, $21,420.
2—Kist, f, 4, Overanalyze–Kissy Suzuki, by Summer Bird. O-Kromer, Gail and Heyman, Eric J, B-Gail Kromer & Eric Heyman (OH), $7,140.
5—Nancy’s Leslie, f, 4, Conveyance–The War Department, by Lost Soldier. O-Friel, Nancy and Murgul, Leslie, B-Lawrence W Friel, Jr (OH), $3,570.
Winning Time: 1:41 3/5 (ft)
PRX, 8TH, ALW, $35,500, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6F, 9-27.
5—LI’LBITO’CHARM, m, 5, Smarty Jones–Li’lbito’sunshine, by Dixieland Heat. O-Ylliehus 5 Star, B-Nick Polydoros (PA), T-Ralph R. Riviezzo, J-Dexter Haddock, $21,000.
2—Chronology, f, 3, Uncle Lino–Circular Rhythm, by Flatter. O-Prima Ventures LLC, B-Spring Run Farm, LLC (PA), $7,000.
4—Cartouche, f, 4, Liam’s Map–Garnet Crystals, by Lion Heart. ($105,000 ’18 KEESEP). O-Main Line Racing Stable, B-Blackstone Farm, LLC (PA), $3,850.
Winning Time: 1:12 (ft)
TDN, 3RD, ALW, $27,000, 3YO/UP, 6F, 9-27.
8—ELGAR, h, 6, Stroll–Fergie’s Folly, by Down the Aisle. O-David Wolochuk, B-Charles H Deters (KY), T-David Wolochuk, J-Luis Raul Rivera, $16,200.
5—Aye Aye Sir, g, 4, Midshipman–Still Searching, by Seeking the Best (IRE). ($47,000 ’18 KEESEP). O-Craig Bargowski, B-Minshall Farms (ON), $5,400.
2—Caloric, h, 6, Stay Thirsty–Sweetest Song, by Unbridled’s Song. ($190,000 2017 OBSJUN). O-Michelle Winters, B-SJT Racing Stable LLC (KY), $2,700.
Winning Time: 1:11 1/5 (ft)
FL, 1ST, ALW, $24,700, 3YO/UP, F/M, 5 1/2F, 9-27.
5—SHE’S NOT BLUFFING, m, 5, Verrazano–Cove, by Pine Bluff. ($65,000 ’16 FTNOCT). O-Eduardo Maver, Jr, B-Hidden Lake Farm, LLC & David Campbell & Kingsport Farm (NY), T-Eduardo Maver, Jr., J-Oscar Gomez, $14,820.
4—Grudge, f, 4, Palace Malice–Pilamaya, by Grand Slam. ($170,000 2019 OBSMAR; $65,000 2020 OBSJAN). O-Ronald A Brown, B-Stephanie Baltzan (NY), $5,434.
1—Risky Analysis, m, 6, Freud–Risk a Chance, by A.P. Indy. O-Broman, Sr, Chester and Broman, Mary, B-Chester Broman & Mary R Broman (NY), $2,964.
Winning Time: 1:05 3/5 (ft)
FL, 6TH, ALW, $24,000, 3YO/UP, F/M, 1M 70Y, 9-27.
3—ROYALBONNIELEGACY, m, 6, Include–Royal Bonnie, by Yankee Gentleman. O-ML Racing, B-Bona Venture Stables, LLC (NY), T-Rachel Sells, J-Joel Sone, $14,400.
1—Van Khozan, f, 3, Khozan–Van Brit, by Van Nistelrooy. O-Nirka Huertas, B-Everett Estabrooks (NY), $4,800.
4—Clifden Punch, f, 4, Encaustic–A Smart Punch, by Whiskey Wisdom. O-Bruce D Anderson, B-Laurel Least & Gabriel McDonough (NY), $2,400.
Winning Time: 1:47 (ft)
FL, 5TH, ALW, $24,000, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6F, 9-27.
4—OUCH THAT HURT, m, 5, Honorable Dillon–Devilish Spirit, by Roaring Fever. O-Barrow, Paul W and Rosen, Fred, B-Hidden lake Farm, LLC (NY), T-Paul W. Barrow, J-Oscar Gomez, $14,400.
3—Dosage and Mimosas, m, 8, Bustin Stones–Parsippany, by Outflanker. O-Zachary Passaretti, B-Dr Zachary Passaretti (NY), $4,800.
5—Gentle Annie, m, 6, Freud–Taxi Dancer, by Not for Love. ($30,000 ’16 FTKOCT). O-Michael A Henning, B-Racing with Bruno and Branch Racing (NY), $2,640.
Winning Time: 1:12 1/5 (ft)
MNR, 1ST, ALW, $18,800, 3YO/UP, F/M, 5FT, 9-27.
3—RUTHYLA, f, 4, Khozan–Brightly Mine, by Discreetly Mine. ($5,000 ’18 OBSOCT; $25,000 2019 OBSJUN). O-Jay P Bernardini, B-Brent Fernung & Crystal Fernung (FL), T-Jay P. Bernardini, J-Odhair J. Mayta, $10,904.
1—Venus in Furs, m, 5, Here Comes Ben–Why Then, by Whywhywhy. O-Bill Discala, B-William Hebert &McMahon of Saratoga Thoroughbreds (NY), $3,760.
5—Parker Madison, f, 3, Cigar Street–Come Sea, by Exchange Rate. O-Thomas J Young, B-Thomas J Young (KY), $1,880.
Winning Time: :57 (fm)
FE, 6TH, ALW, $15,886, 3YO/UP, 5 1/2F, 9-27.
5—WHERES MY HALTER, c, 4, Cold Harbor–Karakorum Cheyenne, by Indian Charlie. (C$1,200 ’18 ONTAUG). O-Jeff Voyce, B-Jecara Farms (ON), T-Jeff Voyce, J-Helen Marie Vanek, $9,879.
7—Money Matters, g, 4, Bold Warrior–After the Applause, by Lost Soldier. O-Powell, Anthony and Powell, Dale, B-Hal Snowden Jr (KY), $2,593.
3—Savvy Layla, g, 3, Big Screen–Lyndenshire, by Langfuhr. (C$18,000 ’19 ONTAUG). O-Bruno Schickedanz, B-Spring Farm (ON), $1,296.
Winning Time: 1:03 4/5 (ft)