December 7, 2021

North American Allowance Results Nov. 23

RP, 4TH, ALW, $49,000, 3YO, F, 1M, 11-23.
6—SUNDAY FLASHBACK, f, 3, Flashback–Sundayville Break, by Sunday Break (JPN). O-C R Trout, B-C R Trout (OK), T-C. R. Trout, J-Jose L. Alvarez, $28,398.
1—Run Slewpy Run, f, 3, Den’s Legacy–Imadancingslew, by Evansville Slew. O-Walter M Jones, B-Walter M Jones (OK), $10,666.
4—Green Eyed Belle, f, 3, Pollard’s Vision–Jealous Ellis, by Ocean Terrace. O-JT Stables, LLC, B-Harmony Stable LLC (OK), $6,181.
Winning Time: 1:41 (ft)
DED, 2ND, ALW, $42,000, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6 1/2F, 11-23.
2—INAWIC, f, 3, Wicked Strong–Inaword, by Successful Appeal. O-Gulf Haven Farms, B-Gulf Haven Farm, LLC (LA), T-Ronnie P. Ward, J-Joel Dominguez, $25,200.
6—Heart That Binds, f, 3, Bind–Throbbin’ Heart, by Smoke Glacken. ($5,500 ’19 ESLOCT). O-Norris, Mike and Connie R, B-Coteau Grove Farms, LLC (LA), $8,400.
5—Tecate Time, f, 3, Karakontie (JPN)–Urge to Splurge, by Successful Appeal. O-Whispering Oaks Farm LLC, B-Carrol J Castille (LA), $4,620.
Winning Time: 1:21 3/5 (ft)
RP, 5TH, ALW, $41,650, 3YO/UP, 6 1/2F, 11-23.
10—TAP THE DOT, g, 3, Moro Tap–Dot Product, by Langfuhr. ($5,700 ’19 HERNOV). O-Asmussenequinecom and Riley, Martin, B-Jinger Clemmer (OK), T-Steven M. Asmussen, J-Stewart Elliott, $23,970.
9—Okie Union, g, 3, Daaher–Union Victory, by Indian Charlie. O-Dupy, Steve and Chelf, Randy, B-Huddleston Brothers Farm (OK), $9,010.
4—Hunter’s Legacy, g, 3, Den’s Legacy–Slew Hunter, by Evansville Slew. O-Kassie Gladd, B-C R Trout (OK), $5,223.
Winning Time: 1:19 (ft)
DED, 7TH, ALW, $40,000, 3YO/UP, F/M, 5F, 11-23.
4—ITSNOTMYJOB, f, 4, Half Ours–Izzie’s Gold, by E Dubai. ($8,000 ’18 OBSJAN). O-End Zone Athletics, Inc, B-Terry Gabriel & Summer Grove Farm, LLC (LA), T-Karl Broberg, J-Timothy Thornton, $24,000.
3—D’wild Baroness, m, 6, D’wildcat–Burren, by Rahy. O-Brandon Hebert, B-Circle H Farms (LA), $8,000.
5—Track Smart, f, 3, Half Ours–Zippit Honey, by City Zip. O-Garald W Wollesen, B-Jack Dickerson & Buddy Formby (LA), $4,400.
Winning Time: :59 4/5 (ft)
PRX, 9TH, AOC, $36,750, 3YO/UP, 1M, 11-23.
1—SPLICETHEMAINBRACE, h, 5, Poseidon’s Warrior–Aunt Bobby, by Ecclesiastic. O-LC Racing and Wellesley Stable, B-Swilcan Stables LLC (PA), T-Robert E. Reid, Jr., J-Abner Adorno, $21,600.
2—King Kumbalay, g, 3, Shanghai Bobby–Lovely Stay, by Flower Alley. ($35,000 ’19 KEESEP). O-KIngsport Farm LLC, B-Jonathan Sheppard (PA), $7,200.
5—Inspired Options, g, 4, Bullsbay–Spunky Sparrow, by Attorney. ($18,000 ’18 FTMOCT). O-S D Trading, B-Scott Bunker & Cynthia Bartkowski (PA), $3,960.
Winning Time: 1:37 4/5 (ft)
DED, 8TH, ALW, $36,000, 3YO/UP, 1M, 11-23.
6—HOUR CITY, g, 7, Temple City–Hour Queen, by Gilded Time. O-Sandy Badeaux, B-Carl Hurst, Fred Bradley &William Bradley (KY), T-Eduardo Ramirez, J-Vicente Del-Cid, $21,600.
8—Two Mikes N Doc G, g, 6, Doc n Bubba G–Ausbrook, by Cryptoclearance. O-Jason G Grudzien, B-Kent Gremmels & Lisa Gremmels (AL), $7,200.
3—Chop Chop Charlie, g, 6, City Zip–Sharbat, by Dynaformer. ($12,000 ’16 KEESEP). O-Mallory Richard, B-W S Farish (KY), $3,960.
Winning Time: 1:41 (ft)
MVR, 2ND, ALW, $34,000, 3YO/UP, 5 1/2F, 11-23.
1A—OHIO EAGLE, g, 4, Cowtown Cat–Lemonesque, by Lemon Drop Kid. O-Jack Cannon, B-Mapleton Thoroughbred Farm (OH), T-Richard Zielinski, J-Malcolm Franklin, $24,600.
2—Rivers of Lite, g, 5, Friesan Fire–Lite Write, by Benton Creek. ($1,000 ’16 KEENOV). O-Carmelo Ortiz Ruiz, B-Robert Clements (KY), $4,700.
3—Freddy Soto, g, 4, Adios Charlie–Valid Miss Chain, by Valid Appeal. O-Jefferson Evangelista, B-Eduardo Soto (FL), $2,350.
Winning Time: 1:05 1/5 (ft)
MVR, 4TH, ALW, $33,700, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6F, 11-23.
2—WINDY LU WHO, f, 4, Justin Phillip–Windsail, by Grand Appointment. O-Pocket Aces Racing LLC and Susan Anderson Racing, LLC, B-Susan Anderson Racing LLC (OH), T-Susan L. Anderson, J-Albin Jimenez, $20,220.
6—One Glamorous Gal, f, 3, Macho Uno–Camielee, by Harlan’s Holiday. ($250,000 ’19 KEESEP). O-Ron Paolucci Racing, LLC, B-T/C Stable, LLC (OH), $6,740.
3—Nancy’s Leslie, f, 4, Conveyance–The War Department, by Lost Soldier. O-Friel, Nancy and Murgul, Leslie, B-Lawrence W Friel, Jr (OH), $3,370.
Winning Time: 1:11 1/5 (ft)
MVR, 3RD, ALW, $32,700, 3YO/UP, 1M 70Y, 11-23.
2—LUCKY STREAK, g, 3, Itsmyluckyday–Shesmorethanatiger, by Tiger Ridge. O-Marion F Gorham, B-R Gorham (OH), T-Robert M. Gorham, J-Christian P. Pilares, $19,620.
7—Beat the Dealer, g, 3, Senor Amigo–Apple of My Eye, by Indygo Shiner. O-W John Bourke, B-W John Bourke (OH), $6,540.
8—Flashy King George, g, 4, Flashback–Female Drama, by Indian Charlie. O-Susan Anderson Racing, LLC, B-Susan L Anderson Racing LLC (OH), $3,270.
Winning Time: 1:45 1/5 (ft)
MVR, 5TH, ALW, $31,300, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6F, 11-23.
3—SONGSTOPSHELF, f, 3, Itsthesameoldsong–Moonlight Flite, by Minardi. O-Strike Plate LLC, B-Danny R Bird (OH), T-Danny R. Bird, J-Brandon Tapara, $18,780.
2—Not a Wild Brat, f, 3, Hostile Takeover–Wild N Bratty, by Offlee Wild. O-M Y Stables, Inc, B-South River Ranch Inc (OH), $6,260.
7—Deniro’srunforfun, f, 3, Birdrun–Deniro’s Saint, by Saints n’ Sinners. O-R and P Racing Stables, LLC, B-Rodney C Faulkner (OH), $3,130.
Winning Time: 1:13 1/5 (ft)
FL, 7TH, ALW, $24,000, 3YO/UP, F/M, 1M 70Y, 11-23.
7—GONE AND FORGOTTEN, f, 3, Bustin Stones–Little Rocket, by Yes It’s True. O-Barry K Schwartz, B-Stonewall Farm (NY), T-Michael S. Ferraro, J-Luis E. Perez, $14,400.
5—U Guys Are No Fun, f, 3, Effinex–Funny Annie, by Distorted Humor. ($15,000 ’18 FTNOCT; $10,500 ’19 FTKOCT). O-Flower City Racing, LLC and Meyer, Christopher J, B-Russell S Cohen & Pamela Zielinski (NY), $4,800.
6—Imprsstheprofessor, f, 4, Tapiture–Raffie’s Treasure, by Raffie’s Majesty. O-Muller Sr, Thomas J and Linda, B-Well Spring Stables, LLC (NY), $2,400.
Winning Time: 1:44 1/5 (gd)
FL, 8TH, ALW, $24,000, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6F, 11-23.
4—QUEEN ARELLA, f, 3, Speightster–Unbridled Sonya, by Unbridled’s Song. ($1,000 ’19 FTKOCT). O-Reeves Thoroughbred Racing, B-WinStar Farm, LLC (NY), T-M. Anthony Ferraro, J-Harry Hernandez, $14,400.
6—Pendolino, m, 5, Honorable Dillon–Wonzit, by Tiznow. O-Eduardo E Jones, B-Robert Susi (NY), $4,800.
7—Fair Lassie, m, 5, Dublin–Fair Weather Lady, by Western Expression. ($5,000 ’16 FTNOCT). O-Our Blue Streaks Stable, B-Harry L Landry (NY), $2,400.
Winning Time: 1:12 1/5 (gd)
MNR, 3RD, ALW, $18,048, 3YO/UP, F/M, 5 1/2F, 11-23.
6—VICTORY ROYALE, f, 3, Unbridled Energy–Jewels n Jeans, by Quiet Enjoyment. O-Frank Farnum, B-Williams Racing Corp (WV), T-Anthony Lucas, J-Jason Simpson, $10,904.
3—Maddy Machen, m, 5, Machen–Miss Maddy Moo, by Bellamy Road. O-J Michael Baird, B-J Michael Baird (WV), $3,760.
5—Sharp’s Mission, m, 6, Field Commission–Sharp and Crafty, by Crafty Friend. O-Devan E Ewell, Jr, B-Marc J Sharp (WV), $1,880.
Winning Time: 1:07 2/5 (ft)
MNR, 6TH, ALW, $18,048, 3YO/UP, 5 1/2F, 11-23.
6—POTENTIAL GRIZZLY, g, 6, Fiber Sonde–Salony, by Two Smart. O-Elizabeth E Meehan, B-Elizabeth Meehan (WV), T-Elizabeth E. Meehan, J-Guillermo Rodriguez, $10,904.
3—Jocko Road, g, 3, Kettle Corn–Song in the Wind, by Songandaprayer. O-Harold W Fullerton, B-Harold William Fullerton (OH), $3,760.
2—Salty Snapper, g, 4, Trappe Shot–Torreyana, by Johannesburg. ($8,000 ’18 FTKOCT). O-Marcus Kocijan, B-Catherine Zoc (KY), $1,880.
Winning Time: 1:05 4/5 (ft)
MNR, 4TH, ALW, $18,048, 3YO/UP, 1M, 11-23.
5—POINT OF GRACE, g, 3, Point of Entry–Sister Graceful, by Mr. Greeley. O-Quest Realty, B-Quest Realty (VA), T-Susan S. Cooney, J-Charle Oliveros, $10,904.
4—Bo Rhapsody, g, 3, Mineshaft–Lucky Rose, by Lookin At Lucky. ($5,000 ’19 FTKOCT). O-Nestor R Rivera, B-Hunter Valley Farm, Keith Lazarz & Pat Barrett (KY), $3,760.
6—Sky Energy, g, 6, Unbridled Energy–Sky Flying Eileen, by Sky Mesa. O-Energy Racing Stable LLC, B-Williams Racing Corp (WV), $1,880.
Winning Time: 1:43 1/5 (ft)

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